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Holger Hans Peter Freyther 1f59ac4728 Use kernel style silent rules starting with automake 1.11
Use the silent rules when they are available. Using make V=1 or a
special configure option the silent rules can be disabled.
2009-10-27 03:34:49 +01:00
Harald Welte 8c8f791dbe [USSD] more whitespace fixes 2009-10-26 20:42:55 +01:00
Harald Welte 17e5f97958 [USSD] whitespace fixes
This is a purely cosmetic patch
2009-10-26 20:42:07 +01:00
Mike Haben 2449b37dfe [USSD] various USSD improvements
- Improved handling of extension-number string (as per review)
- Guard against a buffer-overflow if mobile sends a too-long USSD
- declare some function-parameters const
- fix gsm_ts_name function to display the right BTS number (bts->nr rather than bts->bts_nr)
2009-10-26 20:39:26 +01:00
Mike Haben dc329a6cdb [USSD] eliminate static global variables
This patch removes the need of static global variables and introduces a new,
caller-allocated 'struct ussd_request' that needs to be passed to the various
2009-10-26 20:39:26 +01:00
Harald Welte 6307b85700 whitespace fixes for the USSD code
This patch is not changing any actual code, just coding style fixes.
2009-10-26 20:39:26 +01:00
Harald Welte 6eafe9137c Add USDD code from Mike Haben
This is the initial checkin of the USSD code from Mike Haben.  I didn't
put it in the main branch as I think it still needs some cleanup.
2009-10-26 20:39:25 +01:00
Harald Welte 143f1f56d9 add some random thoughts on hopping and the oml interface 2009-10-26 20:38:37 +01:00
Sylvain Munaut eb429b7b44 [TLV] Split the parser into 'parse loop' and 'parse single value'
This is needed when you need to manually parse TLV blocks
that don't follow the logic supported by tlv_parse but you
still want to rely on working code and not fiddle with details.
2009-10-26 20:19:59 +01:00
Sylvain Munaut 288a0cf912 [ip.access] Add an example configuration file 2009-10-26 20:16:27 +01:00
Harald Welte 65bdc914f6 Fix segfault, use trx->bts rather than bts in patch_nm_tables() 2009-10-26 20:14:33 +01:00
Harald Welte 85c00cc3d9 Merge remote branch 'origin/master' 2009-10-26 20:12:07 +01:00
Harald Welte 0f890b02f6 ip.access: Use Channel Combination from config file
bsc_init.c still contained a hard-coded channel configuration,
i.e. CCCH_combined on TS0 of C0, and TCH/F on all other channels.

Now it correctly uses the value as specified in the config file.
2009-10-24 10:31:28 +02:00
Harald Welte 9c880c9a9b [GPRS] Add RSL function for ip.access PDCH activation
If we have a dynamic TCH/F / PDCH channel configuration, then
we can either ACTIVATE CHANNEL it for a TCH/F, or we need to send
this vendor-specific PDCH ACTIVATE command to use it as a PDCH.

As opposed to a fixed configuration, this allows an intelligent
BSC channel allocator to use otherwise idle channels as PDCH
as long as no more TCH's are needed.
2009-10-24 10:29:22 +02:00
Harald Welte a1499d00a5 [GPRS] introudce PDCH and PDCH/TCH physical channels
GPRS needs PDCH (Packet Data Channels), and we need support in
our data model as well as OML and RSL for it
2009-10-24 10:25:50 +02:00
Harald Welte daef521ea5 [OML] Add support for ip.access SET ATTRIBUTE message
Since TS 12.21 implements only SET ATTRIBUTE for some object classes,
ip.access had to extend it to be able to set attributes on arbitrary
objects.  We now introduce a function implementing that message.
2009-10-24 10:20:41 +02:00
Harald Welte 55dd443ac2 [GPRS] add data structures for OML of NSE,CELL,NSVCE
Supporting GPRS means we have a number of additional OML objects to
deal with.  We need to extend our gsm_bts structure to at least
include the nm_state for each of those objects.
2009-10-24 10:19:14 +02:00
Harald Welte 73310c3c83 [TLV] extend TLV parser with support for TvLV
Tag-variableLength-Value is an encoding scheme used in the GPRS NS
and BSSGP protocols, where the length value can be 8 or 16 bits,
depending on actual demand.
2009-10-24 10:04:02 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther ca0fcbe157 [gsm48] Make method name consistent...
We use rx_rr to indicate that we have received a radio resource
message but one method was using rr_rx. Fix that.
2009-10-23 13:48:54 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 0e7b0732f6 Include e1_input.h for the e1inp_line 2009-10-22 15:48:59 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 555eba140d Fix spelling of default 2009-10-22 15:46:16 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 2c481b27fc Fix compiler warning. 0 does not work on strings 2009-10-22 15:44:30 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther ddd918f7ec Fix compiler warning and cast const away.
TLVP_VAL returns a const u_int8_t* and we assign it
to a non const, cast const away.
2009-10-22 15:43:55 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 8b77a34131 [rrlp] Fix compiler warnings
The apdu is static const u_int8_t. Change the signature to
have a const in there to make the compiler happy, include
chan_alloc.h for lchan methods.
2009-10-22 15:42:19 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther dc1e1058f3 Fix warnings by removing unused variables 2009-10-22 15:40:33 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 65fb0fda9d Forward declare methods to fix compiler warnings
Put the used method in the header files or use extern
in the case of a vty method used by token_auth
2009-10-22 15:39:37 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 2657abfe35 [db] Fix compile warnings in db.c
For the compiler classmark1 is a struct and the compiler is
unaware that it fits into an unsigned int. Use memcpy to
copy it to a u_int8_t (the compiler should inline this).

