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66a4fa24b6 Qt: Make Lua console output read-only
50e1e9abd0 wslua: Print syntax errors during compilation
a623da0050 DHCP: fix indent
cd4bf3b477 Fix Debian packaging and remove stale references to "init.lua"
4e3e55f9f1 pgm: fix misspelling of Luigi Rizzo's name. [skip ci]
d313c9e13e DoIP: Allow protocol version=0xff
41d8d372a3 DHCP: Add new CableLabs vendor class IDs
4621c5b7ac Fixed warning in packet-rdp.c
dfa07b28cc rdp: parse RDSTLS packets
84f1bb06f9 pgm: support both 0x0b and 0x0d as packet types for a PGMCC ACK packet.
69bfaccbad ieee80211: Update description of two Multi-Link fields
35e77d059e ieee80211: Fix build error
8cd16bec05 ieee80211: Add EHT Action and Protected EHT Action frames dissector
45fc52bad9 dcerpc: just use structure assignment rather than memcpy.
a3194d61f8 Qt: Delay deleting the interface frame context menu
da809de404 CMake: improve finding Gcrypt library
90a7d0704b Qt: Fix Manuf dialog memory leak
c3283d9d17 manuf: Fix unaligned memory access
a1e258177c BLF: Add interface name and hwchannel to ethernet status objects
4468d9ca2b Qt: Plug leak when removing row in Decode As
13fb276a18 Improve proto_tree link to display filter reference
3a81633495 Hide expert info of packet comments in packet tree
aaa989b267 BLF: Use correct flags mask.
4e6051ff39 Update the release notes
37eba9f0b3 pgm: don't fetch field values before you need them.
845c1bdc6e Release notes: Fixup some entries
4d7ab510db Qt (SSL Keylog): Add reset button to restore preferences
68a00c0a21 Qt (SSL Keylog): Do not erase user setting if cancelling
e930e58691 Qt (SSL Keylog): Do not close when "launch" is pressed
d745a9e128 NSIS: Uninstall no-longer-used Lua files
9fb85a847d Lua: Load init.lua from plugins directory
d1f08edcba DNS: Implement support for URI record
97213a58e7 Lua: Remove package.prepend_path
c5e00897e9 mdb: use DLT_MDB for the MDB dissector
4b9d0d5c10 sharkd: Add "capture_types" and "encap_types" to "info" method
7e7cd29372 kakfa: fix sync_group_request missing version check for instance_id
7efedd6d88 PCAP-NG File reader: Add ordinal block number
e5c198a2e5 Qt: Add Browser SSL keylog dialog
ac63850f40 Remove "browser_sslkeylog.lua"
eca17bd512 NAS 5GS: handle unexpected padding in delete existing QoS rule operation
61c3363330 Camel: Fix TimeAndTimezone presentation
09ebddaa7f sharkd: Enable synchronous name resolution, including MaxMind GeoIP
7a0b436f63 Do some more value_string checks
a6914ba92f addr_resolv: fix external reverse IPv6 lookup in tshark
58f5fa65b5 USBLL: Fix control transfer reassembly with data from host
81e2e8da6a wslua: Initialize useful constants in C
a839e454bd wslua: Add deprecated initializations in C
6c48170819 Fix opening the endpoint GeoIP map
77f0516b07 sharkd: Fix incorrect "stop_time" field in "voip-calls" tap
199c110d66 exported_pdu_tlvs.h: restore a lost comment showing the buffer alignment
90850cb16b asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #53a30f43e8
e9e790e4d3 asterix: update for RFS upstream change
48c9f9cbc5 test: Add Lua ByteArray integer tests
7917c031cf wslua: Refactor ByteArray integer methods
4f4d4683d8 wslua: Refactor ByteArray integer methods
c3fa423bc9 tshark: Restore deprecated default column field titles
01af473feb sharkd: Fix some leaks
a3d84bdc44 Lua: Print returned values in console
1daa76ae32 Qt: Make IOConsoleDialog a single instance
4f53f0acaf Qt: Remove unused Lua signals
37ace12ab0 Keep Lua console open and fix crash on Lua reload
55acd8fa0b Better detection of value_string conflicts, and some fixes
a983138bdc dissectors: new dissector for the MDB protocol
17cd9891be ICMPv6: Check for timestamp at the start of Echo data
0e2faa112a CMake: Fix FETCH_lua build on Apple platforms
8586becd64 [Automatic update for 2023-08-20]
159dc2c204 manuf: Remove parenthesis from short name
8985aa465f manuf: Add a special case
ee633d20d9 Update manuf data
c97982881f Release notes enhancements and fixups
268a9e243c RPC: add support for RPC-with-TLS
68668655c9 UI: Fix capture options tab key ordering
e111d255b7 ICMP: Improve heuristic for data time
0b9e591c3a Qt: Remove now unused pref (CID 1541123)
e3fa5e6c22 Add wtap_buffer_append_epdu_string() to add a string TLV to an EPDU.
21aa2bf370 check_typed_item_calls.py: check for value_string conflicts
07b255d47d DHCPFO: Add more Microsoft-specified fields, based on MS docs
6c23a93e35 Qt: Set autoscroll in setCaptureInProgress
3f841e8553 sharkd: Fix a name collision with MinGW headers
369b1d0696 manuf: Print short name with tshark -G
44e4ad3bc5 tshark: Add more fields to -G protocols and -G heuristic-decodes
2dd4de5c51 QUIC: Add Multipath support (draft-04/draft-05)
2904e8c3e5 sharkd: Generate "eo:<name>" object list in "download" method when needed
bf2f8c5fad tshark: Register extcap preferences when needed
7e5018b254 Fortinet: Add Dissector for FGCP (FortiGate Cluster Protocol) - HeartBeat
9663e021e1 Sysdig Event: Sync with upstream and fix the info column
233da618a6 BLF: fix a typo introduced in 9bdf256a8d
8025d90971 Qt: Remove tail update timer from packet list
9752021f17 Qt: Preserve horizontal scroll extent for Home/End
9bdf256a8d BLF: Put EthernetStatus Objects in packet lis using Exported PDU
95c299a065 Move autoscroll preference behavior to recent
c5452afb8d Exported PDU: Add new tag EXP_PDU_TAG_COL_PROT_TEXT
e5e004e064 Qt: Ensure the IOConsoleDialog destructor is called
96c9153560 epan: Fix a memory leak
152fef5b38 Qt: Remove an #ifdef
d0312ddf4a Fix some filters and field widths
759c0feab3 CMake: Accept any supported Lua version by default
008d389e94 ieee80211: fix mask is all set
e4544bd5ae ieee80211: fix wrong item type/length and bitmask
66a502e195 Qt: Add loadGeometry to ManufDialog
b86172a37d STUN: add Change IP or Port to INFO column
fea3f90147 Rename the Lua log domain
80c63485e4 Qt: Close console dialog when reloading Lua
8ebbcd4ecf Qt: Use a vertical layout with Lua console
249516680b Qt: Add loadGeometry to CredentialsDialog
615c2bf15a batadv: Can't add bitmask with no fields
e6110367de sapsnc: Fix dissection of Quality of Protection parameter
74f25620f2 Telnet: Fix unescaping of some option subnegotiation.
29ad6db8aa epan: Remove obsolete "logger" funnel.h callback
90cc69536b Remove article 'a' from manuf data
c3cc0e5fa7 Qt: Set StockIconToolButton cursor, leave action
a8f8e79a57 Qt: Change formatString() to use localized byte units
67af3d73be Change how system default locale is set
005cd9d1c6 Add new -p/-P capinfos options to doc/capinfos.adoc
45772de991 Add packet comments to the output of capinfos
1d2dfd693a TLS: Label incomplete segments as such
5d04013024 Add a set of time stamp precision values in wsutil/nstime.h and use them.
14b8bc66e8 Initialize global_dissect_options at compile time.
50778cff57 Move the check for TS_PREC_NOT_SET out of timestamp_set_precision().
bdc78d3a63 sharkd: Add optional "filter" parameter to "tap" method
b0bf7a8e13 editcap: Add --discard-packet-comments option and fix -a option
f25421db6c dissect_opts: use a better name for a routine.
011aa3adfd Misc dissector fixes
bb31b5704c Note that the -t flag affects the recent file.
ef14ebd180 sharkd: initialize the columns correctly for sip stats
5d35745f01 Qt: Add "success" hint to IO Console Dialog
5a1da4f692 Lua: Remove console.lua
919bc0d6f5 CMake: Update FindLua module
8ed0b47667 Qt: Add Lua console dialog
de1d30cb4e Qt: Fix compilation on Qt5 and clang
dc29ae7ba3 sharkd: Add "fn" field to "frame" output
a4c6a2f14b sharkd: add voip-calls and voip-convs taps
87d5daa331 Fix some spelling errors
75fc8ceaaa ieee80211: Add five EXT element dissectors
18018f7534 Qt: Don't use winId() on a child widget (Qt Wayland issue)
f9f182f19e check_typed_item_calls.py: Add exception for checking all-set masks
92c5fb9ad3 sharkd: Use PRIu32/PRIu64 when outputing guint32/guint64 JSON values
1bdbea4ae1 sharkd: Remove unneeded sharkd_phs_req struct
c96b79f105 sharkd: Add phs tap to sharkd
de5dc5dd23 SRT dissector: Fixed failure code presentation in the handshake
9a49fdd315 IDN: Fix use of conversation
ef6511a08e BLF: Improve file dissection.
4f4a54e6d3 blf: fix formats used to format unknown WTAP_ENCAP_ values and unsigned numbers.
23bc2d48bb ieee80211: Update 5 EHT element to verson D3.0
da538dcd1a packet-cql.c: add EVENT message dissection
04391cdb20 DHCP: Allow empty relay agent information sub-option
e9daca9ee4 bthci_cmd: Add HCI event masks for new/modified HCI v5.4 events
b1249b0be4 DCERPC: Update DRSUAPI support
b60eceb8d5 Lua: Enable "Launch with SSLKEYLOGFILE" by default
0f8a68b5a8 DNP: Add format specfier to val_to_str_ext() call
1826bce649 Lua: Remove dtd_gen.lua
def43c8061 DO-IRP: some minor changes
41e02574bd IPERF: Fix some consecutive filter names
1d32f1eb7f BT-DHT: Fix infinite loop in malformed error packets
b5442a123f gitlab ci: add --check-bitmask-fields to tools/check_typed_item_calls.py call
5ee5f6fb40 [Automatic update for 2023-08-13]
138a1bb8b9 do-irp: Add support for DO-IRP
9ab94a547f F1AP: fix off by one define
507760d710 SNMP: Fix responses from different ports and SMUX
ba3fe23ea8 Get rid of a no-longer-needed header.
c3fe4c8fd8 dumpcap: map DLT_ values from libpcap or piped pcap headers to LINKTYPE_s.
e755912ec9 Qt: Fix Go First Packet turning off autoscroll
88999bf7c6 Qt: Turn off autoscroll when the preference is off
63fad4db26 Qt: Restore autoscroll behavior to toggled
a03041e601 Don't assign a struct timeval to the time stamp in a pcap_pkthdr.
da8b06065a Don't use RLIMIT_AS if it isn't defined.
fc6124f54b <sys/ioctl.h> is needed to declare ioctl().
a6aa2cdd51 Qt: Redraw the packet bytes when our screen changes.
3c22bc0d0b dpauxmon: Flush after pcap header
96c2f8b05f DHCP: Add support for Microsoft-style handling in option 77
b4aab3523e debian: Update and add missing symbols
2539d14d15 NAS 5GS: Don't double advance the offset
6027465d10 Qt: Set icon back to capture icon with a new file
95814bc732 iperf: ix warnings double ->int
1f3e77ee5c Telnet: Dissect VMware Serial Port Proxy extension.
9b79336fd2 Update packet-h224.c
5f7961ee60 Using TFS as possible
8db2a5cf50 add_bitmask() - only warn when bitmask set has bits not set in root hf mask
615e4731e0 conversation: use epan scope for hashtable key
081fc7a937 Initial work on supporting VP9
7203fb908d TECMP: Fix ASAM CMP Auto-Detect
2bed8f33bc Update iperf2 packets dissection routines to the latest iperf2 packet format
fa6f762467 HSFZ: Make some symbols static
1c11845ad0 IP: Add DiffServ codepoint 44
65e7f88cc0 CMake: MSVC Fix command line warning D9025: overriding '/W3' with '/w'
ef9c79ae81 btsdp: Keep offset advancing
da4de74f75 MAC Blocks: Allow matching a block by prefix
3210bf4dcf manuf: Revert to the previous concise format for blocks
6013a7623b WSUG: Add MAC Address Blocks entry to Tools
a17515e7c3 MAC Blocks: Add tooltips
7fecc31427 btsdp: Finalize wmem_strbuf
6f30bc4713 bt-dht: make parser more robust to broken packets
1e3454c223 Fix SVCCTL OpenSCManager2 Request Parsing
30e255949d locamation-im: fix a mistake in the time difference calculation.
d086f2733b wmem: Fix leak in block_fast when realloc'ing jumbo blocks
40eb2abb96 Fix comments about init, cleanup, and shutdown routines.
2abe8ced1d F1AP: NotificationInformation is a normal IE not an extension.
85da4edcd0 Look into more inconsistent add_bitmask() calls
c7d4b89b8e test: Fix lua tvbrange test since length is now in new encoding
8e21cb3878 ASN1: Change gboolean to bool in two templates
7cffcbfdec doc: Keep dissection options alphabetized
da690738a1 epan: Fix up --disable-all-protocols
af0691342b Add --only-protocols and --disable-all-protocols to tshark and rawshark.
5dd79aa099 signature of check_lua_script has changed
abd7886be5 signature of proto_tree_set_ipv6 was changed after this patch was written
1a5b1530ba fix documentation
ec17ee15bd test suite for lua add_packet_field
6659f4494d return value and offset in lua add_packet_field
b1b9ff27e7 add new add-and-return functions to C API
8c7ed63608 bugfix: proto_tree_add_time_item *endoff should be offset not length
024c78934f lua: calculate length after encoding changed
d0cb5c871d Qt: Update splash screen for applying changed preferences
6e41c0477d ASAM CMP: Adding support for ASAM CMP
d7a5d5a01d Update sharkd rtp-stream tap to match Wireshark
c8947c88ca packet-cql.c: add map and set dissection
df59bfff2e Convert asn2ws to generate C99 types
d5ea143ee2 gprscdr: Update to 3GPP TS 32.298 V18.2.0
7ef3acdaa5 Refine lua tests for clarity
85a7b9da3e packet-dnp.c - Add Secure Authentication Object Support
123945c507 pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V18.2.0
7aa60f8857 Telnet: Fix AUTHENTICATION double-unescaping.
e5ced7ad79 HSFZ: Adding support for the HSFZ protocol
05c16fef81 CAN/FlexRay/LIN: Adding support to set Source and Destination
4ecf22fd2a PTP: display tlvType as hex
cc3af3ff9e Remove WOWW notes as it was not a new protocol
9dbc72dd5b Spellchecking: doing check new generated C files
f9846ecb7c macos-setup.sh, WSDG: Qt 6 builds must be done manually on macOS.
9c3815d9fe [Automatic update for 2023-08-06]
c9daa6b656 WSUG: Documentation updates
e693b924c4 SNMP: Don't check the tvb length on a fragmented packet
fd91b987d4 Art-Net: Update OEM/ESTA codes
a734e40e71 JSON 3GPP: correction of decoding SupportFeatures
d02f074150 TLS: improve visualization of SessionTicket extension
15825ebeda MAC Blocks: Add check box and hide the short name
09009b68e4 MAC Blocks: Use a proxy model to implement filtering
757b58a503 MAC Blocks: Replace QComboBox with a QLineEdit
9708362cee hartip: enhance display of delimiter
06f3d0fa5e hartip: display expansion bytes
9ad1ec1651 extcap: Flush after writing the pcap header
380c142d7a proxy: Fix two-pass dissection of coalesced packets
fa893f56bc GUI: Implement selection and copying for MAC Address Blocks
af28092876 dhcp|dhcpv6: Add ethernet client identifier item
a3be2f1b7a wisun: fix wrong item length
ff97c19a1c TFTP: resuscitate tsize probe detection code (CID1471625)
44dc70cc5a CP2179: Handle timetag info response without records
7694ad23d9 BGP: Add BGP-LS SRv6 Extensions (draft-ietf-idr-bgpls-srv6-ext-14)
e9b0c58430 SOME/IP: Fix typo
d5b714003a macOS: Quote our code signing identities
3666d3547e osx-app.sh: Define the signing identities, or use self-signed
afdc1babf7 packet-cql.c: deal with NULL and zero length map and set values
5d8b1acf55 Fix Wi-SUN JM-IE dissector
acab67d234 Fix progress_is_slow check arithmetic
f2a2eadb84 Gitlab CI: Update manuf header
391f9a3d63 GitLab CI: Switch the Windows x64 packages to Qt 6.5.2
3c2fa2b61a Falcodump: Partially revert c8accef14c
c058febb45 PFCP: fix dissection of Offending IE Information IE
230b59c3f2 TECMP: Remove old dead FlexRay code
1d0c142a9a GUI: Implement Tools->MAC Address Blocks menu entry
d5fb4db20c [Automatic update for 2023-07-30]
788be03d90 debian: New lintian override format
66cc899624 GitLab CI: Fix up our manuf header
b1f00bc411 UI: Fix path separators for profiles
ad6cedb564 debian: Add missing symbols
4052d2c7f4 debian: Override lintian embedded-library complaint about manuf data
5eb3fdc47a Fix typo for field wlan.wfa.ie.wpau.cs.oui
a582dc8ae5 manuf: Add ws_manuf_count()
9179ba9667 manuf: More cleanups
341c03713f manuf: Move private declarations out of header
4838556b3a GitLab CI: Move manuf to the Code Lines job
af2830be7b GitLab CI: Build manuf
36e7876851 GitLab CI: Restrict "web" pipeline sources
6897e5cd04 Docs: Document `tshark -G {manuf,services,enterprises}`
b14d514541 RTPS: New algorithm PIDs values set woth their final values
74406642ae ieee802.11be draft2.0:Fix mlo assoc response && EHT NDP Announcement
a9241ef14e Change data size formatting to use SI units and 0 precision
4c5c969023 Clean up the cleaning-up of wtap_dump_params structures.
b3e09c65d3 manuf: Mask out broadcast flag
0ebe3bc0d4 manuf: Improve iteration logic
611bf80be3 manuf: Code cleanup
d2e85d783c Update release notes
7f06df2d0c Add tshark -G services
734a675938 Add description to IANA services table
a3142d25bf Add tshark -G enterprises
939a9fb0a7 TCP: Summarize the completeness bitmask as a string
5218affca5 debian: Add missing symbols
75585a7607 http: Don't create extra TCP streams and conversation data
6b630a65dc PROXYv2: support coalesced packets
0f7b431de4 cql: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
edd0517fae Websocket: Restore the text payload field
dae58c9a69 manuf: Add table dump with tshark -G
a6bd924c0a GSM A DTAP: fix value-string for Signalling Access Protocol
36c6616b7d telnet: Simplify handling of Telnet option lookup.
0fd01fbd6d HTTP2: Modified to use common streaming reassembly helper function
edbb5272ac Reassembly: add additional_bytes_expected_to_complete_reassembly function
783918a93b IRC: Interpret CTCP commands with a Name Only protocol
a6bab78815 Add H.265 to video codecs
b4a421cf82 Replace "manuf" files with static arrays
7e08afb478 packet-cql.c: fix ERROR message parsing
74bfa8a03d dfilter: Remove deprecated ~= operator symbol
ca8976020f dfilter: Change "not in" behaviour to match inequality
1b82eda9eb epan: Register dynamic column fields and make them filterable
99ef0560b7 zabbix: fix buffer overflow in zabbix_desegment preference
d138e594b5 dfilter: Fix `all .. in` operator semantics
f743fa5249 dfilter: Refactor DFVM values
261c2f24cc Add Zabbix protocol dissector
6885d787fd [Automatic update for 2023-07-23]
207321b4b1 woww: Fix inconsistencies
1cac1791f3 woww: Fix SMSG_TEXT_EMOTE emote_int
484909108d woww: Fix CMSG_TEXT_EMOTE incorrect type
12e1b9cee0 woww: Fix inner loops overriding the outer loop variable
46419c31a7 woww: Add array indices in subtree text
799c4cc9fb woww: Add more enumerators for ITEM_SLOT
6a229ac490 woww: Remove pinfo from add_update_mask
ab5a0e566f woww: Add SHIRT to ITEM_SLOT enum
7ab0f0890d woww: Replace auction house id with enum
5c61e3f161 woww: Update layouts
2d0a07116e make_enterprises: some minor changes
439bb8d63a RTP: Remove unnecessary null check
4996cf7630 DHCPFO: Improve handling of vendor-specific options
3c6b6721ac DHCPFO: Make expert infos appear in Expert Info Dialog
5160dfd96c A few more add_bitmask fixes
d53114e469 WLAN: Fix some more inconsistent fields[] for add_bitmask() calls
52763d5aa9 SCTP: update support for zero checksum acceptable parameter
ab6c2a4a0a RLC-NR: Fix the length to a key used for wmem_tree usage
864e0f2919 NTLMSSP: Remove a useless test
890d4d6d85 rdpudp: fix sequence number computation
7d85b868b2 rdp_egfx: drop useless verbose log
fa65621a3c Q.931: fix value-string for Intermediate rate (octet 5b)
a3db035083 MySQL/MariaDB: Dissect CLIENT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT bit
8497277770 Openflow(v1): fix Dead Store found by Clang analyzer
e7c79f5a3a cql: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
2f9f75f8e1 rtps: fix dead assignment found by Clang Analyzer
535f8f7534 Improve check for add_bitmask consistency, and fix up some issues
bc6f86e875 DNS: add a fence to info column
65c20f04da GitLab CI: Update some paths
3370e8752a RTP: Rename the struct of per-packet info
2ac8231776 Release notes: We now have a Windows Arm64 package
1dfdb211b7 Tools: Move malloc debugging to a separate file
a1e4aea6ff RTP: SSRCs on the same RTP session have their own number space
13f21ebd59 GitLab CI: Fix Windows Arm64 package copying
3a9d086389 GitLab CI: Fix our Windows Arm64 CMake prefix path
dff32f7ae1 Fix a spelling error in file-pcap.c
92adc02cc3 GitLab CI: Add Python to the Windows Arm64 path, second try
6fa03d19c1 GitLab CI: Add Python to the Windows Arm64 path
cfacb88c66 GitLab CI: Add a Windows Arm64 package job
bc55a18fb1 WSUG: add subsections for the various preference panes
3a7a3a9e40 rdps: generate big text arrays and one fwrite() call.
f4e31bda10 rdps: no need to set script_name in start_code().
8c43fd663d Add more notes about getting distribution information on Linux. [skip ci]
6ed7571150 Fix more item/call issues
c71f7d5e14 file-pcap, file-pcapng: use names from the specs for packet lengths.
9c57f9061d export: Free wtap_dump_params
335da63bd6 packet_range: Handle depended upon correctly for all cases
bf56f86197 epan: Convert our column format gbooleans to bools
2150845ec3 epan: Add default log column preferences
bd229c2a7c WSUG: Images of preferences
4e4c9e2778 ISIS: Updated SRv6 Locator TLV and SRv6 End SID sub-TLV (rfc9353)
00216e7e0b epan: Decrease dependent frame hash table size
2134cca1a4 AMR: avoid redundant assignment
a6a5707a78 When checking for a 32-bit vs. 64-bit architecture, check for ARM64.
eac19ab007 Simplify the "is this NT workstation" test.
889d0d6e6c Fix comment in a typo. [skip ci]
7bfc3f2c13 dumpcap: Add a permissions warning about capabilities
76719d21eb CBOR: Add a recursion check
f307a16d36 Qt: Change handling of folder name text entry
52c45b278e Fix the check for Windows 11 to detect 22H2.
76e1c8a19f XnAP: fix another test
6a1639c42f XNAP: fix a test
ee3faeedf9 couchbase: Add support for ReplicaRead subdoc flag
f0520511b1 Debian: Add missing symbol
6f6a8d9b66 epan: Fix crash on columns with many long string fields
e3bedc57ba [Automatic update for 2023-07-16]
dcc9cbffef Qt: Include a checkbox to export without depended upon packets
39a0efc3ad RTPS: Added CRC32 and MD5 checksum check and deleted unused hfs
86652cef34 Qt: Fix displayed marked packet count label
27035bc9f5 ASN1 dissectors: Avoid returning twice from same function
96b24596d6 file-tiff: Avoid division by zero
2056d7a6ff DICOM: Fix leak in export objects
a7f8bb991e WSUG: Note that we have a foundation.
