Osmocom Continuous Integration

Updated 6 hours ago

Common library for all Osmocom projects (libosmocore, libosmogsm, libosmovty, libosmogb, libosmosim, libosmousb, ...)

Updated 8 hours ago

Osmocom library for network/soecket abstraction and osmux audio multiplex

Updated 1 day ago

Osmocom docker containers

Updated 2 days ago

Osmocom GPRS libraries

Updated 6 days ago

Osmocom library for A-bis (E1/IP) interface

Updated 6 days ago

Tools for distributed pcap recording (osmo-pcap-server, osmo-pcap-client)

Updated 4 weeks ago

SCCP + SIGTRAN (SUA/M3UA) libraries as well as OsmoSTP

Updated 4 weeks ago

Osmocom Top-level Makefile and dev tools

Updated 1 month ago

PFCP protocol encoding and decoding, and generic PFCP endpoint implementation This is a mirror of https://gerrit.osmocom.org/libosmo-pfcp

Updated 1 month ago

GSM Audio Pocket Knife

Updated 2 months ago

Osmocom System Monitor

Updated 3 months ago

WIP Code Generator for GSM 04.08 encoder/decoder

Updated 6 months ago

OBSOLETE OLD Osmocom Crypto plugin for GEA3 and A5/3 (now part of libosmocore)

Updated 6 months ago

Scripts to import 3GPP specs into a git repository to look at diffs

Updated 6 months ago