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2023-08-25 17:09:01 +00:00
66a4fa24b6 Qt: Make Lua console output read-only
50e1e9abd0 wslua: Print syntax errors during compilation
a623da0050 DHCP: fix indent
cd4bf3b477 Fix Debian packaging and remove stale references to "init.lua"
4e3e55f9f1 pgm: fix misspelling of Luigi Rizzo's name. [skip ci]
d313c9e13e DoIP: Allow protocol version=0xff
41d8d372a3 DHCP: Add new CableLabs vendor class IDs
4621c5b7ac Fixed warning in packet-rdp.c
dfa07b28cc rdp: parse RDSTLS packets
84f1bb06f9 pgm: support both 0x0b and 0x0d as packet types for a PGMCC ACK packet.
69bfaccbad ieee80211: Update description of two Multi-Link fields
35e77d059e ieee80211: Fix build error
8cd16bec05 ieee80211: Add EHT Action and Protected EHT Action frames dissector
45fc52bad9 dcerpc: just use structure assignment rather than memcpy.
a3194d61f8 Qt: Delay deleting the interface frame context menu
da809de404 CMake: improve finding Gcrypt library
90a7d0704b Qt: Fix Manuf dialog memory leak
c3283d9d17 manuf: Fix unaligned memory access
a1e258177c BLF: Add interface name and hwchannel to ethernet status objects
4468d9ca2b Qt: Plug leak when removing row in Decode As
13fb276a18 Improve proto_tree link to display filter reference
3a81633495 Hide expert info of packet comments in packet tree
aaa989b267 BLF: Use correct flags mask.
4e6051ff39 Update the release notes
37eba9f0b3 pgm: don't fetch field values before you need them.
845c1bdc6e Release notes: Fixup some entries
4d7ab510db Qt (SSL Keylog): Add reset button to restore preferences
68a00c0a21 Qt (SSL Keylog): Do not erase user setting if cancelling
e930e58691 Qt (SSL Keylog): Do not close when "launch" is pressed
d745a9e128 NSIS: Uninstall no-longer-used Lua files
9fb85a847d Lua: Load init.lua from plugins directory
d1f08edcba DNS: Implement support for URI record
97213a58e7 Lua: Remove package.prepend_path
c5e00897e9 mdb: use DLT_MDB for the MDB dissector
4b9d0d5c10 sharkd: Add "capture_types" and "encap_types" to "info" method
7e7cd29372 kakfa: fix sync_group_request missing version check for instance_id
7efedd6d88 PCAP-NG File reader: Add ordinal block number
e5c198a2e5 Qt: Add Browser SSL keylog dialog
ac63850f40 Remove "browser_sslkeylog.lua"
eca17bd512 NAS 5GS: handle unexpected padding in delete existing QoS rule operation
61c3363330 Camel: Fix TimeAndTimezone presentation
09ebddaa7f sharkd: Enable synchronous name resolution, including MaxMind GeoIP
7a0b436f63 Do some more value_string checks
a6914ba92f addr_resolv: fix external reverse IPv6 lookup in tshark
58f5fa65b5 USBLL: Fix control transfer reassembly with data from host
81e2e8da6a wslua: Initialize useful constants in C
a839e454bd wslua: Add deprecated initializations in C
6c48170819 Fix opening the endpoint GeoIP map
77f0516b07 sharkd: Fix incorrect "stop_time" field in "voip-calls" tap
199c110d66 exported_pdu_tlvs.h: restore a lost comment showing the buffer alignment
90850cb16b asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #53a30f43e8
e9e790e4d3 asterix: update for RFS upstream change
48c9f9cbc5 test: Add Lua ByteArray integer tests
7917c031cf wslua: Refactor ByteArray integer methods
4f4d4683d8 wslua: Refactor ByteArray integer methods
c3fa423bc9 tshark: Restore deprecated default column field titles
01af473feb sharkd: Fix some leaks
a3d84bdc44 Lua: Print returned values in console
1daa76ae32 Qt: Make IOConsoleDialog a single instance
4f53f0acaf Qt: Remove unused Lua signals
37ace12ab0 Keep Lua console open and fix crash on Lua reload
55acd8fa0b Better detection of value_string conflicts, and some fixes
a983138bdc dissectors: new dissector for the MDB protocol
17cd9891be ICMPv6: Check for timestamp at the start of Echo data
0e2faa112a CMake: Fix FETCH_lua build on Apple platforms
8586becd64 [Automatic update for 2023-08-20]
159dc2c204 manuf: Remove parenthesis from short name
8985aa465f manuf: Add a special case
ee633d20d9 Update manuf data
c97982881f Release notes enhancements and fixups
268a9e243c RPC: add support for RPC-with-TLS
68668655c9 UI: Fix capture options tab key ordering
e111d255b7 ICMP: Improve heuristic for data time
0b9e591c3a Qt: Remove now unused pref (CID 1541123)
e3fa5e6c22 Add wtap_buffer_append_epdu_string() to add a string TLV to an EPDU.
21aa2bf370 check_typed_item_calls.py: check for value_string conflicts
07b255d47d DHCPFO: Add more Microsoft-specified fields, based on MS docs
6c23a93e35 Qt: Set autoscroll in setCaptureInProgress
3f841e8553 sharkd: Fix a name collision with MinGW headers
369b1d0696 manuf: Print short name with tshark -G
44e4ad3bc5 tshark: Add more fields to -G protocols and -G heuristic-decodes
2dd4de5c51 QUIC: Add Multipath support (draft-04/draft-05)
2904e8c3e5 sharkd: Generate "eo:<name>" object list in "download" method when needed
bf2f8c5fad tshark: Register extcap preferences when needed
7e5018b254 Fortinet: Add Dissector for FGCP (FortiGate Cluster Protocol) - HeartBeat
9663e021e1 Sysdig Event: Sync with upstream and fix the info column
233da618a6 BLF: fix a typo introduced in 9bdf256a8d
8025d90971 Qt: Remove tail update timer from packet list
9752021f17 Qt: Preserve horizontal scroll extent for Home/End
9bdf256a8d BLF: Put EthernetStatus Objects in packet lis using Exported PDU
95c299a065 Move autoscroll preference behavior to recent
c5452afb8d Exported PDU: Add new tag EXP_PDU_TAG_COL_PROT_TEXT
e5e004e064 Qt: Ensure the IOConsoleDialog destructor is called
96c9153560 epan: Fix a memory leak
152fef5b38 Qt: Remove an #ifdef
d0312ddf4a Fix some filters and field widths
759c0feab3 CMake: Accept any supported Lua version by default
008d389e94 ieee80211: fix mask is all set
e4544bd5ae ieee80211: fix wrong item type/length and bitmask
66a502e195 Qt: Add loadGeometry to ManufDialog
b86172a37d STUN: add Change IP or Port to INFO column
fea3f90147 Rename the Lua log domain
80c63485e4 Qt: Close console dialog when reloading Lua
8ebbcd4ecf Qt: Use a vertical layout with Lua console
249516680b Qt: Add loadGeometry to CredentialsDialog
615c2bf15a batadv: Can't add bitmask with no fields
e6110367de sapsnc: Fix dissection of Quality of Protection parameter
74f25620f2 Telnet: Fix unescaping of some option subnegotiation.