953cfbd529 DNS: Implement support for A record CH class response
7922b74edf [19131] wslua: make `pinfo.in_error_pkt` writable
2fb12ccdcf TLS-utils: fix visualization of "max_ack_delay" transport parameter
8cee13f912 DICOM: Fix some leaks
23ccf8c9a0 codecs: Pass in fmtp, decode bandwidth efficient AMR
fd64746f44 Improve consistency of includes
1c386645df RTP Analysis: Fix jitter for packets before the previous one
61ef5f7564 Copy DICOM payload to Export Objects window
02d2f62b8c Protobuf: improve the speed of loading protobuf language files
0471cc357f MAC-LTE: Fix some value_string conflicts
9466415937 Debian: Add missing symbols
17ee2ad57e User Guide: Document preferences
ca1a477921 T.38: Support reassembly of more than two data items in a frame
4b377dd250 IPP: Support both IPP and IPPS
8ecb0b53f2 T.38: Don't warn about no pending fragments on retransmissions
2f0fd3476e USB: Print Darwin frame status only when available
8ce0d9bc9c USB: Add missing Darwin USB status values
656c01bc53 DTLS: add tree for unknown data
a43ba6452a HTTP: Warn if there is extra data after a body
b285a28467 RTP: Fix if the fmtp comes before rtpmap
78cc1225b7 Remove services
3ff0902336 DHCPFO: Add Microsoft-specific features
725c71b0c2 cfm: Test ID TLV has unusual length (bits not octets)
934e487a3a DCERPC: Fix WKSSVC NetWkstaEnumUsers Request/Response parsing
f588214a58 manuf: Improve name shortening heuristic
f44e088329 manuf: Skip some start words in short name
ac57a25ed8 manuf: Increase truncation size to 12
641de5bd0d manuf: Fix indentation
0b5791b08d manuf: Drop Cavebear OUI list
4f7fc21708 check_typed_item_calls: fix some minor issues
b41504399e BT-DHT: Populating the 'Info' column with packet type and parameters
768f78536c wmem: map and multimap include wmem_list
57a8630bbb [Automatic update for 2023-07-09]
d871c6c6af codecs: Change interface, use SDP information for dynamic codecs
56c34de93d DCERPC: Fix SRVSVC NetSessEnum Request/Response parsing
bf1cbbb185 Keep global enterprises file as optional
959259453e Keep global services file as optional
75a778e893 Replace services file with static array
ab7896df6c dfilter: Add XOR logical operator
e10224e212 dfilter: Fix duplication of operator sttype
16898ca7f9 SDP & RTP: Pass the channels information to RTP
412ce6077c SDP: Add field for number of audio channels
f4c9e6b36b SDP: Copy format specific parameters and pass them to RTP
a54134d3c8 COPS: Fixup previous leak fix
0e82c6b4b8 dfilter: Remove limitation using subtraction
794e3a13c0 Move some release notes items
1a3410cc2e GSM A-bis/RSL: Fix Huawei paging PS according to patent
b5cecf0c78 AMQP: Set the length size for NULL to zero in value formatter
7b3fab078f Fix WiX installer build
496411c5c1 COPS: Use a wmem_array
a1bdfb2644 XMPP: Fix leak if exception thrown creating child nodes
de03e9137c HTTP3: update to final RFC (9218)
ff24c25cb1 Kerberos: Add few more Pre-authentication values from registry
9bee01d9f9 NVMe-over-TCP: enable TLS dissector
2f8df5449a Bluetooth: Parse SMP on BR/EDR Fixed channel
4fe8f58982 F1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
d3e7be5079 opus: Fix padding handling
9540126071 E1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
1be8cd2711 XnAP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
ca762ad5eb Convert Skinny to C99 types
14157a8de6 NGAP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
60a05fa668 NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
0d06f80869 X2AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
786f256d4b NAS 5GS: upgrade dissector to v17.11.0
12f8aa2ac6 S1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
2ee7038c98 LPP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
dcca8c9ec9 LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
02ff4f389c Rename 'enterprises.tsv' → 'enterprises'
1af406d6bb Rename enterprises files
f47ce6e761 Remove no longer used enterprises.tsv file
fcb6bb5763 dfilter: Refactor function argument passing
25eb0225d7 WSUG: Add note about subtract operator quirk
b85295c643 Add support for DNS svcparam dohpath
4ce5571cfd opus: Decode Opus packets with more than one frame
dd9dfff118 Fix some spelling errors
44258d5bed Speed up handling of global enterprises.tsv
5fb94c8a1a DHCPFO: Add Microsoft-specific hostname options
91bb3c91ac SOME/IP-SD: Only register port on first dissection
c25cd31d99 SOME/IP: Add support to auto-detect DTLS
b5ef351bf7 RFC 2198: Process later codecs after an exception
b018efe2ac E2AP: Take care with columns when calling signalling dissectors
5554d0377f ORAN FH CUS: Update C Section ext-5 to support exlen=4
c8accef14c Falcodump + Falco bridge: libsinsp API updates
f641df9ca6 SDP: Use convert_string_to_hex
58b69b737d E2AP: Call dissectors for component request/response in setup
afdfb1e282 RTP RFC2198: Tap primary encoding payload instead
f91a9c5e57 PDU-Transport: Cleanup code
ffb22c99ef dfilter: Use a register pointer to return function result
1751b1cb3a dfilter: Remove attempted load array
aabe472624 dfilter: Add reference counting to cells
d49c4b24ba dfilter: Add memory cell object
0383f6e13d Change frame.time_epoch to FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME
6730cc3a65 Add Unix time support for absolute time field type
09d5f4bdb4 dfilter: Add some arithmetic to FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME
3672cdbcd4 wsutil: Add nstime representation in ISO8601 and Unix time
9b95e0df2c RTCP: fix dissection of Slice Loss Indication
ed6ab0569a EAP: fix PEAP decoder
ddc7e4e49a RTP: Improve selection of streams for RTP Analysis/Player
2cdf840678 Clean includes by correcting path
d85717903e [Automatic update for 2023-07-02]
a95dd53913 ACDR: Add new types
14019306b3 DHCPFO: Work around payload offset bug in Draft
e01df2f1c2 RTP: Add rvals for RFC 5285 header extensions
ffbdbc6496 docs: Fix help button URLs to LTE and RTP chapters
5b018e3ca7 AMR: Use some defines for the enum options
d439c115ec NAS 5GS: dissect more URSP traffic descriptor IEs
90702f185c Skinny: Regenerate dissector from packet-skinny.c.in
8909312cd2 dfilter: Allow arithmetic expressions as set elements
d09abde082 Convert to_str.[ch] to 4-space and fix some style issues
5a6cb2cd73 AMR: Fix fallback to bandwidth-efficient mode
a49c8ea101 codecs: Register and lookup case-insensitively
d5bf3b9c92 epan: Use STRING_CASE_INSENSITIVE internally
2dc3889c3f X509: Adding NFtype extension decoding based on RFC9310
2ea65ec89f In print_stream_ops_t, put print_line_color right aftr print_line.
9640e92614 QUIC: update support to ack-frequency draft (version 04)
e94e29efcd G729 codec: Support Annex B SID/CN frames
bc20791882 Add missing include of errno.h
ed35e3a4e9 GitLab CI: Don't retry our fuzz jobs
a27fcd06bc Debian: Add missing symbols
0db7a428cd IEEE1905: Fix typos in ieee1905 dissector
7037795f8a wiretap: Make tsprec optional in wtap_generate_idb()
000ebcb00a Convert wsutil/crc*.[ch] to C99 types
1d3aed32b1 AMR: Support RTP payloads with multiple frames
1919624b4a openflow(v1): Add support of OFPT_FLOW_REMOVED
9a72f9bb1b Include errno.h in a few files
c068948610 Falcodump: Update our AWS region list
bdc3d4656e IO-Graph: Allow packet selection with Time of day true (BUGFIX)
347f3ab1a6 Falcodump: Fix our data source settings
1281a588c5 Test suite: lua library for lua tests
b330bdb06d Qt: Really show our context menu shortcuts this time
8dfe582330 Openflow(v1): fix datapath_id on Features Reply
cc17a934e1 Use _ret_uint() in some more places
63e5f2ea55 DCERPC: Fix SAMR LookupRids(opnum 18) Request parsing
81cd25454a JSON: add auto_hide preference
60939631a4 DCERPC: Add LSARPC LsarOpenPolicy3(opnum 130) parsing support
af820e9304 Fix build on Linux with libnl.
8cd2d17c58 MAC-LTE: add recent control elements
2aa34278ef Convert the NCP dissector and generator to C99 types
a3eab66d52 dfilter: Use safe-math.h with time ftypes
64b1fc4927 macOS: Prepopulate our rpath list in osx-app.sh
45bdab6b9b macOS: More app bundle fixes
2a96b3e1d1 Qt: Replace copy "...as Printable Text" context action
b4cd264912 release-notes: update the url of APN6 to its homepage.
eaa65a34c4 ISO15765: fix hf names for target and source address.
d2d246d3d5 RTP Player: Init resampler if it doesn't exist yet
7335260e74 RLC-LTE: Use _add_uint() to avoid fetching values twice
036f2e12ca Fix more full item masks that should not be.
dbd7d0b9a3 macOS: Make sure we search /usr/local/lib for libraries
44a3271adb macOS: Fix osx-app.sh
c2bb9726b8 Don't include errno.h if we don't use errno or errno value definitions.
db0f56f025 More checking labels vs filter
adb8cb61e5 TECMP: Minor cleanup
d935582649 Fix our Debian build instructions
bd709a0900 NGAP: Improve Common Network Instance
b494a22780 glusterfs: use a value_string, not g_strerror(), to decode status values.
932a4ead49 9p: don't use g_strerror() to map 9P2000.L error codes to strings.
42a2a01fcd dfilter: Refactor DFVM read code
68276911f2 Fix a documentation warning
bd25b9f4cd dfilter: Make string slices a return an FT_STRING
bf9c4ff0ff Data: Add text as UTF-8 instead of ASCII
62b2f09edf Compute slice ranges in a separate procedure
58110d7649 dfilter: Fix raw slices
38a5b44d61 dflter: Fix semantics of fvalue length
0c4e9e83d3 Qt: Manually connect our "Help" menu actions
74f05450f0 Qt: Manually connect our "Wireless" and "Tools" slots
bc1722f84c SVCCTL: Fix a shadow variable
1ff01c5b2f [Automatic update for 2023-06-25]
4f03eacadd Tools: Fix make-pci-ids.py
14b35b08e2 DCERPC: Fix NETLOGON NetrServerAuthenticate2/3 Alignment issue
c57fde44ad asterix: subitem name change in testcase
f51552640c asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #5885f96214
d123e97ab7 asterix: adjust for extended/repetitive upstream change
a2bd1c2372 GitLab CI: Move checklicenses to Commit Check job
250320bbb5 Qt: Manually connect our "Go To Packet" buttons
1e6b9df048 Qt: Manually connect our "Telephony" menu actions
2cccac5324 GitLab CI: Check the pidl dissectors consistency
675d283f80 DCE/RPC: Regenerate DFS dissector via pidl
fe7b2851fe DCE/RPC: Update conformance file
71e7fdfd0d DCE/RPC: Regenerate pidl dissectors
1184d0d894 DCE/RPC: Also add svcctl to the pidl Makefile
94349bbdae iscsi: Check bounds when extracting TargetAddress
db4e8c1911 DCE/RPC: Sync frsrpc conformance file with change
3842a49b08 UDS: Adding dissection for standard messages
ec176357db USB DFU: Register Apple Mobile Device by VID/PID
f485c5148f SMB2: Fix DEBUG_SMB2 mode bugs
c451d1e5b0 DCERPC: Add svcctl to the list of CMake targets, fix cast
cbc3e2e857 Tests: Improve Lua test report and make it useful
bfed9c5d88 Release notes: Clean trailing whitespace
29eed029b3 Make wsutil headers include what they use and build standalone
cd9c3c639b DCERPC: Improve SVCCTL EnumServicesStatusW Response Parsing
765052e231 DCERPC: Fix NETLOGON NetrServerAuthenticate2(15) Request Parsing
0fd1aeb166 netflow: Decode first two bits of 1 byte TCP flags
bd2755b0b9 Qt: Manually connect the rest of our "Statistics" menu actions
56478f633e its: Fix line endings in ETSI_TS_103301.asn
f72d93ce94 wimax: Avoid warnings from fix-encoding-args.pl
ec28835122 diameter: fix SMSF-Non-3GPP-Address label
fc4c4d74a0 redbackli: Remove disabled duplicate hf entry
456d6f49bd doc: Remove stray sentence fragment
22dcdbc3af Qt: Manually connect some "Statistics" menu actions
b96e2e2075 Convert epan/crypt to C99 types
4d8bad0dcb Update a comment. [skip ci]
0445dd4db9 Reassembly: Clarify comments to use streaming reassembly func
1a272886be USB: Dissect Binary Device Object Store descriptor
24eeead63e packet-cql.c: implement few auth related message dissection
efbca7715c tshark: Fix the check on UN*X for writing to a pipe and dissecting
568536d53c http2: add SETTINGS_NO_RFC7540_PRIORITIES of RFC9218
f11450a587 tools: Relax dup filter check for stat
32369941b3 pfcp: translate Quota Validity Time to human readable time string
8d7cc70a03 Add "-G dissectors" to TShark, to dump the registered dissectors.
40fdce4118 opensafety: Fix bad malloc pattern
ad21615973 dfilter: Fix an error message
60203c3db3 capture: Use win32strerror on windows
aa895db381 UI: Remove leftover GTK+ recent settings
38fa97a4e8 tshark: Move a debug message later
ff31939869 SMB2: Add updated TreeConnectResponse ShareFlag Isolated_Transport
62be2fc961 release-notes: IPv6 dissector supports dissecting APN6 option now.
0acc81714d WSUG: example for curly braces around math expression
a78006ebc5 http: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
ee88d734f8 rtps: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
facff67067 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
7e07c29b09 print: Fix a check for hf_text_only
b2ccfebe2f pgsql: Parse GSS-API and SSPI reply messages
696b19dcdf macOS: Automatically handle rpaths in our app bundle
dc8e8da889 color_filters: Free old validated list
6c61f00ed0 BFCP: Setup UDP/BFCP conversations via SDP
a3ffd742fe dfilter: Fix second stage compilation flags
5b64d1d65e Qt: Freeze packet list early on preferences change
28e324ae02 BFCP: Add fragment fields when F bit is set
bbf596f447 GitLab CI: Remove a Lintian check.
d456cc761a ftypes: Rename IS_FT_* macros
b986410302 UDS: adding missing 'All Groups/all DTCs'
594effb381 ipfix: add srv6 srh information export
a02c60b7aa PPPoE: do not display a payload length error message for IPv6CP
76f782c961 CIP: Support Concurrent Connections
f272d41f80 Revert "Remove unnecessary null check in SequenceDialog"
fa13cc36f8 Qt: Fix leaks in RTP Stream Dialog sorting and copying
f8d1525b17 Get rid of unnecessary casts.
ec3bb4538f Get rid of one last g_snprintf() call.
bfe3bacd53 Get rid of unnecessary casts.
dafd334270 Tools: Switch make-reg.py to standard C types
6b219e0f20 Tools: Add gu?long to convert-glib-types.py
1bd1d2ee04 Tools: Switch make-regs.py to C99 types
6649f96725 Debian: Fix our PCRE dependency
32c0a69a9b Convert TLS CT log updates to C99 types
2f763fe702 Convert the ASTERIX dissector and updates to C99 types
c6ded71ac4 Convert pci-ids.[ch] to C99
1dd5c10b34 [Automatic update for 2023-06-18]
0d89b8da0c saphdb: Add header check for reserved bytes
30fdbc6dca ber: Use unique sequence ids for each nest level
0d0d3b84a7 Qt: Follow stream show as recent
4d5c4154b1 Convert wmem to C99 types
60dedef3f1 CMake: Fix config package without installed plugins or extcaps
2956aac65c BLF: Last LIN-Message parameter is not mandatory (BUGFIX)
7785452149 BLF: Bugfix CAN-FD Message format
7b0a35b528 tcp: Optimize contiguous check with first gap
2c02abf8c4 tcp: Optimize OOO reassembly a bit
e834377f78 Qt: Don't look for word boundaries in FollowStreamText
c3cbff5a23 Redo address_with_resolution_to_str_buf().
a265aa4bc2 Convert writecap to C99 types
bf791df00e ocp1: Fix typos
dafa2042f8 rdp_egfx: add links for frame start/end/ack
69a530c030 MSYS2: Install development headers with PKGBUILD
011b9e906e Set more full mask fields to 0x0
d31cb4e046 Expand comment about stuff we do with device names. [skip ci]
567a9e1a47 Tools: GLib-to-C99 file handling improvements
0af1dfd8d0 address_types.c: fix one character resolved name display
8408910f05 QUIC: Mark fields with Header Protection as generated
34bd675013 tcp: Expand completeness as a bitmask
ed603e75d3 Qt: Update ws-filter-toolbar.png
0d3e6d64bd wsdg: Quick Start steps for tests with MSVC
19dba98c0c file-pcapng: add Zigbee and SSH secret types
86f51d0999 Tools: GLib-to-C99 padding improvements
e343207bbd Qt: More off-by-one pixel fixes
a0570d3a36 SMB2: Fix SMB2_QUERY_INFO Response(w FileNormalizedNameInformation) parsing failure
e31067cb5f tcp: Improve out-of-order reassembly
0facfec6df Fix typo/error in the BGP ATTR_SET error message
a623339466 wimaxsncp: Fixup last commit
0619e7bfba ieee80211: Add OPS, MAX CHAN SW Time and OCI elements. Update TWT element.
79ec9b4e12 wsdg backporting a patch: fix typo
147a5c230e Qt: Fix a off-by-one pixel issue in border
8cf9ad75a7 3gpplog: fix loop when reading fractions of second in logged lines
6ebf72ded1 Inject secrets through the GUI
c88b6b43e3 capture_opts: On Windows, check for combined interface names
978f62a805 Convert our extcaps to C99 types
c2571c7ed9 Add a check for all-set masks and fix some instances
fc99b22825 Qt: Draw a border on the right side in filter edit
33567d31c5 print: Move protocolfilter inside output_fields
fd39ea9981 wimaxasncp: Check for zero byte lengths
b4064869d1 EAP: Add reassembled_in field
5d0f253d23 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
04d621ba22 EAP: Fix conversation creation
9e0ce57c4d Convert capture/*.[ch] to C99 types
ce617ffe6d http: Update and use add path components function
8e5f503267 Use `register_dissector()` in doc/README.dissector
80489af0b5 wlan: Don't access uninitalized memory here either
64a1436add wslua: Catch more types of exceptions
70255bed33 wsutil: Add a plugins log domain and use it
0c0485ff6b Gitlab CI: Add CPack step to MRs
d8e5a8d138 Qt: Use selectionModel() to fetch selected rows
f9260727b0 Add basic CPack support
6386dbd66d Try that again
3001f30fc9 Update packages for new CMake config path
dc2eb69d3e make-version: fix argparse config
3289d17cab http2: Human readable follow HTTP/2 headers
14d11f13f5 epan: Remove unneeded stdbool.h includes
8daec10cb0 Declare list in DissectorTable_heuristic_new
cc6e2f929e Lua: add DissectorTable.heuristic_new() function
07e2fa72c5 NAS 5GS: Make protocol filter name match fields
c2d91158b9 NAS EPS: Make protocol filter name match fields
f02f47dadf Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
274e67998e tshark: add support for field alias when specifying a list of fields to display
aa54f33700 Reassembly: make streaming reassembly support DESEGMENT_ONE_MORE_SEGMENT
7839a96040 tls-utils: add some more PQ key exchange algorithms
a39c9fc9b1 ieee80211: Don't access uninitialized memory
bbe409242b GRE: Add gre.subproto table for get decode as for GRE
cf1832ae14 Lua: Add a browser SSLKEYLOG launch script
80ae370811 Allow disabling unused dissectors from PHS dialog
801554fb79 Add a capture file state for a pending read
c58705654d CMake: User a better definition for WIRESHARK_INSTALL_CMAKEDIR
194b578e82 Document use of pytest with external tests
8fa1b097db Qt: Add hint text when selecting a field in PacketDialog
a76b2254a2 HART-IP: Register dissectors by name
017af7dcd0 RPC_NETLOGON: Fixes parsing errors in NetrServerPasswordSet2 request/reply
0b1c7569f0 debian: add missing symbols
56c53ea776 http: Add a field for Range and Content-Range
5a63a543cf Github: Fix Windows build
6bf84fe876 CMake: Fix Lua52 URL
3bc885f746 TURN: Remove dead code
e2da052757 wiretap: Don't close an already closed file descriptor
a605d7ac8c Revert sharkd newline processing changes
1fea6aaf7a Fix lua FieldInfo sort ordering
afff4e026d Lua: DNS: Fix Fields for multi-question queries
ce476f79b4 Lua: Fix root zone queries in DNS example
15013ab136 RTP AnalysisFix nominal and arrival times calculation
3c944de9df Fix SMB1 SMB_COM_SESSION_SETUP_ANDX (0x73) parsing failure.
cd3275c1b5 Reassembly: add helper macros
d7eedba8e2 editcap: if verbose print Total selected for output
6a8bdf192c E212: switch MCC and MNC fields from uint to string
52e8c21924 JSON 3GPP: fix a typo in hf name
591f89d785 Add a script to convert GLib types to their C equivalents
0f71aa256c Remove unnecessary null check in SequenceDialog
7c04f38022 CMake+Windows: Use "x64" instead of "win64"
e0f1f8dbf3 TLS: Fix TLS tunneled within TLS
001930e1e5 file: fix might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork [-Werror=clobbered]
97ae7cdf2f Qt: Position selected packet at center
3b6164918c RTPS: Change the description of SRTPS Prefix Vendor-Specific Content flag
edaece6aa8 JSON 3GPP: use http2_get_header_value() to fetch HTTP2 path
7f0874b1f9 MSYS2: Use Lua 5.2 and update documentation
f21288593e WSDG: Move a line to the proper place
ae87a9983a WSDG: Add cross-compilation instructions for Arch Linux
7837cec8f4 Use dataoffset in SMB_Parameter to access the data in SMB_COM_WRITE_ANDX
877a1e1120 ieee80211: Add EHT Trigger frame dissector and add new fields in some elements
5cf217a44a CMake: Improve repository configuration
04fe30ade7 CMake: Fix Qt configuration
053e691931 mingw-rpm-setup: Add cmake
a8ccf08aa7 mingw-rpm-setup: Install git and patch
a6b7a7c4a3 Gitlab CI: Enable FETCH_lua for MinGW-w64 builds
687b24d5b3 CMake: Add option to download and build Lua
bb9e66aea7 Qt: Fix PacketDialog secondary data sources crash after closing file
fedcf129fc CMake: Update a sanity check
25f091b8db MMRP: add parsing action for FirstValues
3f1f34a2a3 http: Remove some unused code
df4add2ecb RPC: Cast to make clang happy
f8d2444bc3 ntp: format ntp.refid for Kiss-o'-Death messages
812f40e470 sharkd: Keep the sharkd buffer input size at 2 * 1024
6522999276 shardk: preserve last char in buf for string termination
c9e91d7290 sharkd: Remove json newline restriction
be1e20a951 sharkd: Remove json order restriction
04c99663ff tools/check_*.py: Allow most of them run under Windows
014d17b471 PER: Fix dissect_per_null to always use length=0
086f4f1133 MSVC: Increase stack size to 8MiB, same as Linux and MacOS
fe1f59db7b Update packet-rpc.c
72001ad04e RPC: Fix credentials decoding for GlusterFS
1bd8e05f54 tshark: show field abbrevs matching a prefix
80abaa6f2d Resources: Update the logo
ab2b446e69 ALC/LCT, LLS/SLT: Update includes
d5b3cdacd6 wsutil: Optimize unaligned pointer access for MSVC and icc
d00468742f TCP: Zero Window Probe ACK detection for improper clients
acbc327faf Change how the packet dedup structures are handled during a live capture
04257d928a ALC/LCT, LLS/SLT: Add ATSC3 support
952a3163c2 [Automatic update for 2023-06-11]
e0582e1fb1 JSON 3GPP: Fix typo in display filter for EnATSSS
c2ecbe58d9 bgp: fix warning found by check typed items call
75cf1d52e5 rdp(drdynvc): fix typo
ff920f63ea rdp(drdynvc): fix indent
fa8cd1fac0 rdp(drdynvc): move value_string to top of file
8aaaded984 rdp(drdynvc): fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
0795031692 epan: fix MCTP address string length
54897d8c06 sharkd: Add Multicast streams output
049a89b2ce CMake+Windows: Use "x64" instead of "win64"
46f5f7a31f JSON 3GPP: add TS 29.525 ch5.8 Feature negotiation support
fa35313f46 check_spelling.py: ignore ghz quantities
cb20d4a192 UDPCP: fix indentation
82f4fd84e0 .tools/check_tfs.py: Tighten up check for vals->common tfs
c251ec9989 wifi-nan: fix wrong offset for NAN availability
a3806fc69b Qt: Fix crash when changing dfilter macro
81c3ade8a3 Qt: Remove now unnecessary, crash-prone ByteViewTab tvb_memeql
670002cab6 pfcp: add media_type handle
0b27d3e584 MinGW+NSIS: Remove the Fedora hard-coded cross-build sysroot
5e0c35df51 CMake: Use USE_REPOSITORY with FindWSWinLibs.cmake
f8f85cb9ad CMake: Modernize Qt6 configuration
857c08ae26 RTPS: New RTPS elements introduced by Dynamic Certificate Renewal & Revocation
68526daf24 Add packet dedup support for live captures too
d2c9f1824a Add a preference for ignoring duplicate frames
620828b945 .mailmap: Update AUTHORS
9d81e79b92 JSON 3GPP: add TS 29.512 ch5.8 Feature negotiation support
aa8c656783 Add an ID3v2 dissector.
