Osmocom Media Gateway (RTP proxy and RTP/E1 gateway)

Updated 7 hours ago

Osmocom Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Updated 7 hours ago

Osmocom Packet control Unit (PCU): Network-side GPRS (RLC/MAC); BTS- or BSC-colocated

Updated 24 hours ago

Osmocom Mobile Switching Centre

Updated 1 day ago

MNCC<->SIP bridge; attaches to OsmoMSC to interface with external SIP VoIP telephony

Updated 2 days ago

Osmocom Home NodeB Gateway, for attaching femtocells to the 3G CN (OsmoMSC, OsmoSGSN)

Updated 3 days ago

Osmocom's Base Station Controller for 2G mobile networks

Updated 5 days ago

Omocom GPRS Gb interface aggregation/conversion proxy (between PCU/BSS and SGSN)

Updated 6 days ago

Osmocom HLR for GSUP protocol towards OsmoSGSN and OsmoMSC

Updated 2 weeks ago

Osmocom layer for OpenEmbedded

Updated 2 weeks ago

Official Osmocom User Manuals (shared / common parts and build scripts)

Updated 3 weeks ago

Osmocom's Serving Mobile Location Centre

Updated 3 weeks ago

Osmocom UE/MME/SGW/SGSN side GTP-U Implementation with control/user plane separation

Updated 4 weeks ago

Osmocom GSM/GPRS/EGPRS transceiver, originally forked from OpenBTS transceiver. For building SDR based GSM BTS with osmo-bts-trx.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Osmocom Serving GPRS Support Node for 2G(GPRS) and 3G(UMTS)

Updated 4 weeks ago