29ad6db8aa epan: Remove obsolete "logger" funnel.h callback
90cc69536b Remove article 'a' from manuf data
c3cc0e5fa7 Qt: Set StockIconToolButton cursor, leave action
a8f8e79a57 Qt: Change formatString() to use localized byte units
67af3d73be Change how system default locale is set
005cd9d1c6 Add new -p/-P capinfos options to doc/capinfos.adoc
45772de991 Add packet comments to the output of capinfos
1d2dfd693a TLS: Label incomplete segments as such
5d04013024 Add a set of time stamp precision values in wsutil/nstime.h and use them.
14b8bc66e8 Initialize global_dissect_options at compile time.
50778cff57 Move the check for TS_PREC_NOT_SET out of timestamp_set_precision().
bdc78d3a63 sharkd: Add optional "filter" parameter to "tap" method
b0bf7a8e13 editcap: Add --discard-packet-comments option and fix -a option
f25421db6c dissect_opts: use a better name for a routine.
011aa3adfd Misc dissector fixes
bb31b5704c Note that the -t flag affects the recent file.
ef14ebd180 sharkd: initialize the columns correctly for sip stats
5d35745f01 Qt: Add "success" hint to IO Console Dialog
5a1da4f692 Lua: Remove console.lua
919bc0d6f5 CMake: Update FindLua module
8ed0b47667 Qt: Add Lua console dialog
de1d30cb4e Qt: Fix compilation on Qt5 and clang
dc29ae7ba3 sharkd: Add "fn" field to "frame" output
a4c6a2f14b sharkd: add voip-calls and voip-convs taps
87d5daa331 Fix some spelling errors
75fc8ceaaa ieee80211: Add five EXT element dissectors
18018f7534 Qt: Don't use winId() on a child widget (Qt Wayland issue)
f9f182f19e check_typed_item_calls.py: Add exception for checking all-set masks
92c5fb9ad3 sharkd: Use PRIu32/PRIu64 when outputing guint32/guint64 JSON values
1bdbea4ae1 sharkd: Remove unneeded sharkd_phs_req struct
c96b79f105 sharkd: Add phs tap to sharkd
de5dc5dd23 SRT dissector: Fixed failure code presentation in the handshake
9a49fdd315 IDN: Fix use of conversation
ef6511a08e BLF: Improve file dissection.
4f4a54e6d3 blf: fix formats used to format unknown WTAP_ENCAP_ values and unsigned numbers.
23bc2d48bb ieee80211: Update 5 EHT element to verson D3.0
da538dcd1a packet-cql.c: add EVENT message dissection
04391cdb20 DHCP: Allow empty relay agent information sub-option
e9daca9ee4 bthci_cmd: Add HCI event masks for new/modified HCI v5.4 events
b1249b0be4 DCERPC: Update DRSUAPI support
b60eceb8d5 Lua: Enable "Launch with SSLKEYLOGFILE" by default
0f8a68b5a8 DNP: Add format specfier to val_to_str_ext() call
1826bce649 Lua: Remove dtd_gen.lua
def43c8061 DO-IRP: some minor changes
41e02574bd IPERF: Fix some consecutive filter names
1d32f1eb7f BT-DHT: Fix infinite loop in malformed error packets
b5442a123f gitlab ci: add --check-bitmask-fields to tools/check_typed_item_calls.py call
5ee5f6fb40 [Automatic update for 2023-08-13]
138a1bb8b9 do-irp: Add support for DO-IRP
9ab94a547f F1AP: fix off by one define
507760d710 SNMP: Fix responses from different ports and SMUX
ba3fe23ea8 Get rid of a no-longer-needed header.
c3fe4c8fd8 dumpcap: map DLT_ values from libpcap or piped pcap headers to LINKTYPE_s.
e755912ec9 Qt: Fix Go First Packet turning off autoscroll
88999bf7c6 Qt: Turn off autoscroll when the preference is off
63fad4db26 Qt: Restore autoscroll behavior to toggled
a03041e601 Don't assign a struct timeval to the time stamp in a pcap_pkthdr.
da8b06065a Don't use RLIMIT_AS if it isn't defined.
fc6124f54b <sys/ioctl.h> is needed to declare ioctl().
a6aa2cdd51 Qt: Redraw the packet bytes when our screen changes.
3c22bc0d0b dpauxmon: Flush after pcap header
96c2f8b05f DHCP: Add support for Microsoft-style handling in option 77
b4aab3523e debian: Update and add missing symbols
2539d14d15 NAS 5GS: Don't double advance the offset
6027465d10 Qt: Set icon back to capture icon with a new file
95814bc732 iperf: ix warnings double ->int
1f3e77ee5c Telnet: Dissect VMware Serial Port Proxy extension.
9b79336fd2 Update packet-h224.c
5f7961ee60 Using TFS as possible
8db2a5cf50 add_bitmask() - only warn when bitmask set has bits not set in root hf mask
615e4731e0 conversation: use epan scope for hashtable key
081fc7a937 Initial work on supporting VP9
7203fb908d TECMP: Fix ASAM CMP Auto-Detect
2bed8f33bc Update iperf2 packets dissection routines to the latest iperf2 packet format
fa6f762467 HSFZ: Make some symbols static
1c11845ad0 IP: Add DiffServ codepoint 44
65e7f88cc0 CMake: MSVC Fix command line warning D9025: overriding '/W3' with '/w'
ef9c79ae81 btsdp: Keep offset advancing
da4de74f75 MAC Blocks: Allow matching a block by prefix
3210bf4dcf manuf: Revert to the previous concise format for blocks
6013a7623b WSUG: Add MAC Address Blocks entry to Tools
a17515e7c3 MAC Blocks: Add tooltips
7fecc31427 btsdp: Finalize wmem_strbuf
6f30bc4713 bt-dht: make parser more robust to broken packets
1e3454c223 Fix SVCCTL OpenSCManager2 Request Parsing
30e255949d locamation-im: fix a mistake in the time difference calculation.
d086f2733b wmem: Fix leak in block_fast when realloc'ing jumbo blocks
40eb2abb96 Fix comments about init, cleanup, and shutdown routines.