0757c09a01 Qt: Start adding "Event" support to I/O Graphs
12b5e4fdfc Falco bridge: Add a missing include
89e17c19ac Add missing #ifdef HAVE_LIBPCAP guard
aa8146d181 TLS: Export only actually used secrets
52289c74c8 haproxy protocol: fix TLV parsing
2b582068d3 haproxy protocol: add support for PP2_TYPE_UNIQUE_ID TLV
1744ce4a0f epan: Add ENC_BOM modifier for UTF-16, UCS-2, UCS-4
bda350d8fd Don't have every dissector include wtap.h
a82d5b56d1 WSDG: Amend some section titles (quick setup)
3586dcf61d WSDG: Update test documentation to reflect the latest changes
28c3b0dffa OCP.1: Make var initialization consistent
387eaec32d Docs: Adjust our Asciidoctor page number settings
eb76265355 Windows: Make use of SSIZE_T
ea76d7f290 Tests: Fix pytest output mangling on Windows
b9de34b7af Add macOS Quick Start to README.macos
fe15f69cf6 wiretap: Update introspection eums
acb7eb2929 Update email address
6d3560d100 RFC7468: Use STRING_CASE_INSENSITIVE instead of TRUE
53345e8a80 Release notes: Mention packet list sorting changes
5ad49ee697 HTTP2: fix a bug of streaming reassembly
4ca1f110dc Handle pcap_findalldevs_ex() on UN*X.
4c30c807b8 rpm-setup: Add Qt Image Formats as optional
2b2cfa8699 GitLab CI: Make sure AWS CLI is installed
85069dd985 GitLab CI: Fix a path
b49cbe2a87 CMake: Add EXE to wireshark-qt-manifest.nsh dependendencies
f20e4e0aa9 WSDG quick setup - fix typo
3f348f5cac CMake: Update some options
9cbc6377eb WSDG: Remove shell mark and improve formatting
5ebabc9211 WSDG: Add cross-compilation instructions
3c1ade9223 macos-setup: patch libssh to avoid compiler errors.
d324351b6c WSDG: Update quick setup
40d58a4b84 WSDG: Update test suite documentation
7f37ad27a3 mpeg-audio: Support media type
7db3c5264a Tests: Remove remaining legacy unittest code
742740b2bb Tests: Remove unittest dependency (asterix)
aa1b94055d Tests: Remove unittest dependency (netperfmeter)
9d8c17bcd1 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (dissection)
894a0d474e Tests: Remove unused file suite_external.py
61ae4ca762 OCP.1: Fix Request Lookup
0c1427037b Tests: Remove unittest dependency (decryption)
852015fa9c Tests: Remove unittest dependency (sharkd)
4aee80e579 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (unittests)
6e95d431a6 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (follow_dccp)
383d6cba02 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (text2pcap)
b71789f4e3 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (io)
d725af2a5b Tests: Remove unittest dependency (nameres)
0ba2fe2e5c Tests: Remove unittest dependency (follow)
69af5aa4ac Tests: Remove unittest depenency (extcaps)
08de6766aa Tests: Remove unittest dependency (wslua)
1b2ebd77bc Tests: Remove unitttest dependency (release)
73b6cb03e6 Tests: Fix --enable-release option
d8a9e09166 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (outputformats)
c710d8dd79 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (mergecap)
f5f6dfa2d4 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (fileformats)
e60651520f Tests: Remove unittest dependency (follow_multistream)
0713d78c22 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (clopts)
d04259560c GitLab CI: Sign our Windows packages explicitly
cec508ab26 CMake+GitLab CI: Generate a Visual Studio Code Analysis report
3d3e6acdff BT-Tracker: add support for BEP-41 (i.e. extensions)
fb3cb0cb80 Tests: Replace subprocesstest.LoggingPopen() (capture)
241dc49af2 Test: Remove @fixtures (capture)
d4ceb9c856 Tests: Replace self.startProcess( capture)
d871561ca4 Tests: Replace self.runProcess() (capture)
a7422a55bc Tests: Replace self.countOutput() (capture)
8cd9e3feaa Tests: Replace self.checkPacketCount() (capture)
8af8addb7e Tests: Remove two uses of self.id() (capture)
0924387dbb Tests: Remove obsolete cleanup_files calls (capture)
271747ea56 Tests: Replace simple assertions (capture)
b6a2b263d7 Tests: Remove a diagnostic message (capture)
5ea8c80b9c Gitlab CI: Remove redundant NSIS code signing step
6aa0490fdc CMake+NSIS: Allow building an unsigned installer
9195d63482 NSIS+MinGW: Add uninstaller
e4d187535d ieee80211: Update radiotap EHT and U-SIG fields
0309175407 tls: Enable additional TLS 1.3 Key Updates after the first
db8202900b blf: improve handing of errors.
bd777a7752 [Automatic update for 2023-06-04]
5d2988334c netscaler: clean up the way we read pages.
ebaee788b9 check_tfs.py: Try more sanity checks on true/false strings
119b49aa8c rtps: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
9f2569e520 tecmp: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
a60d0b53c5 5co-rap: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
a18b43cd37 reassemble(epan): Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
3f51aa95e1 mbim: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
85e4cf633e mpeg(wiretap): Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
e490911757 tools/check_static.py: add a couple of comments
1cdebcd80c randpkt: Support different capture formats, default to pcapng
f4723eeb7e wiretap: Generate IDBs from packets when necessary
9d6b2f5d8a Check more printf-style format against args in dissectors
150d3cee89 wiretap: Unify IDB generation into a common function
e78724c782 NAS 5GS: put route selection decriptors in a subtree
81f20645d0 tshark: Document -T fields escaping, allow it to be turned off
a6f4352ee4 TCP: Obvious Retransmissions are marked as Out-of-Order
4d33f48e6f Only subtract 4 bytes from payload before passing to RRC if maci_present
8a535b61c9 CQL: No global table spec if no metadata flag is set
6840d00309 Fix some filters not matching labels
c97a36a646 http2: Improve PUSH_PROMISE handling
9e197a5ff1 Fix some spelling errors
41b8f07c86 CMake+Windows: Try to fix NSIS installer with Ninja
ec06fe0636 tshark: Don't escape the aggregator character when printing -T fields
5e2a33901c Improve DCERPC SVCCTL interface support
e1834c635f GNSS: add dissector for SBAS L1 MT7
9d125d4a8b GNSS: add dissector for GPS L1 LNAV (as provided by UBX-RXM-SFRBX)
1bc15606e9 packet-dcerpc-netlogon: seal/sign algo add clear text
da5b21f5ec Save time-shifted time stamps when writing out a capture file
aee0278e08 TLS: Rename some incompatible SSLv2 handshake fields
236e6b00cb BMP: Update to final RFC (9069) and missing TLV (Peer Up/Route Mirroring)
f330087f08 NSIS: Add support for Arm64
507330fbc6 CMake+Qt: Only copy our translation files on Windows
0041ab5256 debian: add missing symbols
a114e7d331 http2: add request duration to responses
1720f3daef HTTP/2: Send compressed DATA frames to follow tap after decompression
d549c10d3b CMake: Fix build with Ninja + MSVC
42d7a9fa40 CMake: Remove duplicate npcap/usbpcap version vars
ec2ca05e15 CFM: overhaul dissector
48384dba68 Gitlab CI: Use ccache with Fedora MinGW job
026175bfd8 Windows: Another SpanDSP fix
95355bd165 NSIS: Deploy Qt DLLs when cross-compiling
6789e87106 E2AP: Notice when conversation has no RANfunction table set
1910d4fe95 Gitlab CI: Add Fedora MinGW-w64 job
b5f2542b06 RTPS: Dissection of the DDS Security New Algorithm PIDs adapted to the OMG spec.
7c77242808 NAS-5GS: typo corrections
127422eb7f HTTP2: Display (compressed) CONTINUATION fragment in bytes
f4f008770b More testing of check_dissector.py
dad5bc8c0d Windows: More SpanDSP fixes
d174722bae NSIS: Build our Qt manifest
b0c582a82f Qt: Start with a new QFont in setMonospaceFont
25e01c6732 tools/check_dissector.py
6e020f9ce7 ieee80211: Add dissector for 20/40 BSS Intolerant Channel Report element
3b9b652ace MySQL: fix might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork [-Werror=clobbered]
9237d3777d NSIS: Make Lua optional
28cc5a1a3e label-vs filter checking: Only report dissector appears to be written that way
2048810a8f Windows: Deploy MinGW DLLs with cross-compilation
4d39bdb942 NSIS: Make some components optional
0003d94086 NSIS: Skip Qt deployment and uninstaller when cross-compiling
07825e634e NSIS: Make command line portable across platforms
155da04d67 CMake: Remove SKIP_QT_TRANSLATIONS
c17c11eeb8 Label vs filter checking
2dbd2b44dc CMake: Use "arm64" instead of "win64arm"
d7189583c7 Windows: Update our iLBC, SBC, and SpanDSP packages
3da3e0ee43 [Automatic update for 2023-05-28]
07350c6b38 Qt: Scroll to selected packet after column move
0395bfce0f Add mingw-rpm-setup.sh script
ca0357d764 Cross-compilation: Remove PowerShell requirement
8134009b1d epan: Fix some indent TAB issues
4131824bee NAS 5GS: fix dissection of Operator-defined access category definitions
b673bc022a kafka: Don't use after free
91cbf179bf kafka: Allow reused correlation IDs on a connection
875e77d784 CMake: Fix a python variable
64af2eee2f http2: Add support for Export Objects
47167eda1b RSL: correct wrong value in rsl_data_rte_vals[]
04f15b9f07 wsutil: Remove defective sanity check
f653e52e0f CMake: Try to use FindPython3.cmake again
78efc8d7fa mc-nmf: Fix undefined shift
438667846a CMake: Download Npcap/USBPcap using CMake
f0e4c5262d Revert "CMake: Replace deprecated module FindPythonInterp"
69327113ef MySQL: Handle resultset rows in text format beginning with 0
601bf39e6b CMake: Remove module LocatePythonModule.cmake
d6380e7ae4 CMake: Replace deprecated module FindPythonInterp
b4f2980722 CMake: Fix a try_run() test when cross-compiling
c0a8ea9c9c CMake: Tweak MinGW options
67e8c877e1 E2AP: name lookup was missing new RANFunction "NI"
679ce68b13 add sm3 oid
2f948caf07 Fix missing config.h definitions
a3b3f84cfc Update Endace ERF Provenance
f409a1cf2c editcap: Use the interval start for new file names
4fb99bb462 wsutil: Fix unused function warning with Fedora MinGW cross
9f7f472f49 androiddump: Fix warning [-Wdiscarded-qualifier]
dde314f4b2 capture-wpcap: Rename a stub function
8dc5d2d348 Fedora: Fix cross-compilation with mingw-wpcap
16b99b0270 MySQL: Only check for 0xfb response code in specific states
620c33b6ff E2AP: Add NI v1.00
51accf1b90 Allow using host Lemon executable
0da67aee02 CMake: Reformat UseLemon.cmake
c05d11204d Windows: Update our libsmi packages
5051378b69 CMake: Add "pwsh" as a PowerShell name
2917eaaefc rpm: don't overwrite user changes to diameter/Custom.xml on package upgrades
c4f242e6ac Revert "Revert "GitLab CI: Update the GitLab macOS runner info""
783627a109 Docs: Move MSYS2 instructions to WSDG
d6d34fc60d GitLab CI: Check the ASN.1 dissectors consistency
edcfbb06d2 MySQL: Make random access dissection work
783eeb9a4c extcap: Remove duplicated bool value labels
3fceadef5d epan: Fix a comment
b1466bb989 multipart: media type table should be case insensitive
19c9393e43 ceph: Prevent malformed UTF-8 from truncation
1e0989b418 add dissector for SINEC AP1 protocol
3f5c9b7f9f wslua: Only register subtree array once
aca3eaed76 afs: Fix partition name UTF-8
3d104c7ab9 Add missing docbook-xsl rpm-setup.sh package
00271e0ecb 9p: Fix a string length
989e9f65e4 Fix a missing include without libpcap
5928506896 add SM2 and SM2-with-SM3 OID
e5ee6c058e CoAP: Block size is named "SZ" instead of "SZX"
ce87eac032 XRA: Fix an infinite loop
2e502cbf70 GitLab CI+Docbook: More win64 → x64 updates
6e7d199582 QUIC: Don't include data from other streams in Follow tap
5f51c4bb33 Decode As: Enable disabling a default dissector
cef49cd887 CIGI: Consolidate indentical true_false_strings
4e70ea33af Fix build on case-sensitive filesystems
c845aa15fe GitLab CI: Update our Windows package names
bc5718b0f0 Add python cache to gitignore
ad39e3ff36 CMake+MSYS2: Disable AirPcap by default
fb1b022922 Packaging: Change our Windows installer filename format
d923c2ac94 Adding support for time relative to capture start
caeedef803 Qt: Stop using flags to represent languages
fdd1863a01 PER: Fix leaks in bit string, octet string
285a4cb39e Reassembly: Attach a replaced tvb to a new one in reassembled tables
512557a328 RTPS: Added extra flags at the SECURE_PREFIX_FLAGS.
bde79e1992 XMPP: Cleanup xmpp element even if there's an exception
06c9e2f23a SNMP: Fix multiple PDU over TCP handling
15e583afbd TLS: Handle cleartext handshakes after CCS
daecf5df0e SAPHDB: Add header length check
545c48200f bthci_evt: Additional dissection of HCI events (from v5.4 spec)
de593771de batadv: Initialize a variable before using it
10b93c1acc Add support for UDP Tracker Protocol for BitTorrent
ac56bdc70a per: Fix leak in dissect_per_open_type_internal
cd02e73fcf DOF: Fix leak in packet data
1db595d1bd Decode As: Keep current handle and description consistent
7b2db3d661 usb-hid: fix typo for 0x33 (Rx), 0x40 (Vx), or 0x43 (Vbrx)
572f104638 check_tfs.py: allow more chars in RE, and fix issues seen
883a4bc58d add subdissector s7comm-bsend for s7comm bsend data
35f29e0d17 Bluetooth SDP: fix protocol descriptor list parsing
aa6b8368b7 MSYS2: Add support for building a stand-alone NSIS installer
83cebf9563 NSIS: Remove our copy of x64.nsh
624cdacd4e Windows: Update our libssh packages and add Lua for Arm64
a4df6e1eb1 More tools/check_typed_item_calls.py fussing
5eab2f8b63 [Automatic update for 2023-05-21]
1ed4d8fd25 rdp_drdynvc: fix reuse of dynamic channel ids
364eadbd7a MySQL/MariaDB: last stmt id is per frame data
62b427c611 Initialize some variables [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
ab82e54dfa MSYS2: Update README
c4f37d77b2 synphasor: Use val_to_str_const
de347765f5 Decode As: Don't crash on a (none) configuration entry
5bd4bb8b27 TCP: Conversation Completeness wrong value for some protocols
8101d02c5e TCP: don't mark Ports Reused when it is only a Retransmission
7ade1e36cb Qt: Only have a getter for the default dissector
3a3abaec59 Qt: Decode As: Add values from all the layers as suggestions
46dd9c31bb Windows: Update our GnuTLS packages
53f4f1b13d pgsql: Implement GSS-API session encryption
2155b387a8 gssapi: Remove dependency on dcerpc header
32e1750343 epan: Reference count fd_heads in reassembled_table
cb190d6839 netscaler: add more checks to make sure the record is within the page.
2eb71f3e6e GNSS: make sbas_crc24q() static
cc2fe84bd0 TCP: Don't reassemble out of order if the segments list doesn't exist
035f9531f3 Windows: Update our libgcrypt packages
fb5e69e0be Diameter: Fix dissection of SM-RP-UI AVP
28fdce547c RTPS: Fixup our g_strlcpy dest_sizes
8c834f528a Fix some more item lengths vs calls
a4d6a12093 mysql: Use frame data current state
6f888c18a9 FiveCo Legacy: Fix leak
472fdc1645 blf: don't ws_debug the value of *data_offset on an error.
9eee508103 blf: plug another leak-on-error.
e6a2976af6 blf: plug some leaks on read errors.
f10a66999b blf: fix a case where an error wasn't being reported.
8780332817 blf: don't assume that app text is null-terminated in the file.
1c45a899f8 MS-MMS: Use format_text_string()
c76ec1eeeb GitLab CI: Fix our pre-commit check
a7106f6e96 UI: Allow Arm64 updates on Windows
563307ff6b dumpcap: Don't write fake IDBs for pcapng interfaces
db5135826d vms: fix the search for the packet length field.
6653a0e6ef Revert "GitLab CI: Update the GitLab macOS runner info"
da01f878e1 Windows: Upgrade WinSparkle to 0.8.0
0a28e4e8aa Fix some check_typed_item_calls.py length warnings.
7c971034c3 SIP: Fix values for sip.msg_hdr and sip.msg_body
9ef9fbeddf dumpcap(1): update some old "pcap as default format" text.
ef0b1fe80a dumpcap: Update optional log to file
2fd5e8724a TDS: Handle clients that send null version in prelogin packets
e484b51779 PTPv2: Expanded IEEE 1588 clockAccuracy values
908af7f538 GitLab CI: Remove remaining 'when:always'es
05e404e8cb epan: Add STRING_CASE_[IN]SENSITIVE for dissector tables
cd9f8da44b blf: Include errno.h
72e5bf7f74 check_typed_item_calls: check length against item for all calls
4e57e6f72e GitLab CI: Start removing when:always
9a37a12a67 GitLab CI: Update the GitLab macOS runner info
7e9a0810ad SIP: Don't double count removed bindings
6fe5896174 UDS: fix some data identifier items length
8b3d214f41 epan: Update a comment
c899be35a9 blf: add some sanity checks.
8cab0daed1 Qt: Redissect packets when applying a time shift
27550c4d6a GNSS: add dissectors for SBAS L1 navigation messages
0181fafb21 candump: check for a too-long frame length.
e972aebae0 5CO-RAP: try to address coverity defects
0694144dd5 GitLab CI: Try to keep the Documentation job from blocking
60c46b74aa 5CO-RAP: Comment on or address some minor issues
c002bbb818 Compact view of multi-line packet comments
69766b0c57 DRDA: Fix a value_string conflict (COMMIT WORK)
eea848bf5e sshdump: Trying to get closer to setting intended rem. capture filter
7ec4329cab TLS: Handle dissection of KeyExchange in 2nd pass when cipher changes
5468611d57 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
40fdd67664 View bytes as decimal or octal
a5f5be477f 5CoRAP: New FiveCo Register Access Protocol dissector
5d1bbae14f TCP: Enhance Unseen Ack detection
2be5b24d03 bthci_iso: Fix incorrect Bluetooth ISO SDU length in Rx direction
9d11b2dac3 TDS: Improve version detection
92c0fd70e3 TDS: Support SPNEGO
dddae82883 GitLab CI: Tweak our documentation rules
b4ba0f4782 Qt: Free rtpstream ids after done with them
66e3ea9519 Qt: Ensure AudioRoutingFilter is freed
3a0b4a8d10 Qt: Ensure the AudioSilenceGenerator is freed
78e1b6b680 fix: argument in function should not shadow global function
6a85da6823 lua: Add lua traceback to proto_tree
8c9b84b7b5 DNS: leverage build in address family registry
6eefc7c052 GNSS: fix TOW display of UBX-NAV-TIMEGPS
fd795326e6 RTP: Have dynamic payload type show up as new Decode As item
ba5024ad28 bgp: split labeled ipv6 vpn into different items
14c3ee468b Qt: Stop after creating a Decode As item
c5521fb7e9 Release notes: Mention AMR codec support
ec9736456e GitLab CI: Allow the docs to be built manually
d1750a989c file-pcapng: make dissect_custom_options() static
f0819d9552 CMake: Fix our Asciidoctor build dir
7f916a8419 [Automatic update for 2023-05-14]
f2618f0154 Qt: Decode As: Update the default dissector string
118815ca7c GDSDB: Make sure our offset advances.
ebbd943c85 Qt: Simplify Decode As handling
51e02923a4 MSYS2: Install user guide with mingw package
a88af3a866 CMake: Use components to install doc guides
fb43a57db2 CMake: Remove stale NSIS file
16b1a13993 tools: Add missing dependency to msys2-setup.sh
0f1581bf58 WSDG: Fix a link
78978d5673 Windows: Upgrade krb5 to 1.20.1
2d2d5048a5 Test: Fix a test on macOS
e36225aea5 CMake: Remove CTest
12f7755b66 WBXML: Ensure the time zone character is valid UTF-8
df804f25af Tests+MSVC: Fix capture test suite using Npcap 1.75
f8f9112f9a Qt: Fix leaks VOIP Calls Dialog
aa52529225 SIP: Dissect MCC and MNC in P-Access-Network-Info
f660af095a Gitlab CI: Fix a python path
dfd9e1d518 media_type: Register dissector table as case-insensitive
ba1084daac Bluetooth: fix crash in epan/dissectors/packet-btl2cap.c:2929:26
1b243050c3 MSYS2: Use pytest in PKGBUILD
33efc751e9 Gitlab CI: Call pytest directly
8059a33b3b rpm-setup: Add opencore-amr-devel as an optional package
a80b80c3bd H264: Fix which tree is passed to data partitions B and C
59b7136065 Qt: Connect the Expert Info dialog filter checkbox signal manually
da5af61092 tools/check_spelling.py: Add another lookahead when matching //
eb342b925c Release notes: Add pytest requirement
4c6b2e3cdd Qt: Plug leaks in RTP Analysis from Main Window
926019add7 Qt: Free RTP stream tapinfo when destroying RtpStreamDialog
062dae3e2e MySQL: Defragment decompressed PDUs inside compressed PDUs
e6e8cf3f16 802.11be draft2.0: Correct common info len field and EML Capabilities subfield
edfb89301c tools/delete_includes.py: rework
7decbda522 Don't build radiotap-gen if we didn't find libpcap.
3eddc1386f Qt: Add progress bar to RTP and VOIP dialogs
554baf6294 Fix no-libpcap compilation.
893080fe40 GNSS: fix UBX-RXM-SFRBX byte swapping
e0f60069cf E2AP: Add e2ap to sctp.ppi table
3128269aa0 Tests: Require pytest support and remove compatibility layer
99f059c48b SMPP: Store the UDHI in data_sm and submit_multi cmds
37dd1d007b Qt: Avoid unnecessary retaps when creating RTP and VOIP dialogs
3d6f4cdb9f tools: Add missing pytest dependency to setup scripts
12a711401d PROFINET: Add CIMSNMPAdjust dissection.
4ce383d6d6 Finish removing RIPEMD160 support
dd2ca75184 wmem: Allow integer lookups with a null tree
799fb72e1e MySQL: Handle compressed state better
abdf61cb1d tshark: Check if -j/-J describes a valid field
20f4ce1721 Tests+Linux: Add convenience target to enable capturing on build dir
92ffa6a87b rpm-setup: Add pytest dependency
73ea8297c4 NR-RRC : Fix NR-RRC RSRQ upper boundary value to 20dB
a93eb2be85 Use `register_dissector()` in ASN.1 dissectors
0a651f7cc1 Bluetooth HCI: Core specification v5.4 update
f030ecdbcc Parse EATT data using ATT parser
b4d581c771 Bluetooth L2CAP: dissect L2CAP Credit Based Connection Request/Response
47759ca658 bsd-setup: don't use Bash as the interpreter for the script.
fc97299f33 epan: Show our ftype integer sizes in bits
a5f8d54915 epan: Check lengths on FT_UINT_BYTES
48656ba262 CI: Remove obsolete CMake option ENABLE_CARES
1db73dad24 Add WTAP bindings for silabs debug channel, DLT 298.
0b74edbb2b proto: Add an assertion
1062e54fd5 prefs: Remove type of GUI preference
fb504bc76c MySQL: Correct scope for tvb_get_string_enc
10be3f8fe6 Qt: Make the debounce timer an advanced preference
3b721ba7b9 Doc: Replace GitLab legacy URLs and reorganize a bit
1eae9555a6 [Automatic update for 2023-05-07]
fe3649a8e9 USB: fix usbip dissector for fragmented non-iso packets
046f1762b2 GNSS: add dissector for the u-blox UBX protocol
96d8aa6397 Update OEM/ESTA codes
f69e0ca6bc dfilter+taps: Load field references for taps
ab21f2a31e Resources: Deprecate some old icons.