dbi_conn_quote_binary_copy works on unsigned char* change
q_apdu to be unsigned char.
2009-10-22 15:34:37 +02:00
Harald Welte b5280c7bc4 [wireshark] RSL: add more decoders for ip.access
Also, make sure we always use BASE_NONE with FT_BYTES, as
current wireshark svn has an ASSERT() about this.
2009-10-22 10:09:56 +02:00
Harald Welte a165a42811 [wireshark] abis_oml: Always use BASE_NONE with FT_BYTES 2009-10-22 10:09:21 +02:00
Harald Welte e73501a4f6 [ipaccess] revert commit 9bd7bc1b4c
Commit 9bd7bc1b4c caused the RSL
initialization to happen too early, resulting in the BTS
bootstrapping but missing [some of?] the system information
2009-10-21 21:16:00 +02:00
Harald Welte 17ddc50338 Merge remote branch 'origin/master' 2009-10-21 20:24:09 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 68455f81d3 Merge branch 'holger/merge-on-waves-msc' 2009-10-21 16:38:37 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 02c28a0fa8 [debug] Use gcc attribute to enable printf checking
Inform the compiler that the same rules as printf apply
to the debugp method. This will check if the arguments
match the format string.
2009-10-21 16:38:19 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 1565bd3226 [timer] Initialize i with zero
In case no timers were registered the result was not defined.
2009-10-21 16:38:19 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther cbbd49807f [msgb] Add msgb_reset to reset an existing msgb* to the initial state
The reset is useful if one msgb is supposed to be used over and
over again and is avoiding to use msgb_free,msgb_alloc in the
application code.
2009-10-21 16:38:13 +02:00
Harald Welte d99fb99647 [ipaccess] fix ipaccess-config (we now use TEI as stream ID) 2009-10-20 21:54:06 +02:00
Harald Welte 8406ec2437 [nanoBTS] move nanoBTS initialization completely into state event handler 2009-10-20 17:31:00 +02:00
Harald Welte a8bd6d4a34 [abis_nm] introduce debugp_foh() function for object class printing 2009-10-20 09:56:18 +02:00
Harald Welte 77a838dff7 ip.access: use correct stream identifier when connecting RSL 2009-10-20 00:51:01 +02:00
Harald Welte 9bd7bc1b4c input/ipaccess: remove one more static variable 2009-10-20 00:50:03 +02:00
Harald Welte 8175e95222 ip.access: Support multi-TRX / RSL stream ID
In order to support multi-TRX configurations, we need to be able
to cope with multiple RSL streams (each with their own stream identifier)
inside one ip.access TCP connection.

Since this is very similar to using the TEI on a E1 line, we simply
recycle the logic and data fields that are used for the TEI.
2009-10-20 00:22:00 +02:00
Harald Welte 31a74906a3 [abis_nm] print ip.access TCP port in correct byte order 2009-10-19 22:50:30 +02:00
Harald Welte 35d447b022 [abis_nm] print ip.access stream_id in RSL connect ack 2009-10-19 22:49:33 +02:00
Harald Welte 746d6091d9 [abis_nm] introduce and use abis_nm_ipaccess_rsl_connect() 2009-10-19 22:11:11 +02:00
Harald Welte d004a6462a ip.access / multi-TRX: correctly identify TRX number on SW ACT REP 2009-10-19 21:47:54 +02:00
Harald Welte af7b2faf71 ip.access maximum output power depends on GSM band 2009-10-19 21:47:31 +02:00
Harald Welte a62202be31 [abis_nm]: Print Object Class of ip.access messages 2009-10-19 21:46:54 +02:00
Harald Welte 53f4b10b21 add ipaccess specific attribute set message
Partially apply 9ba65525eaa06a1768aaf35bdee98afcf8026e0a to get
rid of a compile problem. The other part of the mentioned commit
is still in the gprs branch.

Signed-off-by: Holger Hans Peter Freyther <>
2009-10-09 05:26:46 +02:00
Harald Welte 4d0481dbe9 [bsc_init] use new NM_AVSTATE_* enum instead of hard-coded numbers 2009-10-08 20:53:42 +02:00
Harald Welte 2d820ccf67 add availability state abis_nm enum 2009-10-08 20:52:35 +02:00