2abe8ced1d F1AP: NotificationInformation is a normal IE not an extension.
85da4edcd0 Look into more inconsistent add_bitmask() calls
c7d4b89b8e test: Fix lua tvbrange test since length is now in new encoding
8e21cb3878 ASN1: Change gboolean to bool in two templates
7cffcbfdec doc: Keep dissection options alphabetized
da690738a1 epan: Fix up --disable-all-protocols
af0691342b Add --only-protocols and --disable-all-protocols to tshark and rawshark.
5dd79aa099 signature of check_lua_script has changed
abd7886be5 signature of proto_tree_set_ipv6 was changed after this patch was written
1a5b1530ba fix documentation
ec17ee15bd test suite for lua add_packet_field
6659f4494d return value and offset in lua add_packet_field
b1b9ff27e7 add new add-and-return functions to C API
8c7ed63608 bugfix: proto_tree_add_time_item *endoff should be offset not length
024c78934f lua: calculate length after encoding changed
d0cb5c871d Qt: Update splash screen for applying changed preferences
6e41c0477d ASAM CMP: Adding support for ASAM CMP
d7a5d5a01d Update sharkd rtp-stream tap to match Wireshark
c8947c88ca packet-cql.c: add map and set dissection
df59bfff2e Convert asn2ws to generate C99 types
d5ea143ee2 gprscdr: Update to 3GPP TS 32.298 V18.2.0
7ef3acdaa5 Refine lua tests for clarity
85a7b9da3e packet-dnp.c - Add Secure Authentication Object Support
123945c507 pfcp: Update to 3GPP TS 29.244 V18.2.0
7aa60f8857 Telnet: Fix AUTHENTICATION double-unescaping.
e5ced7ad79 HSFZ: Adding support for the HSFZ protocol
05c16fef81 CAN/FlexRay/LIN: Adding support to set Source and Destination
4ecf22fd2a PTP: display tlvType as hex
cc3af3ff9e Remove WOWW notes as it was not a new protocol
9dbc72dd5b Spellchecking: doing check new generated C files
f9846ecb7c macos-setup.sh, WSDG: Qt 6 builds must be done manually on macOS.
9c3815d9fe [Automatic update for 2023-08-06]
c9daa6b656 WSUG: Documentation updates
e693b924c4 SNMP: Don't check the tvb length on a fragmented packet
fd91b987d4 Art-Net: Update OEM/ESTA codes
a734e40e71 JSON 3GPP: correction of decoding SupportFeatures
d02f074150 TLS: improve visualization of SessionTicket extension
15825ebeda MAC Blocks: Add check box and hide the short name
09009b68e4 MAC Blocks: Use a proxy model to implement filtering
757b58a503 MAC Blocks: Replace QComboBox with a QLineEdit
9708362cee hartip: enhance display of delimiter
06f3d0fa5e hartip: display expansion bytes
9ad1ec1651 extcap: Flush after writing the pcap header
380c142d7a proxy: Fix two-pass dissection of coalesced packets
fa893f56bc GUI: Implement selection and copying for MAC Address Blocks
af28092876 dhcp|dhcpv6: Add ethernet client identifier item
a3be2f1b7a wisun: fix wrong item length
ff97c19a1c TFTP: resuscitate tsize probe detection code (CID1471625)
44dc70cc5a CP2179: Handle timetag info response without records
7694ad23d9 BGP: Add BGP-LS SRv6 Extensions (draft-ietf-idr-bgpls-srv6-ext-14)
e9b0c58430 SOME/IP: Fix typo
d5b714003a macOS: Quote our code signing identities
3666d3547e osx-app.sh: Define the signing identities, or use self-signed
afdc1babf7 packet-cql.c: deal with NULL and zero length map and set values
5d8b1acf55 Fix Wi-SUN JM-IE dissector
acab67d234 Fix progress_is_slow check arithmetic
f2a2eadb84 Gitlab CI: Update manuf header
391f9a3d63 GitLab CI: Switch the Windows x64 packages to Qt 6.5.2
3c2fa2b61a Falcodump: Partially revert c8accef14c
c058febb45 PFCP: fix dissection of Offending IE Information IE
230b59c3f2 TECMP: Remove old dead FlexRay code
1d0c142a9a GUI: Implement Tools->MAC Address Blocks menu entry
d5fb4db20c [Automatic update for 2023-07-30]
788be03d90 debian: New lintian override format
66cc899624 GitLab CI: Fix up our manuf header
b1f00bc411 UI: Fix path separators for profiles
ad6cedb564 debian: Add missing symbols
4052d2c7f4 debian: Override lintian embedded-library complaint about manuf data
5eb3fdc47a Fix typo for field wlan.wfa.ie.wpau.cs.oui
a582dc8ae5 manuf: Add ws_manuf_count()
9179ba9667 manuf: More cleanups
341c03713f manuf: Move private declarations out of header
4838556b3a GitLab CI: Move manuf to the Code Lines job
af2830be7b GitLab CI: Build manuf
36e7876851 GitLab CI: Restrict "web" pipeline sources
6897e5cd04 Docs: Document `tshark -G {manuf,services,enterprises}`
b14d514541 RTPS: New algorithm PIDs values set woth their final values
74406642ae ieee802.11be draft2.0:Fix mlo assoc response && EHT NDP Announcement
a9241ef14e Change data size formatting to use SI units and 0 precision
4c5c969023 Clean up the cleaning-up of wtap_dump_params structures.
b3e09c65d3 manuf: Mask out broadcast flag
0ebe3bc0d4 manuf: Improve iteration logic
611bf80be3 manuf: Code cleanup
d2e85d783c Update release notes
7f06df2d0c Add tshark -G services
734a675938 Add description to IANA services table
a3142d25bf Add tshark -G enterprises
939a9fb0a7 TCP: Summarize the completeness bitmask as a string
5218affca5 debian: Add missing symbols
75585a7607 http: Don't create extra TCP streams and conversation data
6b630a65dc PROXYv2: support coalesced packets
0f7b431de4 cql: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
edd0517fae Websocket: Restore the text payload field
dae58c9a69 manuf: Add table dump with tshark -G
a6bd924c0a GSM A DTAP: fix value-string for Signalling Access Protocol
36c6616b7d telnet: Simplify handling of Telnet option lookup.