013a675c06 tshark: Print personal extcap path
5bc94bc02a Qt: Avoid an unnecessary retap when creating Conversations dialog
f5c4dcbbf9 Qt: Fixup Conversations and Endpoints dialog leak fix
98a19a85a5 CMake+tools: Add Visual C++ Arm64 support
6938e93170 prefs: Describe converted pref names properly
cfb4627ef1 MySQL: Correct case when zlib and zstd flags are both set
4056799e83 Call check_val_to_str.py in 'Clang + Code Checks' pipeline
aaa4816eda DCERPC MAPI: Handle IP address and MAC Address
15fd2ddc8c columns: Migrate two-field columns to custom columns
c224f16ac6 fix: Memory leak when cookie is invalid hex
0d38b359c1 feat(ssh2): Add support for reading shared secret from keylog file
749a39cf07 ntlmssp: remove redundant words ("NT" and "password")
ec3b10d52b ntlmssp: fix/add comments, rename constants, add spec links, fix typos
12945533b5 Update PIDL README
277b7f6346 Qt: Restore -z io,stat command line option
1844904bc2 check_val_to_str.py: Check ASN1 template files
c66d5e52ea NTLMSSP & SPNEGO: Fix build on arm64-windows
c9d0483def tshark: Fix leak in printing selecting fields with multiple occurences
417a10799b Fix more 'type_item_calls' warnings
6d466cab13 ntlmssp: fix decrypt error by decrypting verifier after payload
55db118c0f Use `register_dissector()` in plugins
e76437d13f BGP: add support of BGP roles and OTC attribute [RFC9234]
a07120b454 UDS: Fixing typos (ARS) and improve parsing (CDTCS)
27d5ad3e10 Qt: Fix leak in Conversations and Endpoints dialogs
f14e267ddd ORAN FH CUS: Add LAA dissection, and fix pre-commit warnings
c0d363bd20 Fix issues seen while running pre-commit scripts over all dissectors
2354e352f9 pcapng: Add basic support for custom options
1eaef13ca3 pcapng: Add basic support for custom block
82d6fd449b [Automatic update for 2023-04-30]
c10a6eb9af Fix some spelling errors.
f61061468d E2AP: use VAL_PTR in shortName decoding
a2af96aa17 Qt: Fix leak in status bar
f18a3ddd52 PER, asn2wrs: Handle VAL_PTR for known multiplier string types
b1b27a8bcb ldap: add couple OIDs coming from Active Directory specs
91e516c5d5 epan: move deprecated column check to column file
254c4de283 Remove unit string dB-Hz from packet-lpp-template.c
6572678153 tcpros: tighten heuristics; fix COL_INFO timestamp
6cc81bbbd3 GEONW: add possibility to call dissector w/o basic header
94af5ee99e BMP, BGP: Add a "one PDU" BGP dissector, and have BMP use it
de697261d8 FTDI MPSSE: Recognize two undocumented command alternatives
75e2c66b9b Add further unit strings for lengths, velocities, and C/N0
7ce5ce33b0 DRDA: Implement SQLDARD
c99f17aa38 Fix dissection of DNS Service Discovery SRV answers
d8df82b03b Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.75
ac5ca0d6df Resources: Add Hero Icons to the list
8788ba774e DNS: use pinfo->pool instead of wmem_packet_scope where possible
e65bfb974f fix(ssh2): Fix bn_cookie_ht dup'ed too early
5f08477bba etwdump: Try to fix the build
bdac10e25e add ProcessorNumber to packet comments
2b1922cbcf pgsql: Move state transitions to a tree
9a94b47729 sFlow: Fix parsing of TCP flags and IPv4 ToS for sampled IP
c6dc3405e6 BMP: Fix expert info
9ea2b3db5e epan: Implement EBCDIC CP 500, for DRDA
d6f2ecc8e0 fix(ssh2): Bind hash table entries to hash table lifetime
872285a643 Doc: complete list of field types
02582737dc ui: Fix leak
2267a863e7 tshark: Fix leak in ek output
571f2961cf tools/check_val_to_str.py: Scan plugin dissectors too
1e37396fa5 Reduce number of warnings seen by tools/check_typed_item_calls.py
5aed22f55a HTTP: content info for heuristic subdissectors
3ce3bd7d60 Bug 19015: Fix Community ID generation logic
7bbd0625dd HI2Operations: lift to ETSI TS 101 671 v3.15.1
99b88e937f Last batch of val_to_str() fussing
0cec05a14c Move init_report_message before opening recent file
932e487e61 import_text: Fix leak
b47dd4a70d Revert "Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.74"
838e1b0e3f Fix more val_to_str()-type calls
34444ab324 text2pcap: Fix leak
58c2846447 Diameter: Fix leak
318295e167 Fix more calls to val_to_str() and related functions
64cacd49fa [Automatic update for 2023-04-23]
80ec721144 DRDA: Make a couple of functions static
e2758f18bb More val_to_str()-related fixes
8641f42d98 ORAN FH CUS: don't scale U-Plane samples twice
57a2313e71 check_dissector_urls: use the cache for all links
45af76c241 H.265: The NAL header is 2 bytes
c726404fe5 DRDA: Store TYPDEFNAM, CCSIDs as conversation data, implement SQLCARD
6b6740c65f H.265: Add bytestream syntax dissector, use in MPEG-PES
8b55d7c662 Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.74
40e51a6f55 iana_charsets: Add a couple of supported encodings
0d1a60a911 dfilter: Restore handling of empty/invalid filters
51cc5a53a1 Gitlab templates: Be more forceful asking for a capture
153403f79a proto: Fix address display for ETHER, AX25, etc.
53b1930b02 proto: Fix memory leak
6da5304a7f ftypes: Fix memory leak
8c337d72c4 ftypes: Add fvalue_set_bytes_data() helper
5985d5c0bc LoRaWAN: Fix wrong GPS longitude in Class-B beacon
d7391c629c Falco bridge: Fix a switch block
2304886028 Qt: Sort display filter combobox by MRU
dfffd13892 dfilter: Remove assertion on empty filter expression
c6fb33505e Fix GUI crash opening any capture file
0d0d468b64 dfilter: Add separate state for first and second stages
d73387c245 dfilter: Minor refactoring
b7bdbf0eb0 dfilter: Add dfwork_build()
c053b96f08 dfilter: Assert on invalid dfilter_compile input
435a2186ab dfilter: Cleanup handling of null/empty expressions
43117dd40f dfilter: Rename dfilter_compile_real() -> dfilter_compile_full()
9e98b13524 dfilter: Move flags to dfwork_t
61bfa918f1 dfilter: Add a dfwork_parse() function
e1871ba81c dfilter: Normalize error handling
d92846969c dfilter: Rename struct member
00fe9bc3d5 dfilter: Remove a default case statement
7c712c2e7d test: Try to make output format more readable
defd2d90fb Add initial dissector for Matter
74a1c4cab3 Add tools/check_val_to_str.py and fix some of the errors
b049406ca4 rdp: add support for clipboard and audio out channels
f129fa3de8 ieee80211: fix bitmask and typo on display filter name
8b21aa303d radiotap(ieee80211): fix bitmask
168bb776f3 ieee80211(radiotap): fix Clang Analyzer Dead Store
8387e919a8 ieee80211: fix some typo
43d06c9fb3 draft: radiotap,ieee80211: Initial support for Wi-Fi 7 (EHT).
d180771cf0 draft: radiotap: Implement U-SIG support based on the RFC.
f01f81b87d falcodump: Catch exceptions when loading plugins
9af7fe8724 FAQ: Update the compliance form & legal agreement section
849beca63d Fix the "invalid interface" unit test.
297375df19 dfilter: Fix a memory leak
81a8777b9f dfilter: Make error a pointer
2faaf6c33b MySQL: Fix val_to_str usage
8f3d171c00 Qt: fix compilation with gcc 13.0.1 (Fedora 38) and Qt 6.4.3
659876d108 Check for EAFNOTSUP errors on Linux.
8f7e63bcd9 Use rval_to_str_const() when no specifier in 'unknown' string
5d8edf73ab Support MAPI ROP Input and Output Buffer parsing.
7bc9ff3135 OpcUa: ExtensionObject.TypeId is NodeId
3cc9d33f65 Improve reporting of libpcap errors.
482ba4fb76 RADIUS: Add a NULL check
6b763b3951 ilp, ulp: don't use the over-TCP dissector for media types.
afb3ea4cf8 NOE: Add UTF-8 validation
81ca50444a ftypes: Fix assertion
1ff7b83037 ftypes: Add a hash/equal method
7595af96a0 ftypes: Hide fvalue implementation
0f66c595e2 ftypes: Replace GByteArray with GBytes
8bea87c3dc ftypes: Add a setter/getter for FT_IPv6
ba514011e5 MPEG-PES: Add a dissector table for stream types
32bbccd711 H265: Implement access unit delimiter
e4496554fd Add NTDS object sid to x509 ASN
a11ade20b2 Convert more VALS to common TFS.
474a87df9c cose: have separate dissectors for the media_type dissector table.
b63f459656 MP2T: Store stream types for PIDs from the Program Map Table
8045fc484e H264: Annex B Bytestream Format
a3547d0e8d dfilter: Improve previous fix
26aa89e53e Protobuf: timestamp with zero length is also valid
99c0b44fa4 Decouple the media_type dissector table from HTTP.
568a22c9b0 MAC-LTE: Make padding-length field a uint type
ba59ed9ae8 dfilter: Fix memory leak in load_references()
a9fc552161 dfilter: Fix memory leak in sttype_slice_set1()
3aeaea511a RLC Graph: Free dfilter in case of errors.
e50c70369a H264: Implement access unit delimiter
2fe4bdf3a4 Use common tfs instead of value_string
bce1becb8a MPEG + DVB: Use a common tfs string for current/next indicator
e9af2e5288 Fix ASN.1 source as well for 2a5434973f17b0ba1ca3513025f4cdff71ae687a.
2d2ce64432 Fix ASN.1 source as well for 384771598e6519da9793c6d7bf0b862a4e6cb39a.
56fbc75fd7 Fix ASN.1 source as well for 0bff5811f12c14bfa1b89dfc59fb60fab67ea3db.
5782f644c5 Fix typos in packet.h comments
0edc7ba820 When registering a dissector table, a proto of -1 means "no protocol".
2390df57e0 MPEG: Handle zero stuffing before start codes
384771598e Use val_to_str_const() where unknown string doesn't have format specifier
9a4c503eec HTTP/GRPC-Web: support dissecting chunked data in streaming reassembly mode
0bff5811f1 Fix errors seen with check_typed_item_calls.py
8ce3bac131 dftest: Add --refs option
36c5741558 dfilter: Replace local variable
1ec61b22c7 dfilter: Remove dead variable
39f3587b98 dfilter: Add some missing headers
4aa17dd239 cdp: add one URL, use the Wayback Machine for another.
152e5a5e88 wsutil: Downgrade severity of ws_returh.h macros
20f6197205 Improve a compiler test and diagnostic control
8ef4209035 MPEG: Add comments in wiretap about the heuristics/magic numbers
2a5434973f SPNEGO: Fix Krb5 offset
e15370658f SIP: add a preference to set default charset in raw text view
e5d4a1f1a4 wiretap: Add .mpeg extension to filter list, heuristics
99ef99d725 wiretap: Update README.developer
07c86d1b2c ITS: display country code as readable string
f683421d8c cms: Remove blank line at EOF
cebd0d5088 Qt: Add missing spacer in I/O Graphs
4917e3a8e7 Set TCP/9389 (ADWS) as default MC-NMF port
d735db4f14 MPEG PES: Update a comment
516c3b2ca0 rdp: fix parsing of capability sets
d618630b44 MPEG: Handle MPEG_program_end_code
47bc2e62e3 LWM: fix error: unknown option [-Werror=pragmas]
8133caa16b GDT and Z3950: Fix encoding flag in template
fcc548c409 check_typed_item_calls.py: Substitute macros into item masks
aa036d07f7 DRDA: Support SQLATTR
4578624949 NNTP: Add a null check.
1de5611097 Qt+Docs: I/O Graph updates
a893db38ab DRDA: Use dissector_try_uint_new
fe4498281f GitLab CI: Force the installation of llvm-15
59a47edb88 woww: Add note about auto generation
5aa176636e woww: Fix SMSG_ENVIRONMENTAL_DAMAGE_LOG incorrect layout
1738a94125 woww: Add ItemSlot enum
577b37e74f woww: Add Talent enum
14c4237042 woww: Fix SpellCastFlags
78bb590cec woww: Fix incorrect length of hf_woww_faction
8b3f14b8a6 woww: Fix SMSG_UPDATE_OBJECT TransportInfo with extra u32
cdd735da7c woww: Add SMSG_AUCTION_LIST_RESULT
c4c1d8be59 woww: Add SMSG_SEND_MAIL_RESULT
5dc1659875 woww: Add SMSG_LOOT_RESPONSE error handling
46cb3a8a0f woww: Fix incorrect behavior during MONSTER_MOVE_TYPE_STOP
73dde9c575 woww: Do not parse message that crosses PDU boundary
5ccc6aa3c8 woww: Correct SMSG_MONSTER_*_MOVE message
8e2b8063cf woww: Add compressed message support
59c55fe923 woww: Fix some enumerator names being contracted words
4790759947 woww: Make CMSG_UPDATE_ACCOUNT_DATA decompress data
29867cef65 woww: Add enum to CMSG_UPDATE_ACCOUNT_DATA
bdbf833af5 woww: Add support for compressed variables
3a249530e3 woww: Add Update Mask Values to Update Mask output
7341eddd1a CIP: make a function static
7a40764080 RPKI-RTR: Add ASPA (and RTR Version 2) Support
299ed91c6e CIP Safety: Improve analysis
fd8464e05d Add rtpdump read and parse support
56b32bc5dc BFCP: Fix length for some attributes
2b030e905a DRDA: Support SQLSTT properly
589445bffb ISAKMP: fix dissection of DEVIVE_IDENTITY identity type
43a01a8716 QUIC: fix dissection of packets forcing VN
b1fb652a03 ZigBee: Add dissectors for r23 stuff
1e430316f5 nhrp: various fixes.
c6cc4d4510 Sharkd: return json error for bad download tokens
dda82d111a dhcpv4: Fix DHCP Option 124 parsing
e8d191673b Qt: Don't change the UAT tree visibility when resizing
e78d3156ae Qt: ATapDataModel rows don't have children
41f30ac7e6 MySQL: Improve handling of caching_sha2_password after AuthSwitch
e14ef590e3 LWM: Silence false positive stringop-overflow warning (take 2)
c766dc6528 LWM: Silence false positive stringop-overflow warning
a14f437aed README.dissector - some trivial edits
bdf2a46cfa RTP Decoder: Create conversation if no conversation doesn't exists
14509c18f3 rdp: add a dissector for the RAIL channel
3110d44a4c epan: Add user data to conversation filters
4cc337383c conversation: Add CE_INT
2a0a6a5256 Initial fix for SRT dissector UMSG_DROPREQ parsing
2e2fd392f0 Add back missing line to README.msys2
1ffff913de wsutil: Switch away from G_MODULE_SUFFIX and g_module_build_path
764982a7d9 PROTO: Adding support of base units for FT_DOUBLE
948fc07a87 ieee80211: Update TWT element Control field
0066ef6978 check_dissector_urls: use concurrent http requests
551bfdbc78 Gitlab CI: Make critical log messages fatal
97cb05f5fa nstime: Fix typo in comment
54f8ddcbca uat: Fix type cast in UAT_BUFFER_CB_DEF
bcc9e0db0c IO Graph: Hide Legend
b7d6b63435 epan: Fix warning -Wnonnull
a508cfd2f2 CMake: Fix more PkgConfig invocations with MSYS2
cb58daab31 MSYS2: Fix detection of GnuTLS
708ef4fc27 LLDP: Add new system capability flags
58e6de547e RTP: Fix of incorrect timestamp sequence error on timestamp rollover
ab065a31f4 PCEP: Updating some IANA defined types/codes
eccdf5323c [Automatic update for 2023-04-09]
b3210d4f5c check_type_item_calls.py: start to substitute macros
753ceaaa6a IPv6: Address range for DRIP Entity Tag RFC9374
d3225763c0 DNS: IPSECKEY RR RFC973 and RFC8005
942c5a1ac8 UDS: more services supported and refactoring
0c2144429a Fix GPid format warning
5ceb916430 wslog: Print log message when aborting on exception
33bd99d0ca CMake: Fixups for FindAMRNB module
ede289b0ce RTPS: Validate untrusted ASCII character input
1b7068cf48 MSYS2: Add opencore-amr dependency
fc0d6b3ff5 Update README.msys2
50d9fe7c6e Some updates to README.developer
75f3e6c4ba wccp: update some comments.
91e8f5db35 uci: Implement UCI packet dissector
9f22be9701 Revert "CMake: Replace our wrapper scripts with symlinks"
1fdf7429c0 MySQL: Support zstd compressed traffic
465d4dc712 MySQL: Append binlog event type to tree
e3bde63244 maxminddb: Add maxmind_db_pref_apply() stub
b1f40c11ce MySQL: Fix decoding of position for Binlog GTID
e4af86ecb1 Normalize MAPI Versions
34970e1188 DIS: Fix receive state in info column
79812ca110 MaxMindDB: Move pref to Name Resolution prefs
7482a45b39 SMB: Initialize a variable
779febe16e ENRP: Fix an NPE
4f7f6aff30 RTP Player: Improve sync of audible sound with waveform on Qt 6.x
1d2336ee4d ff: fix bitmask for value_string
654b667329 ifdemo plugin: Compiler errors; support Qt5/Qt6 builds
f6ff168522 Logray: Connect menu actions with Qt::QueuedConnection
5383d26f94 TCP: Fix coredumps related to 'Force interpretation to selected packet(s)'
4614bd1837 check_dissector_url.py: fix --file handling
369ce5e1fb F1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
3a02ef740d E1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
74c5ad16a9 XnAP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
0d840dc3fb Extend BFCP validation by RFC8855
9f2a2f0918 GSM MAP: Fixed incorrect decoding of subscriberId in sendParameters
aafdafb88a NGAP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
0e89aa5cc3 X2AP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
5d36b2cc11 S1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
9d55073c8a NRPPa: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
2312c55bfa Fix typo in packet-tcp.h
250a069c90 TECMP: Adding support for 10BASE-T1S and Control Messages
3e36272dd6 check_dissector_urls.py: enumerate counter is unused
fae0f31ff1 check_dissector_urls.py: remove unnecessary wrapper
8d98e6319c Fix build failures
d94204b84c DCERPC: Improve parsing support for MAPI/EMSMDB
d4f6b6c715 NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
ddf9fd9c1b LPP: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
7a20672841 LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.4.0
9cac127c95 NAS 5GS: upgrade dissector to v17.10.0
2b045929ec UDS: Cleanup of formatting
cfadac0d6d UDS: implemented RDTCI details and DTC UAT
ee314ace8a GQUIC: Fix a null pointer exception
550001e161 epan: Update an encoding comment
3cfbbc867c DRDA: Yet more codepoints
df8982ce8c [Automatic update for 2023-04-02]
25ff48a96a DRDA: Implement more codepoints
72183cde11 MaxMindDB: Reap mmdbresolve process
86a84b15ad rawshark: Use the common dissection options
b226b6b68e GSM A-bis/OML: fix parsing of IPA NS Link Configuration attribute
dbdfd6347b Remove extra spaces
3d89791111 Update H221ManufacturerCode_vals
bab81649d9 Revert "Extend BFCP validation by RFC8855"
b4e7a4b8c8 Extend BFCP validation by RFC8855
77aadbf10d DRDA: Support PKTOBJ, RESPKTSZ, and SNDPKT
7d57456295 Add new DDS vendors to the RTPS vendor id list
f4444cf5fd CIP: Update vendor list
0b538b3205 Allow specifying subsecond granularity with tshark -t
266456ffd5 lapdm: Fix frame format type decision
1b9d0e0992 DRDA: Implement some non string code points
25d9fbee32 IPv6: Add new RPL option
1146a04620 DHCP: Add interpretation of option value 108
21a20185c1 UAT+Qt: Add dissector syntax line edit
c85011cff8 Restrict allowed characters in dissector names
9a672391fa epan: Add a comment about trailing stray character detection
8b4c09283d wiretap dump: automatically increase bytes_dumped
c3abd7bc19 iana_charsets: redefine basic macro and add a shorter enum_val_t array
9026be66e1 ieee80211: Use the correct size for hf_ieee80211_tim_aid
a4bd6469e7 gsm_rlcmac: Simplify and fix seetting COL_PROTOCOL to 'GSM RLC/MAC'
bd285c97e4 XOT: Fix use of tcp_dissect_pdus
e2242334e4 extcap, language pref: fix -Wdangling-gsl in Gihub MacOS build
79b3bdf841 GitLab CI: Move Valgrind fuzzing to its own resource group
128d959e78 Add more DNS EDE codes
c4a95fe2c8 Blip: fix a "unreachable-code" warning
2af57b421c pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V18.1.0
495fe725e0 ORAN FH CUS: add another array index check
fe550cbafe DRDA: update some links.
399c04eafa Some more check_type_item_calls warnings.
a37881ad31 E2AP: fix substring search for the shortName in the RANfunctionDefinition
14be89f514 BGP: RFC9384 Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
0c4dad7408 [Automatic update for 2023-03-26]
295347871f SOMEIP: make a variable static
5f79416a54 doc: Document the common dissection options together
07e8abdc61 Fix or suppress more check_typed_item warnings
c861454cfd maxmind_db: Cleanup upon getting an error
2b45c16f1a Fix leak in Find Packet searching tree details
1c0a094e93 docs: Remove references to printing preferences
dc1915cd69 XML: Support display string according to "encoding" attribute or a preference
2d0616390a iana_charsets: Define iana charsets enumeration and enum_val_t array
2577567843 Support convert iana charset enum number of GB18030, GBK, GB2312 to wireshark string encoding.
a0bb212b96 tls-util: fix an "unused-but-set-variable" warning
8b8d6f9ed3 ipp: Ensure that collections end in a valid UTF-8 character
83a928a553 Zebra: Add some heuristics
dfc2f43ad4 DO: Microsoft Delivery Optimization dissector
92d1e1f4f7 dumpcap: LeakSanitizer issues
1a29060159 Address more warnings from check_typed_item_calls.py
512a1ca2b3 sshdump: allow dumpcap capture config without remote interface
bcfe6da4e6 Include subfilters in tshark SRT tables
3bb3d8d1fe Add helper macros for enum_val_t
795db5c60e RSL: correct wrong string in rsl_data_rte_vals[]
613b7edad8 RSL: fix wrong value-string used for transparent CSD service
aa4e848070 AMRNB: Look for package name using allcaps
a9e9ddf0f3 tls-utils: Don't allocate memory for hash if the tvb doesn't have it
d9a19e1bd7 WCP: Make sure a couple of buffers are initialized
9864a877ce CMake: Replace our wrapper scripts with symlinks
8b7e9e4b96 editcap: give error when using `-r` and no packets
49b323219c add ability to dissect VITA-49 encapsulated in RTP
dd47dfb1da wiretap: rename the wtap_dumper field "encap" to "file_encap".
2be8ff7c3f MaxMindDB: Log before freeing
4af661a035 String search may fail when partial matches occur
97060471ea snort: don't look at the encap type when writing.
9599efe682 netscaler: don't allow multiple encapsulations.
81868e7a66 ITS: Change to ITS_RTCMEM_PROT_VER 1
b302227e46 uds: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
01c51aad3e Add AMR codec support
0e12c67b92 ieee80211: Add WNM notification response dissector
07e56c42f3 HL7: Initialize a variable
3c8be14c82 RPCoRDMA: Frame end cleanup for global write offsets
5f2c523703 ORAN FH CUS: Ext11: Take care with array index if 0 bundles
8bc487ea76 artnet: Fix leak
5426af1492 doc: Don't refer to tvb_get_faked_unicode
155dc0f92d RSVP: Add dissector for SECONDARY_RECORD_ROUTE object
258c6f7352 log: Convert MaxMindDB to use new logging system
ea29f4184a [Automatic update for 2023-03-19]
04aed725ef SCSI SMC: Check for illegal characters in volume id
75502e5d76 DRBD: Add support for two-phase commit version 2 packets
ab8de464c1 netmon: don't allow multiple encapsulations for NetMon 1.x format.
8d86509345 editcap: always close the dump file, if we have one, before exiting.
3d9d17ca50 netmon: fix writing of v1 files to write v1 files.
76c311f4ea ERF: always use the packet encapsulation when writing to an ERF file.
d91395f5b6 RSVP: Add dissector for SECONDARY_EXPLICIT_ROUTE object
112c2e5f39 802.11: Heading != Altitude
23d308a491 erf: redo comment giving ERF spec URLs.
bc12cb496e IEEE-80211: Show calculated Queue Length for 80MHz PPDUs
9540a96f53 Fix Wi-SUN POM-IE display
95b191377a dct2000: catch attempts to write non-WTAP_ENCAP_CATAPULT_DCT2000 packets.
d7a863b9df wiretap: give a routine a clearer name.
e375ace05a RTPS: Dynamically grow array of elements
36399533f9 ICMPv6: rename ND P to ND Proxy (like RFC)
1b6716e623 AVSP: Fix -Werror=clobbered
77f3c7dc25 Qt: Do not crash on menu actions triggers
d9eaefb3bd Revert "Update blf.h"
f42bd8b51c socketcan: use the newly-added #defines for error bits.
