94 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lars Immisch c5c87183b0 Include sample systemd startup script 6 years ago
Lars Immisch b62ee3004e Fixes for contemporary setuptools, autoconf update 6 years ago
Tilo Prütz c288749631 Gentoo's date header patch; adds date headers to e-mail 9 years ago
Lars Immisch 1410b36fe5 New autoconf/automake version 10 years ago
Christian Lohmaier 0a04dbdeeb subprocess module raises OSError instead of IOError 10 years ago
Christian Lohmaier bd7cf7e855 default to sendmail command again to allow for lightweight MTAs 10 years ago
Christian Lohmaier 5effa4059f use tiff2pdf instead of converting first to ps and then to pdf 10 years ago
Christian Lohmaier c2fb24c783 first argument to _getLock is mandatory 10 years ago
Christian Lohmaier 9fee02ce4b Create capisuite-checkconfig 10 years ago
Lars Immisch 4775a92ad3 sox: the parameter -w was deprecated in 13.0.0 and removed in 14.1.0 11 years ago
Lars Immisch 7455aff14d cs_helpers.py was unused. 11 years ago
Lars Immisch eb002f080f Fix remote inquiry. 11 years ago
Lars Immisch c6c51e4daa New automake/autoconf versions. 11 years ago
Lars Immisch f75255640c Python layout changes. 11 years ago
htgoebel 69398972d7 Fixed passing fax-info about received faxes to MailFaxRecievd message. 18 years ago
htgoebel 4f97c8f413 changed MailFaxReceived message, esp. added stationID to subject 18 years ago
gernot 324d2b77e5 revert file:/ URL change of rev. 419, add hostname according 18 years ago
htgoebel b1e851f619 Debugged sending faxes. 18 years ago
htgoebel 5c578aef76 Some minor changes. 18 years ago
htgoebel 193c95268c Implemented an option for capisuite-checkconfig to test whether 18 years ago
htgoebel 85ded3ad57 small code enhancement 18 years ago
htgoebel 6c251f568d * Fixed some scons building errors: 18 years ago
gernot 91a1ab141c - beautify Hartmut's changes from 2004-12-30 to make script code more 18 years ago
htgoebel 71edbe1da9 * Enhanced for SCons build system: 18 years ago
htgoebel 0ec7378e77 * scripts/cs_helpers.pyin: Changed sfftotiff to be defined 18 years ago
gernot d2fbc2506f fix another "automake doesn't work in SVN version" problem... 18 years ago
gernot b90495a088 -regenerate with the sfftobmp changes, add two other missing files 18 years ago
gernot 2d83bd46e1 - port of rev. 335 from branch_0_4 (fix syntax of sed calls) 18 years ago
gernot f37a392ad8 moved from_email feature to 0.4.5 18 years ago
gernot 3bd2811dbb - fixed typo in gs parameter 18 years ago
gernot fd8b0bff34 - ported rev. 340 from branch_0_4 (don't crop fax pages) 18 years ago
gernot 53651069ec -ported revisions 330 & 337 from branch_0_4 (support sfftobmp 3.x) 19 years ago
gernot a22481c4fc - merge branches/py-lib, revisions 265-325 to trunk 19 years ago
gernot b75a6e0f54 delete old obsolete CVS info 19 years ago
gernot a208cb46ce add autogenerated files as these are difficult to generate for many 19 years ago
gernot c36b13ad00 allow * and # in destination numbers 19 years ago
gernot 13262718b2 2004-03-20 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot b38769100a 2004-02-20 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot e408f52ccc 2004-02-20 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot ad6c633600 2004-02-11 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 2027da93b7 2004-02-08 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot ca4f537803 2004-02-08 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 182a695a1c 2004-01-18 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 2327a0eb11 2004-01-17 Gernot Hillier <gernot@hillier.de> 19 years ago
gernot 6e07170c33 include recorded msg length and host name were file is stored in sent mail 19 years ago
gernot d031430e8e converting sound files from la to wav. Thx to Holger Krull for 19 years ago
gernot 803d71524c - reworked TODO, disabled automatic log message adding to source files 19 years ago
gernot b652423cca - fax_numbers is really allowed to be empty now... 19 years ago
gernot 8c4e1dac07 - confused "hiRes" and "loRes". Thx to Ingo Göppert <Ingo.Goeppert@gmx.de> 19 years ago
gernot ce322b0860 - sendMIMEMail: better wording for some error messages during file conversion 20 years ago