0fd01fbd6d HTTP2: Modified to use common streaming reassembly helper function
edbb5272ac Reassembly: add additional_bytes_expected_to_complete_reassembly function
783918a93b IRC: Interpret CTCP commands with a Name Only protocol
a6bab78815 Add H.265 to video codecs
b4a421cf82 Replace "manuf" files with static arrays
7e08afb478 packet-cql.c: fix ERROR message parsing
74bfa8a03d dfilter: Remove deprecated ~= operator symbol
ca8976020f dfilter: Change "not in" behaviour to match inequality
1b82eda9eb epan: Register dynamic column fields and make them filterable
99ef0560b7 zabbix: fix buffer overflow in zabbix_desegment preference
d138e594b5 dfilter: Fix `all .. in` operator semantics
f743fa5249 dfilter: Refactor DFVM values
261c2f24cc Add Zabbix protocol dissector
6885d787fd [Automatic update for 2023-07-23]
207321b4b1 woww: Fix inconsistencies
1cac1791f3 woww: Fix SMSG_TEXT_EMOTE emote_int
484909108d woww: Fix CMSG_TEXT_EMOTE incorrect type
12e1b9cee0 woww: Fix inner loops overriding the outer loop variable
46419c31a7 woww: Add array indices in subtree text
799c4cc9fb woww: Add more enumerators for ITEM_SLOT
6a229ac490 woww: Remove pinfo from add_update_mask
ab5a0e566f woww: Add SHIRT to ITEM_SLOT enum
7ab0f0890d woww: Replace auction house id with enum
5c61e3f161 woww: Update layouts
2d0a07116e make_enterprises: some minor changes
439bb8d63a RTP: Remove unnecessary null check
4996cf7630 DHCPFO: Improve handling of vendor-specific options
3c6b6721ac DHCPFO: Make expert infos appear in Expert Info Dialog
5160dfd96c A few more add_bitmask fixes
d53114e469 WLAN: Fix some more inconsistent fields[] for add_bitmask() calls
52763d5aa9 SCTP: update support for zero checksum acceptable parameter
ab6c2a4a0a RLC-NR: Fix the length to a key used for wmem_tree usage
864e0f2919 NTLMSSP: Remove a useless test
890d4d6d85 rdpudp: fix sequence number computation
7d85b868b2 rdp_egfx: drop useless verbose log
fa65621a3c Q.931: fix value-string for Intermediate rate (octet 5b)
a3db035083 MySQL/MariaDB: Dissect CLIENT_SSL_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT bit
8497277770 Openflow(v1): fix Dead Store found by Clang analyzer
e7c79f5a3a cql: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
2f9f75f8e1 rtps: fix dead assignment found by Clang Analyzer
535f8f7534 Improve check for add_bitmask consistency, and fix up some issues
bc6f86e875 DNS: add a fence to info column
65c20f04da GitLab CI: Update some paths
3370e8752a RTP: Rename the struct of per-packet info
2ac8231776 Release notes: We now have a Windows Arm64 package
1dfdb211b7 Tools: Move malloc debugging to a separate file
a1e4aea6ff RTP: SSRCs on the same RTP session have their own number space
13f21ebd59 GitLab CI: Fix Windows Arm64 package copying
3a9d086389 GitLab CI: Fix our Windows Arm64 CMake prefix path
dff32f7ae1 Fix a spelling error in file-pcap.c
92adc02cc3 GitLab CI: Add Python to the Windows Arm64 path, second try
6fa03d19c1 GitLab CI: Add Python to the Windows Arm64 path
cfacb88c66 GitLab CI: Add a Windows Arm64 package job
bc55a18fb1 WSUG: add subsections for the various preference panes
3a7a3a9e40 rdps: generate big text arrays and one fwrite() call.
f4e31bda10 rdps: no need to set script_name in start_code().
8c43fd663d Add more notes about getting distribution information on Linux. [skip ci]
6ed7571150 Fix more item/call issues
c71f7d5e14 file-pcap, file-pcapng: use names from the specs for packet lengths.
9c57f9061d export: Free wtap_dump_params
335da63bd6 packet_range: Handle depended upon correctly for all cases
bf56f86197 epan: Convert our column format gbooleans to bools
2150845ec3 epan: Add default log column preferences
bd229c2a7c WSUG: Images of preferences
4e4c9e2778 ISIS: Updated SRv6 Locator TLV and SRv6 End SID sub-TLV (rfc9353)
00216e7e0b epan: Decrease dependent frame hash table size
2134cca1a4 AMR: avoid redundant assignment
a6a5707a78 When checking for a 32-bit vs. 64-bit architecture, check for ARM64.
eac19ab007 Simplify the "is this NT workstation" test.
889d0d6e6c Fix comment in a typo. [skip ci]
7bfc3f2c13 dumpcap: Add a permissions warning about capabilities
76719d21eb CBOR: Add a recursion check
f307a16d36 Qt: Change handling of folder name text entry
52c45b278e Fix the check for Windows 11 to detect 22H2.
76e1c8a19f XnAP: fix another test
6a1639c42f XNAP: fix a test
ee3faeedf9 couchbase: Add support for ReplicaRead subdoc flag
f0520511b1 Debian: Add missing symbol
6f6a8d9b66 epan: Fix crash on columns with many long string fields
e3bedc57ba [Automatic update for 2023-07-16]
dcc9cbffef Qt: Include a checkbox to export without depended upon packets
39a0efc3ad RTPS: Added CRC32 and MD5 checksum check and deleted unused hfs
86652cef34 Qt: Fix displayed marked packet count label
27035bc9f5 ASN1 dissectors: Avoid returning twice from same function
96b24596d6 file-tiff: Avoid division by zero
2056d7a6ff DICOM: Fix leak in export objects
a7f8bb991e WSUG: Note that we have a foundation.