4530bb22cd Update blf.h
e52955ac88 Add handling for can error frames to blf file format
346a248db5 socketcan: fix a typpo in a comment. [skip ci]
64a98d35e7 wiretap: fix some narrowing warnings.
e13ef2e19f Qt: have_field_info superseded by have_packet_bytes
2c593e8325 wiretap: routines to generate "Exported PDU" data
a8fea17da1 capture: Merge common code in capture_sync
f0712606a3 capture: Set update interval in capture opts, default to 100ms
15ed53005b minor README.dissector updates/fixes
ed536143bf SOME/IP: improve uniqueness of segments
efd7c60aaf Update file developer-guide.adoc
be4ea87bb6 CMake+Windows: Get AddressSanitizer working with MSVC
84d3aefa1b Falcodump: Update to match the current libsinsp/libscap.
621b8dd739 Docbook: Update the Windows installation docs
2325313bd6 Add text to S2L_SUB_LSP items containing the IP.
b7f5de4b74 ORAN FH CUS: Change more header field labels to match spec
d1f8e39782 [Automatic update for 2023-03-12]
cf0fc59e64 CMake: Fix logray build on Windows
9641a960c1 Manpage: dumpcap does not handle predef for capture filters.
5786b3f487 Sort Decode As dissector list case-insensitively
537b49ee41 Qt: Create Follow Stream menu dynamically
6365de3983 DECnet: Fix a typo in the DNA header field.
450aa4e580 packet-gsm_rlp: Don't read beyond captured length when computing FCS
b911cf286f LISP: Don't go past a LCAF payload length
fb5375bf2a wifi-nan: Use wmem_strconcat instead of g_strconcat
4240941d8f Fix some warnings from check_typed_item_calls.py
a329db7dd2 TLS: Fail without exception when decrypting truncated records
5f7122828c UDS: make code more readable by reformatting HFs
ae38e9b092 New dissector for GSM L2RCOP (3GPP TS 27.002)
f64e8f0796 Add new dissector for GSM RLP protocol (3GPP TS 24.022)
5c32f5bbd1 UDS: Cleanup and rework
0a558f9143 GitLab CI: Adjust our fuzz run time
c8e2cc7552 Add Silicon Labs copyright to packet-wisun.c
26c691c8cd Use Wi-SUN PHY mode ID dissector for MDR command
ab06f6de7a Add Wi-SUN MDR command dissector
9f4947609e Always dissect IEEE 802.15.4 vendor command OUI
3cbb560102 specs conversion minor update
1e5514061d Fix build warnings
2452c537e3 Generate SRVSVC parser using PIDL
c1c9040952 Update SRVSVC IDL and CNF
b50ed1dc80 GUI: Colorize with filter could use an old filter
3b7f810f36 Docs: Fix the Developer's Guide chapter order
45274a7b9a IEC104: Unifying filter names
32541d81c9 ORAN FH CUS: Expert malformed info if > 3 bytes in frame after PDU
cc04dad6d0 Qt: Put p->show() before p->setVisible to allow later to take effect
d574cd2c24 Add support for Wi-SUN JM-IE and JM-PFL
0355477618 Add support for Wi-SUN LBATS-IE
bf53ea5080 Drop support for Wi-SUN NR-IE Listening Type
321932d310 TECMP: Cleanup and fix units
9a63e4cf79 ORAN FH CUS: Add an array length check
2a7e4982a5 dumpcap: Make debugging compile again
92fb895241 netlink: Add netfilter conntrack status flag hw_offload
4c7d2a771f netlink: Add netlinkrt handling of RTM_SETLINK
0e63c25f66 netlink: implement new identifiers from Linux 6.2 kernel
ff9e2494a1 json_dumper: rework the error checking to improve error messages.
212cec9f7b TRDP: Fixed typo and indentation in packet-trdp.c
649b20cb44 TRDP: Updated release notes
c11cffda3c TRDP: Add dissector for TRDP protocol
17273f2258 UDS: Remove unneeded functions to clean up code
6fc17a1303 ieee80211: Add a field for WLAN Flags
34d3f122d3 Converting QByteArray to const char *
e6eca89501 ORAN FH CUS: Misc usability changes
921a9a0ea2 SOME/IP: UDP Heur should not always return TRUE (BUGFIX)
808fcd3c2b SMPP: Add command/response field
248ee51e36 USBLL: Remove unnecessary packet ends transfer check
a93c775849 Qt: Fix copying from System Default profile
d17b9baec3 sharkd: allow nameless base64 items and objects.
d91b2448c9 ORAN FH CUS: Also configure ext11 using ext12 settings
2ae0c1eadc Add Wi-SUN IEEE 802.11 KDE dissector
54abe7f328 Support Wi-SUN EAPOL Key Data dissection
0fdf91e1ec Add id-kp-wisun-fan-device object identifier
33ed5200a2 docs: Grammar
6a7d6bbee6 PFCP: add BBF TR-459.2 and TR-459.3 IEs
b044959e34 PFCP: readd TP Created NAT Binding
53914b0447 colors: Improve handling of errors
c682f53222 ORAN FH CUS: Section ext11 configured by ext13
7af40c9971 ieee80211: Save AKM_KEY for tag number 221
d5a2f6fe2c sharkd: clean up the JSON marshalling.
ffbfc1d454 Resources: Remove absolute paths from SVGs
a5bdae177e docs: Update Windows temporary directory location in manpages
f6703b9b36 [Automatic update for 2023-03-05]
375fa02c98 UDS: Show unparsed bytes
1377421925 ORAN FH CUS: ext11 bundles can be configured using ext6
3854770f15 sharkd: don't report an error if there is no error.
736ed83000 docs: Document wmem in Developer's Guide
f92d0ded8f TECMP: cleanup endianness for 1 Byte fields
ac28130c76 Sharkd: show RTP ssrc as hex and improve errors
c7823a14ec VNC: Fix accidental offset increment in RRE
69d82b44ef Follow: Remove some unused code
c9c5617aed UDS: Use wmem to create a string
ccf01edf04 macOS: Update the ChmodBPF postinstall script
5bbaf9ef35 UDS: fixing typos indification and sub-function
e1b85eacd4 epan: Do not try to add a bits item with negative bit length
fc15fe3b4a DRDA: Add SQL Statement Length
ceb5a2d55b Tools: Fix the docinfo paths in make-version.py
224d8dba97 Qt: Sequence diagram comments are not numbers
36395517d3 Qt: Don't double escape sequence diagram comments
0b6e641d3c help: WLANTraffic section moved WSUG chapters
c6c9aae152 Qt: rtpstream_id memleak
4c94673401 docs: WSUG Change name of Manage Interfaces Section to match help
0d23b6692f Qt: RtpStreamDialog leak
44a38f0ad4 Qt: RTP Analysis Dialog leaks
c9fee454e9 Qt: More RTP Leaks
d98f6b16ef Sharkd: Return error message on load if err!=0
1236c07a03 file-pcapng-darwin: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
e51fea444a RTP: Fix some memleaks
82da7faee6 epan: Expand on comment regarding g_atomic_pointer
18572b4336 Revert "Reset the "current conversation elements" after each dissector call"
d64114f48e icmpv6: Show ND lifetime as time string
02f5fe0fe1 RTPS: make a function static
ef0a07520e UDS: cleanup structure
4196076418 dfilter: Use ws_debug
31bb4ff135 enterprises: recognize "previously" as synonym for "formerly"
eb03246c6b [Automatic update for 2023-02-26]
c998afd041 ppp: Reset conversation elements between each frame in raw HDLC stream
4fa5e0f3c9 Qt: Fix some leaks in RTP Analysis windows
6f8eef82b4 UDS: fix WDBI assert
e7ed03d74f Qt: Remove unused member
406c8e8afd UDS: Fixing dissector bugs (tvb_bytes_to_str_punct with 0 length)
90f0814046 [Automatic update for 2023-02-19]
29a39c1e6e ORAN FH CUS: Add section extension type 2
8834c8e9de epan: Determine if an active color filter has a hfid/proto
641434ff81 Qt: Fix leak in Coloring Rules Dialog
b1460bff69 NR-RRC: Fix assign instead of comparison
9eeffdc5eb Fix item length in ASN.1 templates too
93ec018c09 ORAN FH CUS: add section extensions 16, 17, 18, 21
1f59c18769 Change some `wmem_packet_scope()` to `pinfo->pool`
39aa3cb58a Sharkd: Fix types of prev_frame and ref_frame
ef0e96e447 Qt: Revert to our function for displaying bit speed with units
b41a65f99a Draft: wslog: simplify log domain tokenize
99c18410e1 TECMP: Changing voltage from string to double
c0ba634942 ORAN FH CUS: Add ext20
7eeb8daa05 UDS: Fixing names of RDTCI subfunctions 0x0b-0x0e
7bb5cc2c8f fix conflict
80ecd172c7 PTP: Fix wrap around issue in PTP analysis code
276a70ea92 Fix more warnings from tools/check_typed_item_calls.py
bb4548479c .mailmap: Fix Huang Qiangxiong Name
e3aeef70b0 .mailmap: sort file
6c2b80788d protobuf: fix typo
a65f332abd protobuf: Fix Clang Warning Analyzer
b0487565ad TECMP: Fix voltage representation in vendor data
5948274adb Qt: Show date for abs time for long captures in Conversations
0bd4d9b132 Qt: Mapping between filter proxy column and displayed column
91366f56f2 WSDG: Minor logging documentation enhancements
9730610c0b TLS: use macros for GREASE checks
56b97c0fa5 file-pcapng-darwin: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
e6e3d0e50c Fix Wi-SUN LBS-IE dissector
4f37a9f450 RTPS: Improving support queries dissection
a2bc5bd012 doc: Update header preamble for dissector skeleton
33493cb602 Qt: Fix conversation dialog timeline graph columns
a2b584b8bd CIP: Improve connection analysis
88e796260b RDMnet: Bug Fixes
e73ad66d70 UI: Fix typo in tooltip of Time Display Format
ef35b9f984 Fix grammar in new logging dev documentation
06d2819969 BBLog: Add support for PRU events
ddf1d21c6f file-pcapng: fix might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork [-Werror=clobbered]
6487885b93 Diameter 3GPP: update some Rx related AVPs
669f9a4735 BBLog: Update event types
2867595882 BBLog: Improve handling of timer events
a4b61bc069 gryphon: fix handling the ioctl code in a response.
e5884912cd gmr1_rr: try to explain the 0x100 hack.
54d8062df6 WSDG: Document logging system
9d344f39d0 RSVP: Add missing S2L_SUB_LSP filter.
180e6cd48e Fix build of PacketListModel with Qt5
2c645005bf BBLog: Prepare for event type specifc info column
9ee9523e52 BBLog: Display BBLog information for IN/OUT events
d31521e67e ieee80211: Fix Short SSID encodings
f4e9b9d4a8 Check that value_string values fit into field width
af82679d9a lua: Check for negative lengths when constructing TvbRange
189d93b4b8 Qt: Substitute for C++17 ism
2d4e637fef USBLL: End transfer reassembly on STALL
ece039ca0c bblog: show textual errno values
cd6fe39455 bblog: improve TCP state names
602edb79b9 RTPS: Restore timestamp present flag
84dbc999f1 btlmp: Fix order of name offset and length fields
455b9a470f sshdump: add capability to use doas on remote host
f6e6853dc4 Qt: Plug leaks in Conversations/Endpoints windows
5c0af364f1 Sharkd: Add column header labels to the "status" output
a9a7dcec21 Qt: Ensure that add frame comments trigger recoloring, count updates
144de50d41 profinet: fix conflict
6cdd4ca71a doc: Remove stray word in statistics chapter
36665d6dcb ORAN FH CUS: support section extension type 13
c866cf4606 MySQL: LOCAL INFILE
01172f5a1d tshark: Support multiple -j and -J options, including mixed
de2a2c5ddb packet-netlink-net_dm: try to guess the payload type
45cf6d9d6e packet-netlink-net_dm: add support for NET_DM_ATTR_REASON
265a8a4984 ORAN FH CUS: Fix filter from previous commit.
618009c9b6 JDWP: Update dissector up to Java 19
5ce29956e4 ORAN FH CUS: Handle section extension 19
a49c022773 Qt: Fix scrollbar vanishing when adding columns
bdc8c0c21a TCP: Don't clear REASSEMBLE_ENTIRE_SEGMENT if we didn't complete
ca82297c3c RTPS: Reove dead code if structure
3ff02fa638 SIP: Ignore probable keep alives
423b5ba4ce TCP: Do not adjust tcp seq analyze data if analyze seq is off
75651c75ee Resources: Fix some Freedesktop metainfo URLs
0777b2c845 ORAN FH CUS: Add section ext types 7,8,9,14,15
583c8492e5 Zero-pad any RGB color used for a bg or fg
bd24f450f8 CMake: Allow arm64 architecure in Windows
6fab8ee395 Fix typo for the TEBUR field in the description
eb684b8750 Update RPL dissector with path control subfields
bf7b3ee353 Bluetooth: Dissect features defined in 5.4
9cb759b38e Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux (take 3)
81996c5d79 CMake: Check sse4.2 compiler option for x86 only
b8bf46459f Try to check that all items in bitmask set have same width
ce6c3da727 Revert "Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux (take 2)"
58a80312cb USBLL: Do not reassemble across STALL handshake
8dfe8737c5 Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux (take 2)
877498ad0b [Automatic update for 2023-02-12]
6d401f2eba CMake: Add a comment about dissector headers
bb426c7a85 CMake: Remove unnecessary wmem object library
643fd70229 RTPS: Make a function static
53b2994b43 Docbook: Reorganize our guide directories
dedad3403a RTPS: Show topic name in info column of ACKNACK, GAP and other submessages
994669e5b3 UAT: Have a combobox for Dissectors
0c79fecac3 wscbor: Ensure skip if errors advances the offset
2031c3278b USB MSC BOT: Workaround USBLL reassembly limitations
cd14ebf2df USB MSC BOT: Move CBW and CSW dissection to functions
9fca1acb40 CMake: Remove dumpcap dependency on ui
7fd4e2e542 Move ui/filter_files.[ch] to wsutil
cf8107eb2a Move ui/clopts_common.[ch] to wsutil
0cea64a632 Move ui/cmdarg_err.[ch] to wsutil
d117e47673 MySQL: decode cloning packets
6deec49b4c woww: Fix missing BASE_VAL64_STRING for 64 bit type
e5a35c2125 woww: Fix `index` variable shadowing global C function
285534ed37 woww: Fix not using VALS64 for item_class_and_sub_class
40b64f133f woww: Remove unused variables
be9e4d86a7 woww: Add faction and item enums
fb2b33a523 woww: Remove SMSG_COMPRESSED_MOVES
f1019b211d woww: Update SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE
33dfc4e75a woww: Rename unknown fields on SMSG_ADDON_INFO
73c45d7aae woww: Add spell trigger type
701bca2813 woww: Replace hf_woww_damage_type with spell_school
10eb24f4df woww: Add stat type enum and remove item_stat_value
19dde277ad woww: Add item class and subclass enum
ba50fc09bb woww: Add bonding enum
fb2f78c6aa woww: Refactor enums and remove allowed_classes hf
b08b20f5d2 woww: Add NONE to area enum
a27110e0fe woww: Suffix MAP_MONASTERY with _UNUSED
be1a87894b woww: Fix typos in MAP enums
a9cef8a187 woww: Add previously missing movement messages
65dc7dff9f woww: Add MSG_CHANNEL_START
b0370bf17a woww: Make *MSG_WARDEN_DATA take encrypted data arrays
1bc82c5b4c woww: Fix booleans large than 1 byte having ENC_NA and add CMSG_DBLOOKUP
534a6d4e8a woww: Update maximum length for null terminated strings
206cd1084f woww: Remove _guid suffix from most variables
08c98e9a8a woww: Change field name in SMSG_SPELLLOGEXECUTE
c8d7405724 woww: Updating naming of variables for consistency
7690a50180 woww: Add unknown field in SMSG_BATTLEFIELD_STATUS
a9093e9015 woww: Add layout for SMSG_PLAYER_SKINNED
c1c72d5a06 woww: Add unknown SMSG_SPELLORDAMAGE_IMMUNE field
195ce91351 woww: Update SMSG_SPELLLOGEXECUTE layout
52526602f1 woww: Fix mirror timer names and various layouts
cba256048f woww: Add creature_family enum
e178357c23 woww: Fix SMSG_PET_SPELLS optional fields
f5fcd860da woww: Add more of SMSG_LOOT_RESPONSE layout
61a54a9d3b woww: Fix SMSG_RESURRECT_REQUEST layout
2b663dc4a3 woww: Correct layouts related to spells
f97e906b95 woww: Correct SMSG_GROUP_LIST layout
a443e71faf woww: Fix SMSG_WHO zone instead of area
7ea6cfdf2f woww: Add language enum and refactor skill hf names
a8059ec338 woww: Fix encoding on 1 byte value in CMSG_GROUP_CHANGE_SUB_GROUP
4c96bb33ce woww: Fix SpellCastFlags object layout
96226c9e49 woww: Remove friend_name and ignore_name hfs
c00d0dfe43 woww: Change *create_id to creature_id
037eb06b00 woww: Replace hf_woww_item_entry with hf_woww_item
7c5704574f woww: Improve readability of pet_tame_failure_reason
3adf3f850c woww: Rename PET_FEEDBACK_NOTHING_TO_EAT to *_TO_ATTACK
7e16b9492f woww: Make guid in MSG_MOVE_TELEPORT_ACK packed
c8c7f105a8 woww: Rename hf_woww_enabled to hf_woww_autocast_enabled
a6526be120 woww: Add SpellCastTargets to SMSG_PET_CAST_SPELL
307c360129 woww: Change padding in SMSG_TRANSFER_PENDING to argument
9ff32b68dd woww: Fix ENC_LITTLE_ENDIAN on single byte value
52aeddb90c woww: Add spaces to activate_taxi_reply
48444ed9ae woww: Add underscores for mount_result enumerators
8d9eba98a1 woww: Replace mount_result with dismount_result for SMSG_DISMOUNTRESULT
f2dccbcf0b woww: Convert `mailbox_guid` hfs to `mailbox`
4a46e64495 woww: Append '_in_milliseconds' to 'hf_woww_countdown_time'
452ebdc420 woww: Replace many occurrences of hf_woww_item_id with *_item
a40f74a0b1 woww: Rename fields in SMSG_LOOT_ROLL
dbccb014ef CoAP: properly dissect OCF version options
882072d702 Add support for URSS field (8.2.77 PFCP Association Release Request)
31624dff65 rdp: various improvements and fixes
5b90346b6d rdp: allocate channel name in the file allocator
407ebfbf94 rdp: fix zgfx compression
4221021ab6 Qt: Fix click to packet on OverlayScrollBar
231f55b6f6 DICOM: Do not truncate in the middle of a UTF-8 character
51e9b6372e TLS: clean up variable names.
9e1905f88d Preferences: Support configuring debounce timers
8812c5ed20 Fix some spelling errors
ecbfda08c4 macOS: Update our extra package versions.
66fc2d4ee3 Qt: Actually ensure that rows are colorized
2d173ec34c TLS: allow but warn about 0x0304 in Client Hello legacy version field.
60b87b55db NAS-5GS: fix dissection of UE OS Id
7ce7af124a file-pcapng: add encoding arg to option dissector callback
843da72f86 f5fileinfo: Typo / omission fix from last merge.
427d028d0e cisco-metadata - fix protocol highlight size
864e8f1f5f Man: Update extcap argument type documentation
2a9e59f4cf RTPS: Fixed dissection of compressed data when using PL_CDR* encapsulation.
e3cb80d828 f5fileinfo: Add missing platform identifiers
136ee860fa Fix RSVP P2MP ID rendering in RSVP session summary
4f14745fce Qt: Fencepost error in minimap/intelligent scrollbar
3123185b6e MySQL: Correct decoding of COM_BINLOG_DUMP_GTID
4d67dcb402 CoAP: fix CoAP dissectors
86f7777c4c file-pcapng: Provide mechanism for 'local' block handlers
eda38f5f2d Replace g_utf8_make_valid() with own function
a66b5080c3 Make wmem and wsutil a single logical library
53d51d1421 RTPS: Clean diplicated entity_kind_vals value
525161bb59 Add BGP Software Version Capability decoding
84f963dfa2 Move ui/version_info.[ch] to wsutil
3e07c0dc01 macOS: Forget our ChmodBPF package when uninstalling
71a77a4a5d Correct function signatures for buffer functions
4818778df2 tshark: Preserve options when dissecting packets and writing
c01f860867 Update comments in `wiretap/file_access.c`
ca230a59e0 wiretap, pcapng: Distinguish WTAP_ENCAP_UNKNOWN and _NONE
e8db896c62 PROFINET: Add strings with proto_tree_add_item
c62aa67d2c Move ui/exit_codes.h to include/
25cf3e2e98 TECMP: Improve usability of lifecycle field
e1db561aa2 macOS: Fixup our signature identifiers
fd183cb40b Qt: Add ability to cancel sorting
252e667218 CoAP: update Observe option doc comment
be591c150a CoAP: add support for additional options
7c156d9ac4 Add a #define HAVE_MSYSTEM and use it
66bd99f1a8 wsutil/filesystem: Fix potential memory leak
d9353d1684 Fix MSYS2 build
0c0f731c92 extcap: Fix of handling default values
02238edf92 Do not require using wsgcrypt.h
71cfbd81b3 Remove wspcap.h and use config.h instead
ab0d190450 CMake: Fix libnl unused link dependencies
d70e174ca0 Remove wsutil/netlink.h workaround
b07ab25a1c CMake: Cleanup unnecessary linking with shared libraries
2855c8ec46 Convert unicode-utils.[ch] to 4-space indentation
7a33d04056 wiretap: Fix pcapng UTF-8 validation
9feb85ce4d Move get_utf_8_string() to wsutil
9b797e97a2 generate-dissector.py: allow creating plugin
c331e17bea Ignore or fix more warnings (check_typed_item_calls)
0dbf8c8e6c CoAP: Add support for more Content-Formats
071eca97ad USBLL: Update global data pointer only on first pass
754ec536e5 [Automatic update for 2023-02-05]
4bb43d5986 RTP Stream Dialog: Actually sort on packet loss
8cddc32d35 cli: Process IDBs after the final packet record
3aa44ba6aa merge: Check if each encapsulation type is supported
3ade136df7 HTTP dissector memory management tweaks
b4c784805c ISO15765/ISO10681 memory corruption bugfix
b0a615075c RTPS Removed the limit to the datatype number of elements
a3232592b0 GitLab CI: Run our macOS tests in parallel.
0c08995012 RTPS: Add support to new instance state request/response
c788b6b079 tshark: clean up indentation.
c237cfb76b GitLab CI: macOS MR builds are wireshark/wireshark only for now
577fe5781b Tools: Update macos-setup-brew.sh
373c8f616d github: call reworked macos-setup-brew.sh with options
d2067aea8d RTP: Add a "Multiplexed as in RFC 7983" default preference setting
56651c4db1 tshark: fix previous fix for memory leak.
85c134894a ORAN FH CUS: change some item long texts
d69208c5e7 tshark: plug a memory leak.
43861fd852 RTPS: Added dissection of the RTPS PING string
1bcc5d097d GitLab CI: Add a macOS merge request build.
e93f423504 RTPS: Added support for new pre-ahared-secret-based RTPS protection
e3719872b5 gsm_sms: Allow empty src and dst in hashing functions
54e5e2c8a6 Fix some spelling errors
15dfa3aa20 Qt: Fix order of ShowAs enums
c0c939c4f3 NGAP: fix dissection NAS PDU IE broken in b801ea0191
c649b14803 NAS 5GS: fix dissection of 5GSM network feature support IE
199d8e86d0 Make some symbols static.
9d9d72f47b Qt: Fix Logray compilation with Qt 6.4
ed8ee831fd More fussing with items and calls.
858f759fa2 RTPS: Improving the way the Domain ID is dissected
1c9b202f5f RTPS: Fix incorrect DomainId when port is not default.
9e7c15fcb5 VRT: add decoding of more CIF1 fields to VITA 49 dissector
b376b340af MSYS2: Update README
25544e4d4f TLS: Add to HTTP upgrade subdissector table
894e8c46c6 Revert "Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux"
abb0e7e9e5 CMake: Lower-case a filename
171dbd6ea8 Docs: Rename our guide source files
27d5925b39 Docs: Prepare to lower-case some file names.
4d92967b74 Fix order of CAG only flag descriptions.
910a21a57a fix mimimum typo in comment
67a01bdf26 wiretap: Preserve NRBs with editcap, mergecap, and tshark
3ff9f075c6 Update ICMPv6 dissector with ND EARO status
7908dfd930 Update ICMPv6 dissector for ND EARO
aa31a1b405 GREBonding: fix type in vals for link type
efe35a4ccc Fix or suppress more warnings from check_typed_item_calls
d085725bb6 Couchbase: update snapshot flags for change streams
7a346c398a Enable rpathification and working relocation on Linux
43e530e94d Update msys2-setup.sh
62005a7e20 GitHub: Switch MSYS2 build to UCRT64
80a35f632e GitHub: Build MSYS2 commit SHA
1de8882cc3 Fix some too-short item lengths
b8f0d17af9 wsutil: Filesystem routine updates.
