Some minor changes.

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htgoebel 2005-01-20 20:20:39 +00:00
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@ -63,16 +63,16 @@ def test_nextfile(user, path, queue, prefix):
print "Trying to read file:", file
num = None
num = capisuite.fileutils.readCounter(file, default=None)
num = capisuite.fileutils.readCounter(0, file)
except IOError, err:
print >>sys.stderr, "****Failed to read/parse the *nextnr file:", err
except ValueError:
print >>sys.stderr, "****Failed to convert file content to int number"
if num is None:
print " ", file, 'is unset'
print ' is unset'
print " ", file, 'contains number', num
print ' contains number', num
def checkQdirs(user, basedir, queuedir):
@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ else:
print option, '=', config.get(section, option)
print 'known users:',
print config.listUsers()
print ', '.join(map(repr, config.listUsers()))
# todo: these checks:
# - are all users valid system users?