953cfbd529 DNS: Implement support for A record CH class response
7922b74edf [19131] wslua: make `pinfo.in_error_pkt` writable
2fb12ccdcf TLS-utils: fix visualization of "max_ack_delay" transport parameter
8cee13f912 DICOM: Fix some leaks
23ccf8c9a0 codecs: Pass in fmtp, decode bandwidth efficient AMR
fd64746f44 Improve consistency of includes
1c386645df RTP Analysis: Fix jitter for packets before the previous one
61ef5f7564 Copy DICOM payload to Export Objects window
02d2f62b8c Protobuf: improve the speed of loading protobuf language files
0471cc357f MAC-LTE: Fix some value_string conflicts
9466415937 Debian: Add missing symbols
17ee2ad57e User Guide: Document preferences
ca1a477921 T.38: Support reassembly of more than two data items in a frame
4b377dd250 IPP: Support both IPP and IPPS
8ecb0b53f2 T.38: Don't warn about no pending fragments on retransmissions
2f0fd3476e USB: Print Darwin frame status only when available
8ce0d9bc9c USB: Add missing Darwin USB status values
656c01bc53 DTLS: add tree for unknown data
a43ba6452a HTTP: Warn if there is extra data after a body
b285a28467 RTP: Fix if the fmtp comes before rtpmap
78cc1225b7 Remove services
3ff0902336 DHCPFO: Add Microsoft-specific features
725c71b0c2 cfm: Test ID TLV has unusual length (bits not octets)
934e487a3a DCERPC: Fix WKSSVC NetWkstaEnumUsers Request/Response parsing
f588214a58 manuf: Improve name shortening heuristic
f44e088329 manuf: Skip some start words in short name
ac57a25ed8 manuf: Increase truncation size to 12
641de5bd0d manuf: Fix indentation
0b5791b08d manuf: Drop Cavebear OUI list
4f7fc21708 check_typed_item_calls: fix some minor issues
b41504399e BT-DHT: Populating the 'Info' column with packet type and parameters
768f78536c wmem: map and multimap include wmem_list
57a8630bbb [Automatic update for 2023-07-09]
d871c6c6af codecs: Change interface, use SDP information for dynamic codecs
56c34de93d DCERPC: Fix SRVSVC NetSessEnum Request/Response parsing
bf1cbbb185 Keep global enterprises file as optional
959259453e Keep global services file as optional
75a778e893 Replace services file with static array
ab7896df6c dfilter: Add XOR logical operator
e10224e212 dfilter: Fix duplication of operator sttype
16898ca7f9 SDP & RTP: Pass the channels information to RTP
412ce6077c SDP: Add field for number of audio channels
f4c9e6b36b SDP: Copy format specific parameters and pass them to RTP
a54134d3c8 COPS: Fixup previous leak fix
0e82c6b4b8 dfilter: Remove limitation using subtraction
794e3a13c0 Move some release notes items
1a3410cc2e GSM A-bis/RSL: Fix Huawei paging PS according to patent
b5cecf0c78 AMQP: Set the length size for NULL to zero in value formatter
7b3fab078f Fix WiX installer build
496411c5c1 COPS: Use a wmem_array
a1bdfb2644 XMPP: Fix leak if exception thrown creating child nodes
de03e9137c HTTP3: update to final RFC (9218)
ff24c25cb1 Kerberos: Add few more Pre-authentication values from registry
9bee01d9f9 NVMe-over-TCP: enable TLS dissector
2f8df5449a Bluetooth: Parse SMP on BR/EDR Fixed channel
4fe8f58982 F1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
d3e7be5079 opus: Fix padding handling
9540126071 E1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
1be8cd2711 XnAP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
ca762ad5eb Convert Skinny to C99 types
14157a8de6 NGAP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
60a05fa668 NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
0d06f80869 X2AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
786f256d4b NAS 5GS: upgrade dissector to v17.11.0
12f8aa2ac6 S1AP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
2ee7038c98 LPP: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
dcca8c9ec9 LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v17.5.0
02ff4f389c Rename 'enterprises.tsv' → 'enterprises'
1af406d6bb Rename enterprises files
f47ce6e761 Remove no longer used enterprises.tsv file
fcb6bb5763 dfilter: Refactor function argument passing
25eb0225d7 WSUG: Add note about subtract operator quirk
b85295c643 Add support for DNS svcparam dohpath
4ce5571cfd opus: Decode Opus packets with more than one frame
dd9dfff118 Fix some spelling errors
44258d5bed Speed up handling of global enterprises.tsv
5fb94c8a1a DHCPFO: Add Microsoft-specific hostname options
91bb3c91ac SOME/IP-SD: Only register port on first dissection
c25cd31d99 SOME/IP: Add support to auto-detect DTLS
b5ef351bf7 RFC 2198: Process later codecs after an exception
b018efe2ac E2AP: Take care with columns when calling signalling dissectors
5554d0377f ORAN FH CUS: Update C Section ext-5 to support exlen=4
c8accef14c Falcodump + Falco bridge: libsinsp API updates
f641df9ca6 SDP: Use convert_string_to_hex
58b69b737d E2AP: Call dissectors for component request/response in setup
afdfb1e282 RTP RFC2198: Tap primary encoding payload instead
f91a9c5e57 PDU-Transport: Cleanup code
ffb22c99ef dfilter: Use a register pointer to return function result
1751b1cb3a dfilter: Remove attempted load array
aabe472624 dfilter: Add reference counting to cells
d49c4b24ba dfilter: Add memory cell object
0383f6e13d Change frame.time_epoch to FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME
6730cc3a65 Add Unix time support for absolute time field type
09d5f4bdb4 dfilter: Add some arithmetic to FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME
3672cdbcd4 wsutil: Add nstime representation in ISO8601 and Unix time
9b95e0df2c RTCP: fix dissection of Slice Loss Indication
ed6ab0569a EAP: fix PEAP decoder
ddc7e4e49a RTP: Improve selection of streams for RTP Analysis/Player
2cdf840678 Clean includes by correcting path
d85717903e [Automatic update for 2023-07-02]
a95dd53913 ACDR: Add new types
14019306b3 DHCPFO: Work around payload offset bug in Draft
e01df2f1c2 RTP: Add rvals for RFC 5285 header extensions
ffbdbc6496 docs: Fix help button URLs to LTE and RTP chapters
5b018e3ca7 AMR: Use some defines for the enum options
d439c115ec NAS 5GS: dissect more URSP traffic descriptor IEs
90702f185c Skinny: Regenerate dissector from packet-skinny.c.in
8909312cd2 dfilter: Allow arithmetic expressions as set elements
d09abde082 Convert to_str.[ch] to 4-space and fix some style issues
5a6cb2cd73 AMR: Fix fallback to bandwidth-efficient mode
a49c8ea101 codecs: Register and lookup case-insensitively
d5bf3b9c92 epan: Use STRING_CASE_INSENSITIVE internally
2dc3889c3f X509: Adding NFtype extension decoding based on RFC9310
2ea65ec89f In print_stream_ops_t, put print_line_color right aftr print_line.