75742c81b6 macOS: Copy our top-level .pkgs instead of symlinking them
620dc806db [Automatic update for 2023-01-29]
407b707e1f check_typed_item_calls: filter out some false positives
516c69b921 Qt: Allow caching columns while dissecting color
ac64be57c0 MONGO: add BSON Element Decimal128
60f3e33849 MSYS2: Remove packages that were upstreamed
e7d5c49fe1 epan: Use hash table for dependent frames
5e3d77761b USBLL: Do not reassemble across reset boundary
bb8d183387 rdp_egfx: improve command parsing and packet browsing
bc40c57b82 rdp: fix zgfx decompression
dbf5bf27d3 NFS: add NFSv4.1 CB_RECALL_ANY operation
b4ef671fba Clean up some man pages.
48fa729a9c HTTP2: Track the frame the request/response is contained in
abdaed1103 Add support for configuration path relocation on Unix
db010b5a27 Exported PDU dissector improvements
ef2ea2acdd saprouter/saphdb: Fixing warnings due to multiple hf types
0d2a2d3777 wiretap, pcapng: process all initial internal blocks in pcapng_open
260f835eef Added Deutsche Telekom specific GREBonding dissection
48737e2983 SAPDIAG: Added SAP Diag as main dissector
b1b180fd9e Fix some spelling errors.
13b6063d27 SAPRouter: Adding found passwords to the credentials tap
f0a066dd0d MySQL: Try to handle converstations w/o caps
9c3ce8e371 ieee1905: Update Profile-2 AP Capability TLV
50a3524fbf wiretap: treat file extensions case-insensitively
0ba90d1249 MySQL: Reduce noise related to length encoded ints
2d2528cc2f UDS: Support OBD Services in UDS Service Error
cf3d5fad5a UDS: Fix Typo in Error Service
32d80bd54e check_typed_item_calls.py: change re for calls to allow ws before params
8ec198c272 MySQL: Decode caching_sha2_password packets
06fc6483b3 twamp: test mbz fields are FT_UINT16
2691f87ef9 MySQL: Fix warning about incomplete dissector
0d8f9f908a ORAN FH CUS: Update some vals[], and add subtree for bfwCompHdr
4d5a6e5c4a SMB2: Fix typo
0b47fde866 WPS: Multi-AP Extension subelement: Profile 1/2 Backhaul STA assoc disallowed
7199a04c4c BTLE: Fix a copy/paste error in control_opcode_vals
6787835373 [Automatic update for 2023-01-22]
cd9f7b64c7 Logray: Remove the "Follow Stream" dialog
b71d87ed27 Gitlab CI: Switch to the OpenSUSE 15.4 container
c864a8a994 Release Notes: Fixup entry
dda2ead9c0 rpm: Update spec for latest dependencies
c65d5a0a80 wiretap: Reprocess Name Resolution Blocks during redissect
ee5435784d Add an item to the release notes
3c97c2f226 BGP: Fix check warning
ad8118b14a RPM: Try to fix build on openSUSE
dee461254b GTPv2: Track Session during Inter RAT Mobility signaling
39d9c77109 ENIP: CPF format only applies to List responses
630bb1ccee Debian: Try to fix build
133bebb18b Qt: Fix build with Qt version < 5.14
c84a54c82f Checked encoded values for proto_tree_add_item()
2bde511bb5 SMB2: Add (Request) Lock Sequence Number/Index
8f67074e36 Actually load user extcaps from the new path
5b57eb61f1 RPM: Fix breakage because of $docdir
39124f2f8f Fix Personal Extcap folder path
b230aa1df0 epan: Do not add dependent packets more than once
8bbe35aaf7 AUTHORS: Fix non-standard entry format
f268ef2f17 Support for TDS SSPI Token parsing.
d7427e73af Qt: Fix capitalization of About->Folder characterization
28a4466c7b NSIS: Leave old uninstall entries intact
c66fc43e5b GUI: Ship authors as a Qt resource file
be51acfffb Fix some issues seen by tools/check_typed_item_calls.py
5f63989ee0 Update authors file in place
597bcca9ee wsutil: Add get_docfile_path()
d45a733258 mako: Updated Metamako trailer dissection
8080189ff3 h261: remove if(tree) check
d4932b3313 h261: Remove extra space
1844094e07 H261: Fix encoding of H261 vmvd
199ecf2983 Qt: Clear selection, not current, in drawCurrentPacket
c380f516a2 GTP, GTPv2: Add request/response framenum types
c22f47bba6 Wix: Remove leftover component
38fbccd33e Follow: Remove use of follow type from FollowStreamDialog
2ab291b3b2 GUI: Ship license + acknowledgements as Qt resource
0a840b5dd8 Follow: Remove check for FOLLOW_TCP for fragments in Qt
4d2d0b7f6d MP4: add support for segment boxes (styp, sidx)
776aafc7de CMake: Install CSS to DOCDIR
43c5eedc97 Handle NULL http2_session_t parsing an H2 settings frame
74909f1499 Install PDML files to DOCDIR
c06a38da31 CMake: Update a compiler version check
ae4868f4bd NFS: fix IO_ADVISE hints mask
1dac8660fc DHCP: Use BASE_CUSTOM for formatting time options
59b15749af Wix: Remove stale reference to dftest
c4db402db5 Add follow websocket stream support
06519be205 Install documentation (HTML manuals) to DOCDIR
9c9c5343d8 RPM: Remove some unnecessary doc files
9e6faf4169 Remove dftest man page
277605ac57 Windows: Do not ship dftest in installers
24ab9c0aaa Falco bridge+falcodump: Scan for personal plugins
de7ca4c64a Packaging: Add a Logray AppImage package
5a9812ab61 AppRun: Set various paths
a5eb85a1d6 Revert "ORAN FH CUS: Add subtree for bfwCompHdr"
2c5f2e40fc ORAN FH CUS: Add subtree for bfwCompHdr
b1f50b0b68 DNS: Add reverse DNS (PTR) answers to Resolved Addresses
3335197b42 RPM: Fix header installation
83f57bd4c2 Debian: Fix header installation
b301dee0e1 Add HTTP2 connection and session window sizes
fe7bfdf6ca CMake: Require explicit installation of development headers
728073ade0 CMake: Do no install some misc CMake modules
a05104df66 Qt: Fix build on OpenSUSE 15.3
2d8cdec477 NSIS: Update the donation page
d3d6db58fe Resources: Add Logray Freedesktop files
4d3d856d8f Qt: Conversation/Endpoint table Filter by different QVariant types
a201eaf118 MinGW: Enable -Werror by default
b801ea0191 MinGW: Fix -Wclobbered
3504b423b9 MySQL: Fix Dead Store Found by Clang Analyzer
2dd8345895 NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
9afd2f23ef Qt: Plug credentials model memory leak
058400d8e0 ECATMB: Get filename with encoding when adding to column
918c9c5d5c PFCP: add Nokia proprietary IEs
ffdf332f24 docs: Explain the FT_FRAMENUM use of the strings field
d851134d89 ui: Check occurrence when check for existing custom column
c8f8bc82a7 epan: FT_FRAMENUM strings are special
30ef9d38cd Make a couple of functions static
2f1493316a ORAN FH CUS: Round ext11 bundle to next byte
4dd78f11c9 Fix various issues seen with tools/check_typed_item_calls.py
da0c933aa8 LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
7738d5af5d MSYS2: Add some packages for missing dependencies
84f3a094d4 LPP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
7e6266d33d MSYS2: Add Lua 5.1 support and fix test suite failures
1e1e733d8c iSCSI: Handle invalid opcodes inside Reject message
3bde296404 [Automatic update for 2023-01-15]
a5319966bc Fix typo
acf0ee420f Proto hierarchy stats: obtain capture file read lock
89188380ae MSYS2: Add better support for other environments
4ee71f77e6 Release notes: Add a link to the foundation site
0c3c3e9342 Qt: ElidedLabel escapes HTML
a25bcce10a Qt: Only autoset display filter when dialog is opened
4484736366 Qt: Set small text for ExpertInfoDialog filter
c0dd9620c5 lwm2mtlv: Fix resource id lookup
a23bab971e MinGW: Disable -Wcast-function-type warnings
6bfeecb562 MinGW: Fix warnings wiht ws_strptime()
184a567621 CMake+Windows: Try to prevent symbol redefinitions again
cdff6da68e MinGW: Cast away a -Wincompatible-pointer-types warning
389e70722c MSYS2: Disable -Werror by default
dd07fb5a15 CMake: Update a compiler version check
ad3205000b Qt: Add a donation link to the welcome page
a59a663618 Qt: Sort strings, like GeoIP country or city, in Endpoints
4307d13195 Qt: Fix selection of filter column in Conversation table
d09460283b MinGW: Fix -Wattributes
edd4295166 MinGW: Fix -Wunknown-pragma
f3152af8a0 MinGW: Fix -Wsign-compare
6870449734 MinGW: Fix -Wbool-compare
dfc992466e MinGW: Fix -Wstrict-aliasing
b487b7fcfe MinGW: Fix -Wparentheses
846056cf46 MinGW: Fix -Wunused-function
215a2d7477 MinGW: Fix -Wformat-zero-length
b94e7f953f MinGW: Fix -Wreturn-type
6801490aea Qt: Fix AA_EnableHighDpiScaling Qt6 deprecation
78dffe34d5 MinGW: Fix -Wold-style-declaration
10d197c64d MinGW: Fix -Wstrict-prototypes
c8fe23575f MSYS2: Fix build with -Werror
dd601b1d8e Resources: Use more reliable AppStream screenshot URLs
9754448044 CoAP+RTPS: Initialize some variables
e70856a045 Fix email for Josh Schmelzle in AUTHORS file
5b54223ce5 version info: Fix extra space after "("
d902cabd3f MinGW: Fix -Wformat
8cd74b7cd4 MinGW: Fix -Wunused-function
566292435f DoIP/UDS: Allow mixing with OBD-II
9baefc3d5d eCPRI/ORAN: Various changes while looking at captures
ea0f20e993 OBD-II: Fixing Service/Mode 0x04 dissection
bf8f30eba4 Qt: Fix test for appending rows to UAT tables
764890d159 BGP: fix BGP-LS IPv6 Neighbor Address TLV s length
34ce99f32e AppImage: Switch to linuxdeploy
6281ad450b PFCP: refactor dissecting of enterprise IEs
b782c599ae Provide create_dissector_handle_with_data
f908bfa821 ciscodump(.c): Fix Null pointer passed to 1st parameter expecting 'nonnull'
5766002231 proto(.c): Fix Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null
cc9f5aed2b PFCP: Fix QFI bitmask
aff45e6318 MSYS2: Update GitHub action
a07265f3c4 GitHub: Add FUNDING.yml
500b514b59 USBLL: Dissect USB 2.0 LPM Extended Transaction
c14eb1767c E2AP: Use tvb_memcpy instead of memcpy(...tvb_get_ptr())
9700b8cf8b LoRaWAN: Use tvb_memcpy instead of memcpy(...tvb_get_ptr())
2a285b75a1 capinfos: Removing RIPEMD160 hashes
5ab3bb222d MSYS2: Update README
1229b0a999 MSYS2: Add PKGBUILD
d00bd20fea MSYS2: Fix system installation
b0cb719672 opus: Fix TOC configuration parameter definitions
a88545ae95 Mysql: fix a couple of typos
25311c6cfa netflow: Update Keysight netflow fields - pick up new fields added in Appstack 4.4 release
11983087ed Falcodump: More scap event code handling fixes
de16040021 CMake: Rename SINSP_PLUGINS to FALCO_PLUGINS
4c9b0d846c CMake: Reverse debug macros
25d4a099f7 Remove WS_DISABLE_ASSERT
640c44f24e CMake: Specify Falco plugins manually.
06ba704058 Qt: Accept ColoringRulesDialog after writing colors
809b34455e Falcodump: Improve scap event code handling
943bede110 version info: Strip whitespace from a string
29ca9c289f macOS: Add an initial donation page to the .dmg
9c68879a27 Windows: Fix Release (unused variables)
02894b1cb9 Diameter: correction of copy-paste error
ce9689da01 F1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
b1482084b3 E1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
c15189981e NRPPa: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
3e4d6a59aa MySQL: Complete dissection of zlib compressed
56dfcccc48 XnAP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
92d4052cf8 extract_asn1_from_spec.pl: add support for M2AP and M3AP specs
20a8a8eb0f NGAP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
f2cdd8bbc3 M2AP: upgrade dissector to v17.0.1
fc013d9bd6 Set unique exit codes for processes
4f7c3ab16a X2AP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
0611f92317 S1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.3.0
313fed6db0 dftest: Add --types option
70e006fc42 dftest: Revert to using "->"
8a4f22be61 ALP: fix issue #18795 (memory management issues)
5e3dba3da0 NAS 5GS: upgrade dissector to v17.9.0
42f7ee88c6 LLS: fix msvc warning: possible loss of data
60912daef9 LLS: add dissector for ATSC3 Low Level Signalling (LLS) Protocol
3c9662b1d2 note that tvb_child_uncompress attaches to parent
8bf015034e note to use the tvb_child_uncompress* alternative
95a1627064 note need to free return in uncompress functions
988d4585bc ipsec: fix comment
005ea28d27 sip: fix leak in uncompress
0150297d55 rtps: fix leak in uncompress
01fda90a45 mcpe: fix leak in uncompress
39ee45a069 multipart: fix leak in uncompress
8461440f4a gelf: fix leak in uncompress
f7290f2cb6 mysql: fix leak in uncompress
e80b2ab560 ALP: add decoders for Link Mapping Table (LMT) and Sony header extensions
1fc516739e mako: Updated Metamako trailer dissection
4d38cf9ec6 FAQ: Fix some markup
56deed1c15 GTPv2: correction of IE MM Context EPS QQ
fadb420769 PFCP: remove empty wrappers around dissect_pfcp_grouped_ie
b5fc7ff3bc PFCP: get rid of forward declarations by moving ie-decoder-table down
bf071e39d9 PFCP: remove redundant sub-tree and sub-tvb
e8cd0d1457 http2: fix leak of composite
a0c9627502 wscbor: defer creation of composite tvb
1a1a6ce12b DNS: Modify dns.qry.type for using without description
613331f07b dfilter: Disable flex debug trace for release builds
65ce33b5d7 dftest: Add wslog usage
067bf04446 dftest: Add a newline to output
4ec08045aa wslua: Fix wsluarm defines.
0f824b8b34 [Automatic update for 2023-01-08]
03cb1cb077 macos-setup: go with the current autoconf and automake releases.
b72bc8408b dftest: Enable debug log level with -l or -f
9d7b461a16 dftest: Add -0 option (no optimization)
ff7bab1730 ALP: add dissector for ALP protocol (ATSC3.0 A/330)
840a0d3025 dfilter: Display layer in DFVM dump string
4dedbe3eb4 locamation-im: fix a Coverity warning
de286af6ec ZDP: Sanitize UTF-8 string
fcf97be1e9 dftest: Move a newline insertion
46d58f97cc dfilter: Add a test
4d3f580961 tests: Reorganize dfilter group
1861679e81 dfilter: Optimize some scanner patterns
7641ba7416 dftest: More code cleanups and enhancements
0c24b0ae72 Qt: Remove duplicate column reset and cache invalidation
da3a48f820 Qt: Add a pref for column text caching, and have it affect sorting
751d836123 btle: Add control proc enum to make code self-documenting
b857c3189a btle: Dissector name updated to 5.3
08d78fddb3 btle: Add some braces to if statements
0627ece136 btle: Fix bitmask for 5.3 feature sets
16cc10efb6 TCP: fix tcp stream numbering
f870c6085d epan: Allow nested dependent packets
693dc40936 GNW: Ensure that tvbuff proto data has the proper scope.
99385f1644 isup: fix typo on cause indicator
b388a23107 Revert much of 9281 (convert vals to common tfs).
a2b23f5a09 dfilter: Fix DFVM function debug output
df30299aff dftest: Add -h and improve output format
e77d716411 dfilter: Print CIDR mask for IPv4/IPv6 field types.
522c74b734 dftest: More CLI options and improve output format
fd709a6af3 dfilter: Indent DFVM program using spaces
46a7e84b69 DNS: it is a IP6 Address for AAAA
b797829022 DNS: fix a very old typo... MAILB -> MAILB
671df60225 DNS: Update type value (from IANA)
030d8ad9f2 Implement sACN Universe Sync dissection
077a91a8c5 Added new ODVA specific TLV
4d879b3b32 ORAN FH CUS: some trivial usability improvements, and TODOs
c95e8bd38a androiddump: btsnoop support on android T and onwards
0e93070745 follow: Add function for sub stream id to registration
3120e64570 wslua: Fix the build.
90084d8269 Add Wunused-parameter to DIAG_OFF_FLEX()
e6e3a91696 WSLUA: allow 64 bits bitmask for ProtoField objects
d4cd1d9d1d packet.c: Wrong pointer conversion in get_data_source_tvb_by_name()
253e19b8b2 NAS EPS: upgrade dissector to v17.9.0
ddb187fe0c fixes #18777 wrong decoding order in parseDiagnosticInfo
49b639e5ba editcap: add sll and sll2 headers + offsetof
3e2c04fe78 editcap: flag to set unused bytes in SLL headers
8f747e41c9 Bluetooth: Dissect features defined in 5.1 - 5.3
78c7b184c9 Bluetooth: Dissect 5.3 ACL control procedure packets
f41ce48d39 Bluetooth: Perform control proc validation on LL_CIS_TERMINATE_IND
e273428b7c Bluetooth: Perform control proc validation on LL_PERIODIC_SYNC_IND
c0b6b858dc Bluetooth: Add more validation to power control procedures
1ebd11dd49 Bluetooth: Allow LL_REJECT_EXT_IND as a response to LL_CIS_REQ/RSP
62fafa5fc9 Bluetooth: Allow LL_REJECT_EXT_IND as a response to LL_CTE_REQ
1eeb342476 Bluetooth: Detect invalid incompatible control procedure conflict resolution
aefd842613 Bluetooth: Refactor adding control procedure packets to contexts
616ca5f512 Bluetooth: Refactor starting control proc context
4537f4fd50 packet-http3: add support for webtransport settings and frame types
39191ca8d0 IO Graph: Allow changing order of graphs
55b165617b Implement sACN Universe Discovery dissection
3107af85a7 lua: ByteArray integer parsing APIs
86730990f6 Lua: make evaluate_lua and run_console public
c96a629c24 Support `FT_CHAR` in Lua `TreeItem_add_item_any()`
8043acd767 locamation-im: fix an snprintf compiler warning
ff1b5f8e57 locamation-im: fix the windows build in an easier fashion
9386404984 Revert "locamation-im: fix windows build"
67483b58bd locamation-im: fix windows build
0a7dde98d4 locamation-im: process review comments
92e1bd734f locamation-im: process review comments
51395014e5 locamation-im: process review comments
8f8ba172ec locamation-im: support the (optional) timestamps block
22599aa2ac DTLS: add DTLS over SCTP for PPIs assigned to 3GPP NGAP, XnAP, F1AP and E1AP
fdc335e686 tests: Get tests working with Python 3.11 (except with pytest)
6581901810 ORAN FH CUS: add new session extension types to value_string
e990b25ea2 dfilter: Remove semcheck arithmetic commute argument
b893616048 proto: Fix validity test for proto names
396f20606e MBIM: restore use of VALS
4693428c83 JSON: add "Display JSON in raw form"
44189659ea code cleaning
8429ed971f prevent unused function
eb05f77b71 BSI TR-03109 required extensions
e60dc74d90 JSON: fix a displaying two dimensional array bug in compact form
872db1fe87 For 'fields' param in add_bitmask_, check item masks
dd8828014c Change some vals entries to equivalent common tfs
704eaa1839 DEC-NWK: Fix a couple of spelling errors
ddebd0c9dd cql: Fix 64-bit print format issue
b80043835f avsp: Fix 64-bit print format issue
ca941e3881 SOME/IP-SD: improve Entry/Option handling and port registering
49e273941f BGP: Fix IP length when Root Node (IPv6)
f6e92abc20 BGP: Wrong Tunnel ID format in PMSI tunnel attribute
8c6854fb65 Qt: Cache only recently accessed columns text
bf7be8a1ae DECT-NWK: Fix possible overflow
12591d0a42 DECT-NWK: Fix ELI type decoding
659b830aef TIPC: Add a recursion check
d9adb6f712 Qt: Escape HTML when setting ElidedLabel text
1c24e49c67 Qt: ElidedLabel cleanup
cf4d88d320 [Automatic update for 2023-01-01]
336c0ae992 zstd: fix leak of tvbs
8ad7e2f538 zstd: add test for uncompressing 0 length
a2e18feae7 packet-cql: keys with length -1 are NULL values in BATCH operations
140ebf5829 packet-cql: keys with length -1 are NULL values
cffdb5945e packet-cql.c: add row number in display for RESULT opcode
91cf033cec packet-cql.c: distinguish between Snappy and LZ4 decompressed data
7eb8065e63 packet-cql.c: add support for SUPPORTED mesage type
7d66154242 Support for an Arista Vendor Specific Protocol subtype
f37c7c4062 dfilter: Tweak representation for length-1 byte array
c762d8492b dfilter: Improve debug format
f5bfe89785 dfilter: Replace global variable
5d8f495233 dfilter: Minor flex clean up
f2218ae5f0 Lemon: Update code and remove cruft
67a788b29c Happy New Year 2023
ee7d3507eb qt: Ignore gcc 12.1 optimization bug with Qt (more e1a6913a)
a8b16d74e1 eap: tweak conversation tracking to avoid breaking pinfo horribly
b15eb8a82f macOS: Don't try to copy a nonexistent plist
3a23f6e6c9 gsm_a_rr: Support parsing channel requests on RACH
6bdc85e37f dfilter: Reject constant expressions
a17fb20550 dfilter: Remove commute argument from semantic check
2ff6139307 dfilter: Add a check_nonzero() function
bc74d2e3e4 dftest: Fix command-line argument parsing
d3d06c2552 dftest: Add debug command-line options
55ffdb08bb conversation: Remove conversation from the correct table
dfd3a4d61b check_tfs: find entries that define value_string identical to common tfs
a661ebaae2 DECT-NWK: fix build issue [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
3c0cdc9e3d SNMP: generate ASN1
67db53abbf epan: Fixup get_ascii_string change
2ce57fcc19 pfcp: correction of IE 5GS User Plane Node
5c151df3ad diameter: Update geographical_description
23427cc9ba LCS-AP: Update to 3GPP TS 29.171 V17.2.0
931824f4ff gsm_common: Update geographical_description
53153725bb dftest: Add a missing goto statement
1400d92724 dfilter: Add compilation warning for ambiguous syntax
ba7917309a charsets: Optimize ENC_ASCII by appending valid bytes at once
afe5ed0aa5 epan: Initialize variables in various dissectors
af22c743bd dfilter: Refactor error location for expressions
77ef21f86e dfilter: Replace unparsed lexical type and simplify grammar
bdd00edac8 dfilter: Rename grammar rules
b577b8a37f Add WS_WARN_UNUSED function attribute
508a4011ac tests: Rename test group
0fbf65f48b dftest: Add elapsed time
92a81b1361 Enable checks for proto_tree_add_bits APIs
fefc28a743 DECT-NWK: Fix BCD encoded non byte aligned strings
4a0d7e9bbb DECT-NWK: Fix hf types for bitfields
1d6cf2f513 prefs: report load error in gui popup
95f705dd8b dfilter: Improve error location for functions
bdb1616cf0 fix size_t cast warnings on Windows
611eae17c8 add mongo zstd test to suite_dissection.py
eca4655a48 use uncompress_zstd in Kafka
f5c400c6e7 mongo: support zstd
8dd82ff741 add zstd_tests
0ea91fc6fa error on extra data
a9037f45c7 do not create composite buffer with empty data
2f9fd85ae9 add tvbuff_zstd.c
e93989c56a Qt: Fix an IAX2 Analysis dialog memory leak.
6c1ee11172 dfilter: Allow compatible types to be compared in min/max
e85f8d4cf1 dfilter: Do not jump when generating function arguments
f6a02a1e4a dfilter: Preserve function argument order when printing
0df8a7a872 SRT: expand comments to give more detail on the string encoding.
3c411657d5 SRT: Validate UTF-8 encoding
939677f16e pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V18.0.0
5bbe533244 WIP: Check types for _add_bits_ functions, and ensure no mask
b19bed43d1 dfilter: Allow constants as the first or only argument to min/max
6399f724d9 dfilter: Fix crash with min/max literal argument
6c8cdebe87 epan: Add a bounds check to get_utf_8_string
540b71d738 dfilter: Fix crash with a constant arithmetic expression
3ddb017a88 dfilter: Allow arithmetic expression to commute
c37552c43c dfilter: Fix an assertion macro
1d544c2077 dfilter: Fix grammar memory leak
f0f72927b4 epan: Allow FT_IPv4, FT_IPv6 custom columns to be resolved or not.
079ef9a165 dfilter: Allow comparison relation to commute
49ec151a7a dfilter: Allow the first DFVM argument to be an fvalue
596e0b41d1 dfilter: Change two scanner patterns to camel case
7742b22be4 dfilter: Minor fixups
eda80ed336 dfilter: Improve error location for parenthesized expressions
b1d93f7952 charsets: Optimize getting UTF-8 strings with an accumulator
274a6c9d64 [Automatic update for 2022-12-25]
d91cd30855 BACnet: Fix dissection of Notification Parameters
816005fc23 dfilter: Reformat grammar code
b9a5009cb2 dfilter: Clean up scanner code
d9a09aa622 IPv6: Support dissecting IETF APN6 option.
