An implementation of Analog cellular networks like A-Netz, B-Netz, C-Netz, NMT, AMPS, TACS, JTACS, Radiocom 2000, IMTS, MPT1327, Eurosignal and more
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This software implements base station protocol of classic mobile phones. With
radio transmitter and receiver connected to one sound card and a headset
connected to another sound card, it is possible to make and receive calls to
and from mobile phone. With SDR (software defined radio) it can be use without
radio equipment connected to a sound card, and even multiple channels can be
generated simultaniously using SDR. Currently supported networks:

 * A-Netz
 * B-Netz (ATF-1)
 * C-Netz
 * NMT 450 / 900 (Nordic Mobile Telephone)
 * AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System)
 * TACS (Total Access Communication System)
 * JTACS (Japanese version of TACS)
 * Radiocom 2000 (French network)
 * IMTS / MTS ((Improved) Mobile Telephone Service)
 * MPT1327 (Trunked Radio) aka known as 'Buendelfunk'
 * Eurosignal (ERuRD paging service)
 * JollyCom (Unofficial network, invented by the author)
 * C-Netz BSC (Connecting to a C-Netz Base Station)

Additionally the following communication services are implemented:

 * TV Transmitter with test Images
 * Radio transmitter / receiver
 * Analog Modem Emulation (AM7911)
 * German classic 'Zeitansage' (talking clock)
 * POCSAG transmitter / receiver



Carsten Wollesen for donating Telefunken 4015 B-Netz phone back in the 90's.

Klaus Adler for helping me to retrieve complete NMT specification and donating
a BSA44 (magnetic card C-Netz hackable phone) back in the 90's.

Andy Zauner for providing signaling specification of C-Netz back in the 90's.

Hans Wigger for providing valuable information about A-Netz and B-Netz and
helping me to get an A-Netz phone.

Stephan Hessberger for his work on, that provides valuable information
about A-Netz, B-Netz, C-Netz, Eurosignal and much more.

Friedhelm Hillebrand for providing complete specification of the mobile phone
of C-Netz.

Mikko Ristila for providing newer NMT specs (with DMS/SMS specifications).

Dieter Spaar and Mark Atherton for providing AMPS information and recordings
to verify and debug AMPS support.
See for first base station
implementation of AMPS.

Telecommunication Industry Association for providing TIA/EIA-533 documentation.
"Reproduced under written permission from Telecommunications Industry

Eric from Smart Card World and Karsten Niehusen from for
providing memory cards to be programmed for older C-Netz phone.

Dieter Spaar providing TACS recordings to verify and debug TACS support.

Hans Wigger providing Radiocom 2000 recordings, to reverse-enigeer the standard,
which seems not to exist anymore...

Peter, Peter and Friedhelm and Stephan for providing documentation and hardware
for C-Netz Base Station and other C-Netz documents.

Carsten Wollesen for donating MPT1327 radios and programming tools.