9640e92614 QUIC: update support to ack-frequency draft (version 04)
e94e29efcd G729 codec: Support Annex B SID/CN frames
bc20791882 Add missing include of errno.h
ed35e3a4e9 GitLab CI: Don't retry our fuzz jobs
a27fcd06bc Debian: Add missing symbols
0db7a428cd IEEE1905: Fix typos in ieee1905 dissector
7037795f8a wiretap: Make tsprec optional in wtap_generate_idb()
000ebcb00a Convert wsutil/crc*.[ch] to C99 types
1d3aed32b1 AMR: Support RTP payloads with multiple frames
1919624b4a openflow(v1): Add support of OFPT_FLOW_REMOVED
9a72f9bb1b Include errno.h in a few files
c068948610 Falcodump: Update our AWS region list
bdc3d4656e IO-Graph: Allow packet selection with Time of day true (BUGFIX)
347f3ab1a6 Falcodump: Fix our data source settings
1281a588c5 Test suite: lua library for lua tests
b330bdb06d Qt: Really show our context menu shortcuts this time
8dfe582330 Openflow(v1): fix datapath_id on Features Reply
cc17a934e1 Use _ret_uint() in some more places
63e5f2ea55 DCERPC: Fix SAMR LookupRids(opnum 18) Request parsing
81cd25454a JSON: add auto_hide preference
60939631a4 DCERPC: Add LSARPC LsarOpenPolicy3(opnum 130) parsing support
af820e9304 Fix build on Linux with libnl.
8cd2d17c58 MAC-LTE: add recent control elements
2aa34278ef Convert the NCP dissector and generator to C99 types
a3eab66d52 dfilter: Use safe-math.h with time ftypes
64b1fc4927 macOS: Prepopulate our rpath list in osx-app.sh
45bdab6b9b macOS: More app bundle fixes
2a96b3e1d1 Qt: Replace copy "...as Printable Text" context action
b4cd264912 release-notes: update the url of APN6 to its homepage.
eaa65a34c4 ISO15765: fix hf names for target and source address.
d2d246d3d5 RTP Player: Init resampler if it doesn't exist yet
7335260e74 RLC-LTE: Use _add_uint() to avoid fetching values twice
036f2e12ca Fix more full item masks that should not be.
dbd7d0b9a3 macOS: Make sure we search /usr/local/lib for libraries
44a3271adb macOS: Fix osx-app.sh
c2bb9726b8 Don't include errno.h if we don't use errno or errno value definitions.
db0f56f025 More checking labels vs filter
adb8cb61e5 TECMP: Minor cleanup
d935582649 Fix our Debian build instructions
bd709a0900 NGAP: Improve Common Network Instance
b494a22780 glusterfs: use a value_string, not g_strerror(), to decode status values.
932a4ead49 9p: don't use g_strerror() to map 9P2000.L error codes to strings.
42a2a01fcd dfilter: Refactor DFVM read code
68276911f2 Fix a documentation warning
bd25b9f4cd dfilter: Make string slices a return an FT_STRING
bf9c4ff0ff Data: Add text as UTF-8 instead of ASCII
62b2f09edf Compute slice ranges in a separate procedure
58110d7649 dfilter: Fix raw slices
38a5b44d61 dflter: Fix semantics of fvalue length
0c4e9e83d3 Qt: Manually connect our "Help" menu actions
74f05450f0 Qt: Manually connect our "Wireless" and "Tools" slots
bc1722f84c SVCCTL: Fix a shadow variable
1ff01c5b2f [Automatic update for 2023-06-25]
4f03eacadd Tools: Fix make-pci-ids.py
14b35b08e2 DCERPC: Fix NETLOGON NetrServerAuthenticate2/3 Alignment issue
c57fde44ad asterix: subitem name change in testcase
f51552640c asterix: Sync with asterix-specs #5885f96214
d123e97ab7 asterix: adjust for extended/repetitive upstream change
a2bd1c2372 GitLab CI: Move checklicenses to Commit Check job
250320bbb5 Qt: Manually connect our "Go To Packet" buttons
1e6b9df048 Qt: Manually connect our "Telephony" menu actions
2cccac5324 GitLab CI: Check the pidl dissectors consistency
675d283f80 DCE/RPC: Regenerate DFS dissector via pidl
fe7b2851fe DCE/RPC: Update conformance file
71e7fdfd0d DCE/RPC: Regenerate pidl dissectors
1184d0d894 DCE/RPC: Also add svcctl to the pidl Makefile
94349bbdae iscsi: Check bounds when extracting TargetAddress
db4e8c1911 DCE/RPC: Sync frsrpc conformance file with change
3842a49b08 UDS: Adding dissection for standard messages
ec176357db USB DFU: Register Apple Mobile Device by VID/PID
f485c5148f SMB2: Fix DEBUG_SMB2 mode bugs
c451d1e5b0 DCERPC: Add svcctl to the list of CMake targets, fix cast
cbc3e2e857 Tests: Improve Lua test report and make it useful
bfed9c5d88 Release notes: Clean trailing whitespace
29eed029b3 Make wsutil headers include what they use and build standalone
cd9c3c639b DCERPC: Improve SVCCTL EnumServicesStatusW Response Parsing
765052e231 DCERPC: Fix NETLOGON NetrServerAuthenticate2(15) Request Parsing
0fd1aeb166 netflow: Decode first two bits of 1 byte TCP flags
bd2755b0b9 Qt: Manually connect the rest of our "Statistics" menu actions
56478f633e its: Fix line endings in ETSI_TS_103301.asn
f72d93ce94 wimax: Avoid warnings from fix-encoding-args.pl
ec28835122 diameter: fix SMSF-Non-3GPP-Address label
fc4c4d74a0 redbackli: Remove disabled duplicate hf entry
456d6f49bd doc: Remove stray sentence fragment
22dcdbc3af Qt: Manually connect some "Statistics" menu actions
b96e2e2075 Convert epan/crypt to C99 types
4d8bad0dcb Update a comment. [skip ci]
0445dd4db9 Reassembly: Clarify comments to use streaming reassembly func
1a272886be USB: Dissect Binary Device Object Store descriptor
24eeead63e packet-cql.c: implement few auth related message dissection
efbca7715c tshark: Fix the check on UN*X for writing to a pipe and dissecting
568536d53c http2: add SETTINGS_NO_RFC7540_PRIORITIES of RFC9218
f11450a587 tools: Relax dup filter check for stat
32369941b3 pfcp: translate Quota Validity Time to human readable time string
8d7cc70a03 Add "-G dissectors" to TShark, to dump the registered dissectors.