13f3ebc4e5 Add a routine to get the path of an executable given the program name.
44511c318d dfilter: Improve error location for expressions
3938b406fb dfilter: Refactor error location tracking
51a6dfffc7 PDCP-LTE: add a filter for decypted data
63bd8fde63 Fix display of help file path name in error dialog.
4e1211de90 dfilter: Add support for negation of arithmetic expressions
5dcefc7777 wsutil: Make progfile_dir the main program file directory.
e9176b652d ASN.1 PER: fix dissect_per_restricted_character_string_sorted()
5ee2e7c268 QUIC: Handle QUIC connections multiplexed on the same 5-tuple
bf17e3260e CMake: Set a default output directory for log-based extcaps
369993d72c E2AP: Use gnbid to share RAN Function ID mappings
f809e62b2a Tools: Move speexdsp to the Alpine and RPM basic lists.
398b05d199 DECT-NWK: Fix a couple of typos
ba1a85d381 dfilter: Improve arithmetic error messages
0e4bcf427f H224: Completing of H.224 dissection for Client Data Octets
ae0d6324c4 DECT-NWK: Fix windows build
8aec74c0ba DECT-NWK: Simplify data dissector call
cdf134b4e5 DECT-NWK: Update wmem_strbuf function usage
b7d2d107d4 DECT-NWK: Update hf type
0905bc33b5 DECT-NWK: Remove solved TODO marks
9cddc16d68 DECT-NWK: Dissect more IPUI types
4e0365b25b DECT-NWK: Improve display of DECT chars/strings
1d8152afd7 DECT-NWK: Escape DECT chars >= 0x80
ad06d7cec6 DECT-NWK: Use DECT charset for strings
75fb2e770c DECT-NWK: Add basic support for DECT charsets
cc86a34c90 DECT-NWK: Fix IPEI string formatting
1272bd3c2d DECT-NWK: Fix missing initialization
4fed21f5a8 DECT-NWK: Make format function static
e3f010683f DECT-NWK: Dissect more S-Format message types
08cdb705e9 DECT-NWK: Add dissector to relnotes
98a86dc660 DECT-NWK: Add fields to PORTABLE-IDENTITY
3b1084d0a1 DECT-NWK: Fix missing prototype
e95424b4cd DECT-NWK: fix proto tree item length
bb9785c849 DECT-NWK: Fix typos
d4f070ce54 DECT-NWK: Add further ie dissection
528391f2bd DECT-NWK: Fix hf definition
be04f23917 DECT-NWK: fix typo in field name
271f7e00f9 DECT-NWK: Fix value_string terminations
1c0da0d2e2 DECT-NWK: Add TERMINAL-CAPABILITY dissection
f4ec602228 DECT-NWK: Add LOCATION-AREA dissection
d1befab186 DECT-NWK: Add single binary value IEs
42751da3c3 DECT-NWK: Add AUTH-TYPE dissection
79e3822dee DECT-NWK: Dissect MM messages
eaeff2858a DECT-NWK: Fix CIPHER-INFO
d9130e8d20 DECT-NWK: Add fixed len information elements
da2048d5f3 DECT-NWK: Move IE dissection out of LCE
b7fc9a2788 DECT-NWK: Begin LCE-PAGE-RESPONSE dissection
1be5ec9433 DECT-NWK: Initial dissector for DECT NWK layer
318b5a819d NAS 5GS: fix a typo
263bda375c dfilter: Check if type supports unary minus
c654566fc6 UAT: comment out FIX reminder
7f5668e8ec WLAN: fix a couple of warnings from check_typed_item_calls.py
5ccde702c1 PDCP-NR: Add a field to show/filter decrypted data
cc9905b87f tools/bsd_setup.sh: speexdsp is a required package
507d5c5386 QUIC: update final constants for QUICv2
202da2a700 WLAN: fix a conflicting entry for value_string
6459b5f6d1 Qt: Improve our font preference compatibility.
47fa90e41e Tools: Check the last modified date in make-tls-ct-logids.py
cbbddcfa3a vagrant: Bump to Ubunutu 22.04, RAM to 8GB
1a2642ec69 MP-DCCP: Fixed typo in filter name
c1756855eb MP-DCCP: Solving Compilation Errors on Certain Compilers
801f954a53 MP-DCCP: Solving Compilation Errors on Certain Compilers
1ebdeb2943 MP-DCCP: Fixed Compilation Error on Certain Compilers
5c42b6e84f MP-DCCP: Fixed Rare Packet Malformation Error
599e51462e MP-DCCP: Solving Compilation Errors on Certain Compilers
350875f44f MP-DCCP: Solving Compilation Errors on Certain Compilers
174730bdcc MP-DCCP: Solving Compilation Errors on Certain Compilers
151414ac35 MP-DCCP: Resolved Minor Merge Issues
7f02b09c41 MP-DCCP: Improved MP_CONFIRM -MP_Confirm dissection now works as a recursive function, which is capable of more effectively dissect a list of incoming confirmations.
2b6e9d7b2b MP-DCCP: Modified MP_CONFIRM to match IETF draft.
7bb4c2fb1e MP-DCCP: -Rename multi-path subobtions to match IETF draft.
bdc9210978 DCCP: Fix dissection of Feature options to match feature_number names instead option_type, and include MP_CAPABLE feature.
720c05c799 MP-DCCP: Added all features to MP-DCCP V6.
16ea20120c MP-DCCP: Implemented MP-DCCP up-to V4.
74dc39697f debian-setup.sh - install libspeexdsp-dev as default as is now required
f951d80201 [Automatic update for 2022-12-18]
dbb9fe2a37 epan: Allow FT_ETHER custom columns to be resolved or not
2bc72fa3db IPP: Fix invalid UTF-8 encoding
b2572f3a35 Fix some spelling errors
7baa0ca0c4 proto: Custom column concatenation and truncation
c2850d7203 C15 CH: Fix UTF-8 string truncation
2de92a94df epan: Add a bounds check to tvb_uncompress_lz7huff()
730981f76a GSM A-bis: Add an assertion to prevent a buffer overflow
5b96d57b18 protobuf: Do not crash on zero length bytes element
ae14849864 Windows: Use SpeexDSP binary package
a4f56e90a6 BER: Fix extension lengths
3a61e3f851 SNMP/UDP: SNMP is walking on UDP conversation/stream ID
b0cf030b30 RTPS: Add offset overflow checking.
18c2f29610 Qt: Limit copy of TrafficDialog to visible items
c1169d587c Qt: Fix Packet Comments shortcut
1ca46907d4 DMP: Fix invalid UTF-8 encoding
10bfb702a6 ECMP: Fix invalid UTF-8 encoding
be44dab5d6 Zbee ZDP: Fix UTF-8 string invalid truncation
0256d09ab8 NCSI: Fix invalid UTF-8 encoding
2db8d6213f AllJoyn: Fix invalid UTF-8 encoding
8afd34c616 Alljoyn: Fix -Wdocumentation warnings
bca2b4dd9e Qt: Fix Qt 6.4 QMouseEvent deprecation
03b4c62be5 cli: Fix copying global profile to personal at startup
d17c018013 tools/check_typed_item_calls: check FT_BOOLEAN mask length
1e8d3d8695 tshark: fix duplicate fields issue in ek output.
ff728ab37d MCTP: Add decoder for message type
cfcb33e8b7 MCTP: Add NCSI (and ethernet) over MCTP dissection
728e89b955 MCTP: Add header for MCTP packet types
7b53d22b27 DECT-DLC: Remove abandonend part
969f12c365 DECT-DLC: Unify variable naming
a3e624cb01 DECT-DLC: Add dissector to relnotes
f56a3fed08 DECT-DLC: Fix missing prototype
584e65c950 DECT-DLC: Fix typos in hf definitions
9a96284e5a DECT-DLC: Reassemble fragments
594207d04e DECT-DLC:DECT-DLC: Really disable abandoned func
c6fb1b2308 DECT-DLC: Don't call NWK dissector if there's no payload
a13d71dab9 DECT-DLC: Initial dissector for DECT DLC protocol layer
4672e73900 NBAP: Add UEID to HS-DSCH flows added from RadioLinkReconfiguration
7fef921875 wslog: Resynchronize UTF-8 display
ea8b5fb024 wmem: Add wmem_strbuf_append_c_count()
1f34529839 wmem: Optimize some strbuf functions
963dba2d60 NSIS: Add an initial donation page.
c6ee65db6b Qt: Display extcap uncheckable multicheck items as labels
415389eb84 CMake: Update a comment
38e73b895a SGsAP: Use ENC_APN_STR
31ab1a0a17 SIP: Fix heap-use-after-free crash with ASAN
2d3de008f5 CMake: Disable UTF-8 debug checks for release builds
400235ad7e CMake: Re-enable -Wno-error=stringop-overflow=
f2caa6a0cc Extcap: Fix falcodump gcc warnings and errors.
3a43d97898 NAS-5GS: change TLV to TLV_E for CAG Information list IE
2aa40d4488 Qt: crash on negative row in Conversations
8504578ec2 ieee80211: fix typo for encoding
30df11941b ieee80211: fix trailing whitespace
1856d1368a ieee80211: Add Location Civic (Measurement Report)
4b9aef8371 ieee80211: Add Location Civic (Measurement Request)
7191006bc4 ieee80211: Add Usage Rules/Policy Subelement
ce58638fe4 ieee80211: Add Measurement Request LCI Report dissection
0a5fcb4680 ieee80211: Update Measurement Request/Report value_string
b54c882df5 ieee80211: Add Measurement Request LCI Request dissection
14880b13ba WSDG: Consistent capitalization for GitLab
4bbc640763 OCP.1: Fix Notification Context Parsing
dfa387d405 file-pcapng: Add Darwin Flow ID and Wake Packet flag
925904d6ce pkixqualified: Clear the oid at the start of each QCStatement
9866cf3bad BPv7: Add conversation and endpoint tracking
edf48633bb IO Graph: 3 new styles
ac96e5f318 WSDG: Remove reference to Gerrit
c6abd4ff7b Support SCTP over DTLS
2d9e8416da OAM: Add support for missing DPoE and 1904.1 attributes
bf158b3e41 tpkt: don't have the heuristic enforce TPKT dissecting
d90d525dd7 tls: do not enforce the TLS dissector for the whole connection
d560ae612a rdpudp: support desegmentation
8513da747d BGP: improve PDU handling
dcf00fc3bd NCP: Add offset overflow checking.
10666fb7c3 UMTS RLC: AMD and UMD PDUs can be larger than 255 bytes
358641a5ca SIP: Fix fixed buffer UTF-8 string truncation
f2eb97e910 Fix ciscodump CID
37c400afe3 usb-ccid: fix mask found by check_typed_items_calls
594aaca250 usb-ccid: fix typo found by check_typed_item_calls
2fd04b6ba9 bpv6: Fix possible infinite loop
73866d3623 RoHC: fix dissection of IP version alternate encoding for IP profile
7d20bd0b10 Extcap: Clean up our fifo in non-blocking mode.
212b196bee ciscodump: Added support for IOS XE 17.x
9581085430 Falcodump: Open our fifo directly.
cb420c7911 Extcap: Create our fifo in a temporary directory.
5aa1871ee0 extcap: Do not hang if extcap doesn't open fifo
f0002e0e3d umts_fp: Handle absent checksums when there is no payload
ec30a03387 usb-video: Validate encoding of fourcc
740778e16d Colorfilters: Updating TTL low or unexpected
2e22eb8357 ciscodump: Added noisy messages for troubleshooting
d44c4193e0 macOS packaging: Clarify an issue with libbrotli.
3924162f00 [Automatic update for 2022-12-11]
5a260568b6 CCID USB: Correctrly identify protocol number
cf6fd1248f USB: Fix Darwin source and destination handling
17d7b7cb73 wslua_proto: document the init and prefs_changed functions.
a74027ad00 wiretap: Validate UTF-8 encoding for pcapng
c64eaf87af github: install cmake and winflexbison alongside other windows pkgs.
29c6f4ebf1 H224: Add for Decode As
82a0a5215d ieee80211: Fix SAE Confirm dissecting
c19f31247f MBIM: Remove repeated hf_mbim_ms_device_slot_mapping_info_map_count
48bb59d096 Docs: Remove some leftover Perl POD markup.
dae36edbda debian:add missing symbols
d86a9910e5 tools/checklicense: Skip build directories
bcc77ab189 http-urlencoded: Optimize parsing
d3fd7a92ec PCEP: Stub in support for more objects
3d290f0248 Demonstrate `CUSTOM_TSHARK_TAP_SRC` for CMake
f413260df9 WSLUA: Add new lua function register_packet_menu()
eff7cd15b0 github: repo_lockdown v2->v3 (node12->node16)
e490a3dd92 WSUG: (PDF) add fallback font for missing up/down arrows
77a1cb0636 rpm packaging: Add .el7, .fc38, ...
932f4ff893 Qt: Don't use QString::toLocal8Bit().
bad5ae8c42 USB: Allow registering protocol specific dissectors
74b1c07f91 test: Skip Follow HTTP2 test without Nghttp2
2fcc819366 USBLL: Correctly handle last fragment retransmissions
d153113cdf WSDG: retire Visual Studio 2019 for VS2022
cb85a4b1a4 Qt: Convert our widgets and models to new-style signals & slots
0c1a10b02b Qt: Update an action name.
6558b58e58 dtls: Support Connection ID when using Block Ciphers
237b7d02fe Update release notes
b29ee628e2 IPv6: Remove some redundancies in address detail
d216f0a6e2 IPv6: Add special-purpose address detail
f8d308e9af Kafka: Add more loop checks
60cb3dd3c6 CMake: Remove -Wjump-misses-init warning
2897e904f9 CMake: Remove redundant warning
266a0d38b4 kafka: fix note of ZSTD_decompressStream return
9412adf7bf kafka: stop decompressing once all input is consumed
c36dde6e13 nxp_802154_sniffer: Add heuristics
647978b8be Qt: Manually connect our "Analyze" menu actions.
3b7df80a0a [Automatic update for 2022-12-04]
eba1f048b3 E2AP: Use S-NSSAI field in KPM
f96885ab06 IPv6: Add multicast scope and flags address detail
5eb2a7f7b7 Qt: Miscellaneous ByteViewText fixes.
b7c3bae518 check_typed_item_calls: add check for add_bitmask fields
bd1f2cc996 epan: Use realloc when extending the uncompressed buffer
868313956f proto: Tweak admonition for proto_tree_add_string()
32f88ad22c wmem: Remove strbuf max size parameter
3311b34106 gsmtap: Support V5-in-GSMTAP
8683c4e328 Add support for missing DPoE and IEEE 1904.1 OAM attributes
13823bb105 openflow_v6: Prevent infinite loops in too short ofp_stats
0e11932183 kafka: Don't try to decompress if the length is zero.
967a3c3df9 Qt: Check field autocomplete for syntactical validity
5853886d50 reassembly: Store pointer to first gap
8623cd9746 icmpv6: Format DNS name as UTF-8 for output
f2a0d25dba bpv6: Prevent infinite loops
415296436b DECT-MITEL-ETH: Fix #18683
b116ccd6d5 dfilter: Replace compile booleans arguments with a bit flag
84e75be5c6 dfilter: Add optimization flag
4b0bf62791 asn2wrs: disable template line directive by default
729ea56b46 wmem: Remove wmem_strbuf_new_label()
93814ef740 dfilter: Always set error pointer in case of failure
8a67ca77e6 http: Check CitrixAGBasic Auth encoding
10c84b6450 HTTP2: Load dynamic hf entries when UAT is changed
5b8cb733fa asn2wrs: disable line directive by default
6eb734995a Change the re for matching an item's label
c69d0114ea tools/check_static.py - fix remaining errors
7336190bbc wslog: Check fileno() for errors
129ed6d4c4 SAPSNC: Added SAP SNC as main dissector
9a19d48736 CIMD: Implement User Data encoding
f6e850af47 AJP13: Remove odd use of ITEM_LABEL_LENGTH
0af3174508 CMake: Updates for CMake 3.25 and later on Windows.
a0d77e9329 dfilter: Return an error object instead of string
b4196ab772 DECT-AAMIDE: Remove duplicate relnote entry
7fc7830b13 DECT-MITEL-ETH: gint -> int for hf
7cde243a66 DECT-MITEL-RFP: gint -> int for hf
76ff611966 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Dissection of SYNC messages
03dd33f740 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Improve display
d67d08cf9b DECT-MITEL-RFP: Improve includes
7afe726007 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Reorder message dissection
992c1fa616 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Add more messages
6f8a847b63 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Fix MEDIA-OPEN dissection
abea8b8b4a DECT-MITEL-RFP: Set proto length in DECToE case
a6c6afedef DECT-MITEL-ETH: Improve subtree len handling
443b0a4623 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Simpler TCP port registration
397d802618 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Fix spelling
9a2cc2f8e2 DECT-MITEL-ETH: Fix spelling
42927f3953 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Add MEDIA message dissection
c42800fa4d DECT-MITEL-ETH: Fix filter name
7e5d5c2ddf DECT-MITEL-ETH: Improve MCEI dissection
6f216b9dbb DECT-MITEL-RFP: Remove unused assignments
792fdf05ca DECT-MITEL-ETH: Remove unused assignment
863f7d902d DECT-MITEL-ETH: Fix function naming
7fcf2f8d36 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Improve protocol tree structure
6fd2c267b4 DECT-MITEL_RFP: Honour work from zivillian
8a05fc6a2a DECT-MITEL-RFP: Add SYS-IP-OPTIONS dissection
ca540b120a DECT-MITEL-ETH: Improve protocol tree
de7594f58d DECT-MITEL-ETH: Add more RFPc item dissections
4c9da8039f DECT-MITEL-ETH: Begin dissection of RFPc
3bc96a57e4 DECT-MITEL-ETH: Move MAC_PAGE_REQ to function
b757b7fed2 DECT-MITEL-ETH: Improve MAC_INFO_IND
73fe413b46 DECT-MITEL-ETH: dissect more fields
c4daae6a1e DECT-MITEL-ETH: Improve MAC_DIS_IND dissection
5d6cffc2d0 DECT-MITEL-ETH: Improve MAC_CON_IND
cac1709e8d DECT-MITEL-ETH: Add more field dissection
15edf3b3ce DECT-MITEL-ETH: Add Layer field and Mt
534e594a34 DECT-MITEL-RFP: Begin of OMM/RFP protocol
d4a4d8ebc0 DECT-MITEL-ETH: Add IP encapsulated behaviour
a31c5923e1 DECT-MITEL-ETH: Unify naming
849e0fae46 S1AP: restore g09914cca
963877e921 discard: Implement dissector for RFC 863
47a1b0f9da S1AP: Wrong ie id used on RequestTypeAdditionalInfo
60168c1c70 LoRaWAN: support for Class-B and v1.0.4 specification
c3d02eeb38 [Automatic update for 2022-11-27]
927ea482ba H224:Resolve some client IDs parsing problems.
d42ff693d9 HSP+HFP: Fix invalid UTF-8 string truncation
27ea011dd3 802.11: Remove artificial string truncation
ade32a12f2 WSDG: update libpcap module documentation link
9d01610729 H224: Fix the missing Q.922 header in H.224 dissector
e67c71faba RTP Player: Fix: Playback marker do not move after resume with Qt6
30d829d429 use proto_tree_add_checksum
3f8ae9a08d mongo: add Checksum field
15b3deff27 lapdm: Fix reused fragment id reassembly
26dda2ba78 H264, H265: Fix overflow value of se(v)
e6d81e8731 ANSI IS-637 A: Use tvb_new_octet_aligned for addresses
b8a50617d7 ieee80211: Fix an CLang warning about dead code in my recent MR.
5af4587255 QCustomPlot: Fix some warnings in upstream code
6959280581 QCustomPlot: Fix Clang Warnings
ea7bec688a QCustomPlot: Try to fix -Wdocumentation-html warnings
b262dd3d29 QCustomPlot: Fix clang warning on Qt5
117fa55c04 QCustomPlot: Fix some clang code analysis warnings
f60e35e481 QCustomPlot: Fix spelling
c90ba8c1b1 QCustomPlot: Fix adaptive sampling performance on scatterplots
cb9a1479cd QCustomPlot: Fix clang -Wmisleading-indentation
e5dc339c18 QCustomplot: Fix clang -Wdocumentation
b9b16e2f64 QCustomPlot: Fix qsizetype warnings
498dc04278 Qt: Update QCustomPlot to 2.1.1
793365d0e0 Fix some issues seen with cppcheck
ec353e89f3 SIP: Extract entire Call-ID without truncating
6dcfb07b7d BGP: Fix (reader_)offset for IGMP
fdc211984f SAPMS: Added SAP MS as main dissector
646df7fe14 Qt: Fix crash when clicking on expanded entry in Expert Info Dialog
8ab801557b tfshark: Remove unused function
82b5201f79 SAPRouter: Added SAP Router as main dissector
2128053e7c Qt: Improve log handler output
43fb308437 Zieee80211: Provide compressed feedback matrices for VHT as well as HE.
ee4703094f ieee80211: Beamforming fixes
06b4a84901 XNAP: Use bitmask for E-UTRA and NR cell identities
b10e26d742 NGAP: Use bitmask for NRCellIdentity and EUTRACellIdentity
f9e0e555e0 [Automatic update for 2022-11-20]
09914cca33 S1AP: Use bitmask for cellIdentity
92208e4330 HTTP2: Ensure that the unescaped header value is valid encoding
79c3a77752 Add macros to control lemon diagnostics
c4ca4312c1 CMake: Add -Werror to sharkd
80ebd68cc4 github: windows - downgrade cmake back to 3.24.3
f3a96bc18c IAX2: Fix UTF-8 string encoding
8037ecf93f mip6: Use ENC_APN_STR
45c15019ac AT: Fix UTF-8 string encoding
6bc87f01da T.30: Fix UTF-8 encoding
709d65883f Fix some cppcheck issues
d7ae26bf6c CMake: Update minimum required version to 3.13
18b161c80f CMake: Split "extra" warnings into interesting/not interesting
64f4a441d1 Release notes: Remove an entry
90fb3ff438 Disable a compiler warning for Flex generated code
8aa55eb2ba etwudmp: fix typo
45cc56746b aol: Token encoding
3903740534 Try to fix more -Wdocumentation-html warnings
dbb5b80344 CMake: Comment out some warning exceptions
7a29f10d6d locamation-im: restore showing the eol character in the hex dump
16107683c6 locamation-im: line numbers are never used for split lines, lose them
6d2aea45e4 Try to fix an -Wdocumentation-html warnings
006f10f108 Gitlab CI: Enable -Werror with Clang builds
e1d492e2e0 CMake: Do not disable -Werror with "extra compiler warnings"
2443df7318 Disable another -Wunreachable lemon warning
973748f321 CMake: Cleanup some compiler flags
5754fdf289 tfshark: Enable -Werror and fix compiler warnings
cfbe898dcc CMake: Disable -Werror for flex generated files
7efa4cb9a4 ORAN FH CUS: More changes to line up samples properly for Mod Compr
b00725c945 locamation-im: Fix encoding
4c4b3ec3a9 CMake: Move -Wlogical-op to common flags
09718fb9b3 CMake: Move clang warnings
671bb9f190 CMake: Remove warnings enabled by default
7ce4b153ae X509IF: Fix null pointer dereferencing.
c37bb02484 Regenerate ASN.1 dissectors
6e6386a3dc rpm-setup: Don't attempt to install cmake3
baaf60cb34 ptp: prevent divide by zero.
fc28bb0502 X509IF: Remove another fixed length buffer
59ee5247dc X509IF: Fix string truncation
b2d3f8dc31 GitLab CI: Update our schedule rules.
8fd375cfad tcp: Use correct wraparound comparison in sequence analysis
9b644f7f84 ORAN FH CUS: Start on Modulation Compression Support
5362cc9b3e Fix build on OpenSUSE 15.3
714ee652cd Refactor PCEP object dissection for readability
1e5f909617 RTPProxy: Remove newlines from col info.
5396eeb578 reassemble: More fragment_seq_single issues.