40fdce4118 opensafety: Fix bad malloc pattern
ad21615973 dfilter: Fix an error message
60203c3db3 capture: Use win32strerror on windows
aa895db381 UI: Remove leftover GTK+ recent settings
38fa97a4e8 tshark: Move a debug message later
ff31939869 SMB2: Add updated TreeConnectResponse ShareFlag Isolated_Transport
62be2fc961 release-notes: IPv6 dissector supports dissecting APN6 option now.
0acc81714d WSUG: example for curly braces around math expression
a78006ebc5 http: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
ee88d734f8 rtps: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
facff67067 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
7e07c29b09 print: Fix a check for hf_text_only
b2ccfebe2f pgsql: Parse GSS-API and SSPI reply messages
696b19dcdf macOS: Automatically handle rpaths in our app bundle
dc8e8da889 color_filters: Free old validated list
6c61f00ed0 BFCP: Setup UDP/BFCP conversations via SDP
a3ffd742fe dfilter: Fix second stage compilation flags
5b64d1d65e Qt: Freeze packet list early on preferences change
28e324ae02 BFCP: Add fragment fields when F bit is set
bbf596f447 GitLab CI: Remove a Lintian check.
d456cc761a ftypes: Rename IS_FT_* macros
b986410302 UDS: adding missing 'All Groups/all DTCs'
594effb381 ipfix: add srv6 srh information export
a02c60b7aa PPPoE: do not display a payload length error message for IPv6CP
76f782c961 CIP: Support Concurrent Connections
f272d41f80 Revert "Remove unnecessary null check in SequenceDialog"
fa13cc36f8 Qt: Fix leaks in RTP Stream Dialog sorting and copying
f8d1525b17 Get rid of unnecessary casts.
ec3bb4538f Get rid of one last g_snprintf() call.
bfe3bacd53 Get rid of unnecessary casts.
dafd334270 Tools: Switch make-reg.py to standard C types
6b219e0f20 Tools: Add gu?long to convert-glib-types.py
1bd1d2ee04 Tools: Switch make-regs.py to C99 types
6649f96725 Debian: Fix our PCRE dependency
32c0a69a9b Convert TLS CT log updates to C99 types
2f763fe702 Convert the ASTERIX dissector and updates to C99 types
c6ded71ac4 Convert pci-ids.[ch] to C99
1dd5c10b34 [Automatic update for 2023-06-18]
0d89b8da0c saphdb: Add header check for reserved bytes
30fdbc6dca ber: Use unique sequence ids for each nest level
0d0d3b84a7 Qt: Follow stream show as recent
4d5c4154b1 Convert wmem to C99 types
60dedef3f1 CMake: Fix config package without installed plugins or extcaps
2956aac65c BLF: Last LIN-Message parameter is not mandatory (BUGFIX)
7785452149 BLF: Bugfix CAN-FD Message format
7b0a35b528 tcp: Optimize contiguous check with first gap
2c02abf8c4 tcp: Optimize OOO reassembly a bit
e834377f78 Qt: Don't look for word boundaries in FollowStreamText
c3cbff5a23 Redo address_with_resolution_to_str_buf().
a265aa4bc2 Convert writecap to C99 types
bf791df00e ocp1: Fix typos
dafa2042f8 rdp_egfx: add links for frame start/end/ack
69a530c030 MSYS2: Install development headers with PKGBUILD
011b9e906e Set more full mask fields to 0x0
d31cb4e046 Expand comment about stuff we do with device names. [skip ci]
567a9e1a47 Tools: GLib-to-C99 file handling improvements
0af1dfd8d0 address_types.c: fix one character resolved name display
8408910f05 QUIC: Mark fields with Header Protection as generated
34bd675013 tcp: Expand completeness as a bitmask
ed603e75d3 Qt: Update ws-filter-toolbar.png
0d3e6d64bd wsdg: Quick Start steps for tests with MSVC
19dba98c0c file-pcapng: add Zigbee and SSH secret types
86f51d0999 Tools: GLib-to-C99 padding improvements
e343207bbd Qt: More off-by-one pixel fixes
a0570d3a36 SMB2: Fix SMB2_QUERY_INFO Response(w FileNormalizedNameInformation) parsing failure
e31067cb5f tcp: Improve out-of-order reassembly
0facfec6df Fix typo/error in the BGP ATTR_SET error message
a623339466 wimaxsncp: Fixup last commit
0619e7bfba ieee80211: Add OPS, MAX CHAN SW Time and OCI elements. Update TWT element.