03a4eed570 ppp: Check to see if process_reassembled_data gave us a tvbuffer
1a04473ca8 opcua: Quiet a Coverity warning
99d3112464 Show the address space of IPv6 addresses
6b41ad918b PCAP: upgrade dissector to v17.0.0
37a0ccee9c GSM A-bis/OML: Show NACK cause descriptions
889e5331dc Add NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) dissector
baf7a3c493 Add MCTP control protocol dissector
e1cbe02cce Add Management Component Transport Protocol (MCTP) dissector
b704562c0c RTPProxy: Make column info more readable.
b9a4bf297e reassembly: Fix update to the fragment_add_single functions
59fdaa7d07 SAPEnqueue: Added SAP Enqueue Server as main dissector
6e041d9afa Qt: Fix typo in proto_tree_model
ab27562dbc Fixup fragment
b7ed46288a Qt: Speed up ProtoTreeModel with lots of items
52382b2592 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
4f3b028d94 epan: Separate fragment_head and fragment_item
0bfdd0d954 [Automatic update for 2022-11-13]
24d55ce7ac move depth increment below error checks
2b43f5f650 mongo: fix document depth tracking
ae0c38a07a NFS: Fix string decoding to use UTF-8
fd96d818a9 SAP HDB: fix a spelling error and some cppcheck warnings
3014fd9d17 pgsql: Avoid crash on non-ASCII invalid type bytes
795e318739 Gitlab CI: Add build with -Werror enabled
1ed750dd94 CMake + Gitlab CI: Allow fuzz jobs to pass with warnings
384bf49591 SAPHDB: Added SAP HDB as main dissector
91279eb90e Qt: Add GeoIP latitude and longitude to Endpoints table
1e6f26adb6 wslua: init.lua - superuser logic; typeof() call on non-table
b032a40fd9 IEEE 802.11: random addresses in conversations and endpoints
c34223ad62 VRT: add context packet support to VITA 49 dissector
f9a5bf5805 WASSP: Don't add a NULL to a column
99e93e24b8 Protobuf: fix the bug about string format
2a0061e445 EVS: improve info column display
1196f214aa EVS: add an option to force decoding as Header-Full format only
7f2006e744 ieee80211: Use FT_STRING for HS 2.0 OSU NAI
085cbd27e1 pcapng: ws_debug - display option code in decimal
85357ae721 Fix more unused variables and enable unused-but-set-variable errors.
b662f565f0 STP: Remove an unused variable.
526ccef5f4 per: Implement UTF8String properly
c2b59567d3 tshark: update man to explain why some fields are skipped in elastic-mapping.
fd92228e54 capture: Remove an unused variable.
3ec1e6ca59 afs: Validate vectorized strings
df478a365d dfilter: treat carriage returns as whitespace
16afad10fb Qt: Fix a deprecated warning
f4965d5dec wmem: Make wmem_strbuf_utf8_validate endpptr param optional
0928a25d1f GitLab CI: Switch to clang 15.
0bfe5bed72 [Automatic update for 2022-11-06]
a1feafad6c IPv6: fix embedded IPv4 address dissection when using Well-Known Prefix
0562fe46f6 SAPIGS: Added SAP IGS as main dissector
23f54390f1 hl7: Validate encoding
9a3d091933 mmse: Handle encoding
b860351e7f Packet List: preserve horizontal scroll extent for PgUp/PgDn
bcbd6c3974 sctp: add support for Zero Checksum Acceptable parameter
d2f7b8907c wbxml: Fix encoding
07627f0230 E2AP: peek at RAN function name using tvb_get_stringz_enc
ae3f4832c5 Windows: install etwdump extcap utility by default
f47f114bb2 skinny: Check encoding
73c291029d skinny: Resync xml code with dissector, regenerate
8c585cc228 skinny: Convert parse_xml2skinny_dissector.py to Py3
d1e3ef36c5 WSUG: consistent spelling of acknowledgment
5084857eed WSUG: Document the layer operator.
1505fa1b4b addr_resolv: define default port values for DNS resolution UAT
5fa07d18ec xcsl: Check encoding of characters
49d21db1a7 DBUS: Make a function static
798c1a8e6d EVS: fix frame format detection heuristics
df4a0f289c alljoyn: Use a FT_CHAR and value_string for the type id
3e0ee841b1 epan: Simplify construct_match_selected_string
3ac86775dc Fix some spelling errors
e449b560c0 epan: Properly generate filter expressions for custom columns
c6a0b9b64a E2AP: Add some missing IEs
9339b357ea ieee80211: add a dissector for the protected EHT EML OP MODE notif
12a5c10664 gsm_osmux: Fix AMR_SID frame type payload size
a1c55f2356 GOOSE: add back goose.floating_point filter
fd7716542c Qt: Move generic methods to utils
91c0669fb7 Qt: KeyboardInputInterval - allow more relaxed typing for keyboardSearch
0bfa32ee6c wsdg: order Lua sections as a user may require them
636c2d21ac Allow user-defined labels for Bluetooth UUIDs
80e287f82c Reset the "current conversation elements" after each dissector call
5723e43293 BGP: Adding support for RFC8365
f2105250fa Dissector CMakeLists: custom header+support files
c18809a861 Change some `wmem_packet_scope()` to `pinfo->pool`
dbc688ccb9 F1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.2.0
c2242455e7 Gitlab issue template: Info how to upload a file
dcbd3874d3 tls: add support for DESEGMENT_UNTIL_FIN, sequence numbers
6759377b93 TCP: Overriding of the automatic SEQ Analysis
891716800b http: Store request/response data there, not in the conversation
1293f15897 AMQP: Add field table values as fields
cabe0e0239 Filling in information about the server in the tap listener
212c90f6d5 QUIC: fix typo
2f75f65b7f ieee80211: remove duplicate entry
a9d32c9316 ieee80211: fix item type is FT_UINTY but call has len X
a06288d78c ieee80211: fix mask has odd number of digits
e0c4172681 ieee80211: fix filter "wlan.fixed.publicact" appears consecutively
2e98ceb0d1 E2AP: Following ans2wrs.py fix, can now extend RANParameter-ID range
4c2d0f16d4 dfilter: Improve representation of raw field references
b83658d8a4 dfilter: Add suport for raw addressing with references
0853ddd1cb dfilter: Add support for raw (bytes) addressing mode
31a0147daa dfilter: Pass a value by reference
0583b76204 dfilter: Remove unused data structure
5f46ce935e Profiles: Fix export crashing for single profile
58390334eb asn2wrs.py: fix Needs64b
759e571c05 dbus: Use proper conversation function name
34a66401e8 UI: Only sort visible packets instead of all packets
fe4b063954 IPP: Add the charstring value so it is filterable
8d17d1fe7a ftp: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
2ad4b5bb3c Qt: Generate filter expressions for columns with multiple occurrences
3aafecb7b9 Main dialog: Wireshark stops extcap on exit if no packets received yet
190b74bc06 PTP: Enable analysis by default
d5d635d7b7 D-Bus: Resolve unique names into well-known names
034ac6dad9 D-Bus: Add member to response frame in info column
60aec65e9f D-Bus: Add path, interface, member to responses
8f6a640337 epan: Allow FT_UINT_STRING for proto_tree_add_string()
76301761bb D-Bus: Add conversation tracking
e207d65830 TCP: Obvious Retransmission RTO is wrong
8de2b2e860 addr_resolv: add support for static hostname entries
2578e2a1fb TCP: last packet of a disordered series is marked as Retransmission
d892d28481 NTP: Improve handling of poll and precision fields
b025c45cf3 TLS: Don't assert on zero length handshake fragment
69daf2e339 QT: When opening files, filter on All Capture Files immediately
89452ef2fc Protobuf: Fix a google.protobuf.Timestamp displaying bug
11990f258d Qt: Add ProgressFrame to the Expert Information dialog
81bd7b1415 Qt: filter_dialog - make Cancel button functional
dd5f86c674 Capture options dialog: Fix start of capture by double click
460d4c85c2 Allow custom dissectors for BLE advertisement service UUIDs
420ec1511d extcap: fix missing control frames from wifidump capture
3da9603b9e AMQP: call sub dissector via UAT
c8a4b8d611 packet-json: move away from `wmem_packet_scope()`
887fc09100 Bluetooth: Fix detection of colliding peer proc
96de1ce181 RTPS: Clang warnings cleaned in RTPS protocol
71a21ca1ca thrift: fix conflict
00179b710c NSIS: add Extcap group; tidy up other groups and WSUG
9de9a7900f GSM A RR: de_rr_meas_res(): also show padding as a tree item
3829e598a5 GSM A RR: fix de_rr_meas_res(): properly return consumed length
4445b4df2f GSM A RR: de_rr_meas_res(): remove unused curr_offset variable
f478a2db5e GSM A RR: make gsm_rr[_csn]_padding_bits() accept padding pattern
c59804f25f Qt: Prevent dangling object for profile dialog
a42d245c2b [Automatic update for 2022-10-30]
179ecc114c PVFS: Fixup commit a9535243c5
6fae1c6a1c PVFS: Fix UTF-8 string truncation
a9535243c5 PVFS: Validate raw data encoding as ASCII
a1e32e67ea Revert "IPP: NULL is not a valid use here"
3baf3216ac ieee802154: Update 6top subie to final number
8b34bfdb59 CFDP: Add some length fields
ea41d58d47 Qt: TrafficTree - Add headers to CSV/YAML export
b4a738e069 Qt: Fix unexpected bytes suffix
ea60fdcb31 TrafficTree: Fix wrong element choosen in context menu
f8efd93fc7 LLT(veritas): Dissect new type of packet
58d545d5e6 IPP: NULL is not a valid use here
0b9edb2299 evs: fix typo for evs_d_bits_t0_values
9504b54bc1 unicode-utils: Add a null check to UTF-8 validation
4851b4ceb5 column-utils: Check for UTF-8 truncation
ea9af624cd epan: eliminate timezone buffer.
0ae3315f53 Qt: Make sure our font setting is backward compatible.
3f194ad187 gitlab-ci: move check tfs and typed_item_call to end of test
a4f1e5c6fe NSIS: uninstall etwdump; extcap binaries not in program directory
267954cda2 epan: Increase timezone buffer size
b1bd41a1ae Metamako: make a tfs static
0b83d51e75 E2AP: Add a comment for constant value taken from later spec
083b07d88d Fix profile import/export menu items.
86af1d6707 e2ap: fix a compiler warning due to a strange maxofRICrequestID value.
4c3ebe73d3 epan: ensure that the result of ws_label_strcpy is terminated
d46e7f90f2 E2AP 2.01
c8cf2f544c PER: Fix length of restricted character string item
d560dd3948 Qt: Fix our default font size on Windows.
4d2680cf75 DNS: Fix column info encoding errors
89fe7720f3 PKTC: Fix timestamp encoding errors
6b468cbae7 VTP: Fix timestamp encoding errors
00ac65ff83 AMQP: Fix char encoding errors
f1ddda51d4 wisun: Rename field name with common abbreviations
e2c9021111 ieee802154-tap: Add PHY Header TLV
76a6e2a2bf ftypes: Do not sanitize strings for UTF-8 errors
c1cede8d7c epan: Format column string input for display.
92e1357bb4 Rename ws_label_strcat() to ws_label_strcpy()
f55cb116a0 Remove memset() from ws_label_str()
c149e4112f epan: Rename a test
8920effd27 FiveCo Legacy: Fix raw bytes as UTF-8
62d6fb85c7 Netrom: Fix string truncation
0157d74c44 epan: Fix bogus string truncations found with a search
40ec1adfb0 S7Comm: Fix invalid UTF-8 value string chars
56ee77d525 DNS: Do not truncate string arbitrarily
549e194e7c MPEG2 Descriptors: Validate ASCII strings
5a144e6010 synergy: Format unknown packet types as UTF-8
23f206c8b8 GitLab CI: Build RPMs in parallel.
3a19d97867 woww: Make enums use biggest size occurrance
71e989a0f4 woww: Make types have the FT of their largest type instead of smallest
da8a0e64f3 woww: Remove _guid from some HFs
f88027a1ef woww: Remove _guid from item and player in SMSG_ITEM_NAME_QUERY_RESPONSE
b2ee0f32d1 woww: Add underscore to buy_bank_slot_result
c77b972edc woww: Make SMSG_TURN_IN_PETITION_RESULTS use petition_results
bc433b41ce woww: Remove incorrect field from SMSG_PETITION_SHOWLIST
302117823b woww: Update SMSG_PETITION_SIGN_RESULTS
ba1edd97e8 woww: Add SMSG_GUILD_ROSTER
8e3d587421 woww: Remove skip fields and add gm_ticket_queue_status
226ee2e242 woww: Add change NECK_OR_RELIC to RELIC and fix SPLINE_FLAG_UNKNOWN31
d6e47936a4 woww: Fix warnings about values being out of scope for int
478fddaec4 woww: Split GM_TICKET_STATUS enumerators with underscores
c9f1d411a4 woww: Add gm_ticket_type to CMSG_GMTICKET_UPDATETEXT
c3630bc0e9 woww: Remove compressed field from CMSG_GMTICKET_CREATE
25403e9f15 woww: Add comment field to CMSG_GMSURVEY_SUBMIT
1996a520ec woww: Remove compressed CMSG_AUTH_SESSION field
24b4c703c4 woww: Add battleground related updates
aa1ff9f57d woww: Update incorrect messages
ec659dc177 woww: Add more fields for SMSG_ATTACKERSTATEUPDATE
e561372278 woww: Update SMSG_ADDON_INFO, fix endless array looping
53fa582c92 woww: Rename compressed_addon_info to addon_info
75b312c659 woww: Make message direction detection be more flexible
7f46c9fc56 woww: Register with decode_as instead of _with_preference
1fa99c5f0d woww: Update release-notes.adoc with more information
15a7cfc943 Add WOWW to docbook/release-notes.adoc
238a49fcc5 woww: Add update mask
2c921dd098 woww: Add Aura Mask
81c2c29f7f woww: Auto generate implementation from wowm
460ad699bf woww: Make preparations for auto generating dissector
978def5b51 tools/compress-png: migration to python typos
974123c507 Bluetooth: add Volume Control Service characteristics parsing
708da48526 IEEE 802.11: Fix a length check.
e7a4f4b2e3 H224: Fix typo (Sequence -> Segment)
92d58f297d PER: Fix call_per_oid_callback() open type length is in bytes.
85a9e05c52 IEEE 802.11: Fix DSCP string handling
39910654d3 IEEE 802.11: Fix SCIDX string handling
ce2b9a046a .gitlab-ci's variables: as string
c4b30942d0 epan: Fix build errors about try/catch block on some compilers
0647fc5f23 SCTP: Fix host name address parameter
4de19bf866 Metamako: Fixed int being printed as hex
8d1efeba40 h224: fix protocol name in comments.
3353a158a9 Add dot in Protocol column for H.xxx dissectors
70ebded081 GTP, GTPv2: Use ENC_APN_STR for FQDN.
c6e228bb17 Qt: Resolved Addresses - display filename if present
72234923c4 github: use latest winflexbison3 in workflow build
30905d9c50 [Automatic update for 2022-10-23]
0e7c240897 capture: Convert sync pipe to GIOChannel
5c53de8f47 X2AP: Make it possible to dissct private IEs
398fb66598 wow: Reverse string bytes before converting to UTF-8
be992b94a1 mpeg-descriptor: Ensure language code is valid UTF-8
8514eb0e21 GitLab CI: Remove the "Latest Clang" job.
bd4c98b8ed Couchbase: remove unnecessary update to offset
197e645f6a GitLab CI: Switch the RPM test jobs to the 2x-daily schedule.
83d5533711 GitLab CI: Switch our Linux packages to a twice daily schedule.
61d81683c8 github: make yaml syntax consistent (msys2.yml)
d896660e63 github: make yaml syntax consistent (lockdown.yml)
533eb735e3 Camel: Dissect TimeAndTimezone
cbfa038602 UCP: Fix string encoding
6aa33f0fc9 wmem: Make strbuf_utf8_validate() accept embedded NUL bytes
338e6b50e2 RTPS: Parse Secure Volatile DATA
8b3521272a H.224: Fix protocol filter name to match fields and convention
3be3b2cc95 H224: Add a basic dissector
3e92ca0147 Update to https for Acknolodgements (needed for one url)
6d60a07ea1 ieee802.11: Update doc link and revision
c76ef65af5 Bluetooth: add RSI and Broadcast_Name AD parser
76e4bc1c69 Couchbase: Add RangeScan opcodes and request definitions
b7a7921699 Increased EBHSCR packet size
1070328597 packet bytes: do a simpler test for "is this ASCII?"
de50666ec0 packet bytes: don't assume the unadorned "char" type is signed.
139e46898d CMake+GitLab CI: Add and use RPMBUILD_EXTRA_ARGS.
d7c993d4af epan: Fix the end offsets for hex string items
31ee273517 GitLab CI: Try to get ccache working for RPM builds.
1321de7dc3 Packaging: Fix our tarball commit logic.
6d79c8c1f6 GitLab CI: Don't set absolute_paths_in_stderr.
1283e29e53 Metamako: Fix a format specifier.
a30774d8c1 GitLab CI: Set ccache's base_dir for RPM builds.
f5f561d5c7 Metamako: Metamako dissector update
603354203b epan/proto: Replace format text()
000c2c0bf4 expert UAT: display field name on load error
b42628389e CFDP: Fix empty source filename
7b5ef933b0 C15H: Fix string truncation.
1bd29411a1 UCP: Validate string encoding
00d1f4da87 ieee80211: Use greek leters in Beamforming matrices.
912f7122f9 GitLab CI: Check our commit before building MR jobs.
1ab15061b5 IP: Fix fragment offset value calculation
375cd6392e DHCPv6: Sanitize domain display labels for invalid UTF-8
4eb78424d2 CMake: Add -Werror to test binaries
c22dc30cac tvbtest: Fix printf() format
9fb07c1b79 Squelch some narrowing warnings.
9270731976 GitLab CI: Enable ccache for our RPM package jobs.
2d831519c3 rtcp: Use setup_frame_number to look for conversations
cac6a8452b h248: Add missing dot in H.248 protocol name
8f0985b19a SMB: Fix string truncation
815415cda7 DNS: Add documentation for get_dns_name()
64bd646b2f DNS: Don't pass raw bytes to expert.h APIs
bd0102fc64 LDAP: Validate DNS name string encoding
d20ed9491c GSUP: Validate DNS name string encoding
93efea8ea9 Try to fix test suite failures on Win64
a81e90f39b TCPCL: Clamp and indicate lengths too large for Wireshark to handle
b2b76c2bae Qt: Add geolocation columns back to the Endpoints dialog.
5bb756e203 epan: centralize SDNV processing along other similar varint types
d2e5bd80cb CIP: Minor cleanup/refactoring
7a4d05d63a charsets: Don't add illegal Unicode codepoints for UTF-16, UTF-32
5af53da434 json: Add media type application/3gppHal+json
69f1cd3eed build: rpm-setup.sh - typo in usage
0d59da3156 Qt: Fix the ByteViewText line height.
5b59771e8b wsdg: add arch-setup.sh; update options for others
45add8812d ieee80211: Improve the handling of Beamforming matrices.
f90486246f README.plugins: Fix version variables
4136b250c5 epan: Rename tvb_get_nstringz0()
e4d5a44014 MEGACO: Fix proto_tree_add_string() call
41f14af980 build: bsd-setup.sh - make code like the others; FreeBSD gcrypt
6156e28a26 dhcp: Convert raw string to UTF-8 before adding to expert info
bc9a5ff70e build: fix typos in alpine-setup.sh
b93e8234f6 GSM A-bis/RSL: dissect and show RFN using parse_reduced_frame_number()
269d3a9968 GSM A RR: expose parse_reduced_frame_number()
9006f25701 GSM A RR: make [parse_]reduced_frame_number() easier to use
47bd05e494 giop: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
0bf410550b smb2: Copy entire Unicode string length
be60ad9b17 Add include/ws_codepoints.h to the list of public headers.
d248702b86 nbt: Eliminate clang analyzer warning
1c9c1b5100 Add a #define for REPLACEMENT CHARACTER and use it.
5fd09b521d ftp: deal with UTF-8
94b4202a99 GIOP: Handle recursion and large loops.
2eeb086f70 H265: Support RPS prediction in h265 SPS
44a17f395f [Automatic update for 2022-10-16]
fc052615a6 SAPNI: Added SAP NI as main dissector
f86a0d5ab4 Use wmem_strbuf_append_unichar_repl() to append a REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.
ab7b71605c TDS: Reject invalid ASCII
cb23c5e8d7 PER, asn2wrs: Fix permitted-alphabet constrained character strings
21b3529be4 ANSI-A: init user_data field in stat_tap_table_item_type entries.
510c22a6a7 TCP: Update TCP TARR support to version 06 of the ID
89a63469f9 LTP: Guard itree use when segments have invalid data ranges
c045c70f00 JSON: Clean up stripping of double quotes in members
2d5bc550c8 JSON: Fix validation of UTF-8
995096df70 JSON: Add preference to enable "unescaping" strings
d2a488f5d5 wslog: Do not print control characters
d4ba8be9d7 Github CI: Rename MSYS2 job
a72edfff49 XML: Sanitize UTF-8 input
75eb708143 RTSP: Use format_text() on a string
b02fc55253 ieee80211: Correct the number of bits for phi & psi in beamforming matrices
d0ce6e5f81 Github: Ignore symbol changes on the master branch
3de62e588f wsutil: Rewrite ws_utf8_char_len() using a lookup table
eea68c7721 WBXML: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
8ca0aa78ed SMB Pipe: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
ceca3fed61 DCT2000: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
8cca807485 WSDG: tell users not to go for "Qt 6.4 for desktop development".
790f9eeaa9 PER: Ensure that restricted strings are UTF-8
325506919b epan: Use ws_utf8_truncate for formatted expert infos
f10538a102 falcodump: Fix our credential and config file parsing.
b484c41811 wimaxasncp: Fix dissection of message type in packet header
89a3c8679c BLF: Fixing the interpretation of SRR and RTR
883bc6ef29 TECMP: improve FCS and Padding detection for Ethernet
9891a79137 nbt: Check NetBIOS scope IDs
41fdfcdbfb SCTP: Improve handling of Host Name parameters
ceed050c47 LTP: Enhance with generated items, sequence analysis, and statistics
101ad8f29e Github CI: Add MSYS2 build
c01545ef7c msys2-setup.sh: Add missing git package
900984b3b7 smb: Fix display_unicode_string
01e2b16ec6 wsutil/str_util: Add ws_utf8_truncate
87441e45d8 Qt: minizip and minizip-ng size compatibility issues
3c0936d83e Github actions: newer verions with node12 -> node16
d99426fa6a GVCP: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
9a16cda9c7 HICP: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
a0a2386f74 LISP: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
803edf3f72 Homeplug AV: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
8ad9561f22 Open Sound Control: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
a05b210e11 F5 Ethtrailer: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
411289eaca IEEE 17221: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
af36a6ffcc ELF: Replace tvb_get_const_stringz()
670bacedc9 Match declaration style of other functions.
f7422a5cc8 Use "a" before consonant sounds, use "an" before vowel sounds.
4653583e1e Separate cases with spaces.
5bc8cac5cc charsets: UCS-4 code points above 0x10FFFFF are not legal
78ce2f2907 HTTP: Validate Basic Auth against UTF-8 after Base64 decoding
ec767dcf2d ieee80211: Use gint(8) for Beamforming Report AVG SNR
16fad42ae4 wslog: rename console open preference enum
f2fd5ab201 wslog: Fix console_open registry key name
f3f1556d45 Qt: Properly truncate our FieldInformation strings.
a19834b98c Windows: Store "gui.console_open" in the Windows registry
44d1cc6d4a GUI: Move log message to the correct place
8f7d0b2af5 Fix issue #18391
b7249fadd9 epan: Handle truncation of expert infos in the middle of UTF-8 chars
8700e9c407 wiretap: Make some pcapng logs noisy.
cf45609c02 OCP.1: Added packet forward lookup
5f9d493640 CIP: Support object-specific services
f7416d7e95 change GMTLS to TLCP
4a0ba1e378 WSDG: Make commands easily copy-pasteable
8607946295 CMake: Install falcodump.html in the right place.
7896f4b292 falcodump: Fixup our default profile and region.
3db17dab82 transum: expert infos are not Boolean fields.
597f020793 epan: Mark tvb_get_const_stringz() as deprecated
1b12dc4b9e Add WS_DEPRECATED_X() function attribute
3b803a94c7 ftypes: Cleanup code to parse integers
2fdd9d2e5d Windows: Fix detection of asciidoctor again
5a86ac3149 follow_stream_dialoag(qt): Fix Clang Analyzer Warning
7b7aaf0fcf Update nsi files with 5x9 Radius dictionary
0159659e37 Edit main dictionary file and modify indents for dictionary.5x9
321086cda2 Add 5x9 Radius dictionary
d9fbde7cc7 Debian: Ignore symbol changes on the master branch
2a97e729dc [Automatic update for 2022-10-09]
f504d02e8e MACsec: improve FCS and Padding detection for Ethernet
517d2be149 WPS: Multi-AP Profile and Multi-AP Default 802.1Q Settings subelements
a820b439b4 Qt+extcap: editselect value fixups.
80656552c7 Update our capture control icons.
3b074f7344 Update our Logray icons.
e040ca9015 GIOP: Translate string to UTF-8
bc67d45d72 Fix Debian symbols
7b4abf8341 dfilter: Fix integer comparison on big-endian
3949d289d1 Add log init message to main()
68a581afdc esl_eth: support nanosecond timestamps
9a6d496e64 Conversations dialog : rename the B to A packets column
a471aa7628 sshdump: Add '-f ' for capture filter
9ab1f35641 Move print_hex_data_buffer() to wsutil
05a32852a0 wmem: Avoid header dependency on wsutil
46d018627b wslog: Improve display for UTF-8 strings
0662a3f6ac dfilter: Amend a numeric pattern in the scanner
14f5121c4a dfilter