79ec9b4e12 wsdg backporting a patch: fix typo
147a5c230e Qt: Fix a off-by-one pixel issue in border
8cf9ad75a7 3gpplog: fix loop when reading fractions of second in logged lines
6ebf72ded1 Inject secrets through the GUI
c88b6b43e3 capture_opts: On Windows, check for combined interface names
978f62a805 Convert our extcaps to C99 types
c2571c7ed9 Add a check for all-set masks and fix some instances
fc99b22825 Qt: Draw a border on the right side in filter edit
33567d31c5 print: Move protocolfilter inside output_fields
fd39ea9981 wimaxasncp: Check for zero byte lengths
b4064869d1 EAP: Add reassembled_in field
5d0f253d23 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
04d621ba22 EAP: Fix conversation creation
9e0ce57c4d Convert capture/*.[ch] to C99 types
ce617ffe6d http: Update and use add path components function
8e5f503267 Use `register_dissector()` in doc/README.dissector
80489af0b5 wlan: Don't access uninitalized memory here either
64a1436add wslua: Catch more types of exceptions
70255bed33 wsutil: Add a plugins log domain and use it
0c0485ff6b Gitlab CI: Add CPack step to MRs
d8e5a8d138 Qt: Use selectionModel() to fetch selected rows
f9260727b0 Add basic CPack support
6386dbd66d Try that again
3001f30fc9 Update packages for new CMake config path
dc2eb69d3e make-version: fix argparse config
3289d17cab http2: Human readable follow HTTP/2 headers
14d11f13f5 epan: Remove unneeded stdbool.h includes
8daec10cb0 Declare list in DissectorTable_heuristic_new
cc6e2f929e Lua: add DissectorTable.heuristic_new() function
07e2fa72c5 NAS 5GS: Make protocol filter name match fields
c2d91158b9 NAS EPS: Make protocol filter name match fields
f02f47dadf Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
274e67998e tshark: add support for field alias when specifying a list of fields to display
aa54f33700 Reassembly: make streaming reassembly support DESEGMENT_ONE_MORE_SEGMENT
7839a96040 tls-utils: add some more PQ key exchange algorithms
a39c9fc9b1 ieee80211: Don't access uninitialized memory
bbe409242b GRE: Add gre.subproto table for get decode as for GRE
cf1832ae14 Lua: Add a browser SSLKEYLOG launch script
80ae370811 Allow disabling unused dissectors from PHS dialog
801554fb79 Add a capture file state for a pending read
c58705654d CMake: User a better definition for WIRESHARK_INSTALL_CMAKEDIR
194b578e82 Document use of pytest with external tests
8fa1b097db Qt: Add hint text when selecting a field in PacketDialog
a76b2254a2 HART-IP: Register dissectors by name
017af7dcd0 RPC_NETLOGON: Fixes parsing errors in NetrServerPasswordSet2 request/reply
0b1c7569f0 debian: add missing symbols
56c53ea776 http: Add a field for Range and Content-Range
5a63a543cf Github: Fix Windows build
6bf84fe876 CMake: Fix Lua52 URL
3bc885f746 TURN: Remove dead code
e2da052757 wiretap: Don't close an already closed file descriptor
a605d7ac8c Revert sharkd newline processing changes
1fea6aaf7a Fix lua FieldInfo sort ordering
afff4e026d Lua: DNS: Fix Fields for multi-question queries
ce476f79b4 Lua: Fix root zone queries in DNS example
15013ab136 RTP AnalysisFix nominal and arrival times calculation
3c944de9df Fix SMB1 SMB_COM_SESSION_SETUP_ANDX (0x73) parsing failure.
cd3275c1b5 Reassembly: add helper macros
d7eedba8e2 editcap: if verbose print Total selected for output
6a8bdf192c E212: switch MCC and MNC fields from uint to string
52e8c21924 JSON 3GPP: fix a typo in hf name
591f89d785 Add a script to convert GLib types to their C equivalents
0f71aa256c Remove unnecessary null check in SequenceDialog
7c04f38022 CMake+Windows: Use "x64" instead of "win64"
e0f1f8dbf3 TLS: Fix TLS tunneled within TLS
001930e1e5 file: fix might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork [-Werror=clobbered]
97ae7cdf2f Qt: Position selected packet at center
3b6164918c RTPS: Change the description of SRTPS Prefix Vendor-Specific Content flag
edaece6aa8 JSON 3GPP: use http2_get_header_value() to fetch HTTP2 path
7f0874b1f9 MSYS2: Use Lua 5.2 and update documentation
f21288593e WSDG: Move a line to the proper place
ae87a9983a WSDG: Add cross-compilation instructions for Arch Linux
7837cec8f4 Use dataoffset in SMB_Parameter to access the data in SMB_COM_WRITE_ANDX
877a1e1120 ieee80211: Add EHT Trigger frame dissector and add new fields in some elements
5cf217a44a CMake: Improve repository configuration
04fe30ade7 CMake: Fix Qt configuration
053e691931 mingw-rpm-setup: Add cmake
a8ccf08aa7 mingw-rpm-setup: Install git and patch
a6b7a7c4a3 Gitlab CI: Enable FETCH_lua for MinGW-w64 builds
687b24d5b3 CMake: Add option to download and build Lua
bb9e66aea7 Qt: Fix PacketDialog secondary data sources crash after closing file
fedcf129fc CMake: Update a sanity check
25f091b8db MMRP: add parsing action for FirstValues
3f1f34a2a3 http: Remove some unused code
df4add2ecb RPC: Cast to make clang happy
f8d2444bc3 ntp: format ntp.refid for Kiss-o'-Death messages
812f40e470 sharkd: Keep the sharkd buffer input size at 2 * 1024
6522999276 shardk: preserve last char in buf for string termination
c9e91d7290 sharkd: Remove json newline restriction
be1e20a951 sharkd: Remove json order restriction
04c99663ff tools/check_*.py: Allow most of them run under Windows
014d17b471 PER: Fix dissect_per_null to always use length=0
086f4f1133 MSVC: Increase stack size to 8MiB, same as Linux and MacOS
fe1f59db7b Update packet-rpc.c
72001ad04e RPC: Fix credentials decoding for GlusterFS
1bd8e05f54 tshark: show field abbrevs matching a prefix
80abaa6f2d Resources: Update the logo
ab2b446e69 ALC/LCT, LLS/SLT: Update includes
d5b3cdacd6 wsutil: Optimize unaligned pointer access for MSVC and icc
d00468742f TCP: Zero Window Probe ACK detection for improper clients
acbc327faf Change how the packet dedup structures are handled during a live capture
04257d928a ALC/LCT, LLS/SLT: Add ATSC3 support
952a3163c2 [Automatic update for 2023-06-11]
e0582e1fb1 JSON 3GPP: Fix typo in display filter for EnATSSS
c2ecbe58d9 bgp: fix warning found by check typed items call
75cf1d52e5 rdp(drdynvc): fix typo
ff920f63ea rdp(drdynvc): fix indent
fa8cd1fac0 rdp(drdynvc): move value_string to top of file
8aaaded984 rdp(drdynvc): fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
0795031692 epan: fix MCTP address string length
54897d8c06 sharkd: Add Multicast streams output
049a89b2ce CMake+Windows: Use "x64" instead of "win64"
46f5f7a31f JSON 3GPP: add TS 29.525 ch5.8 Feature negotiation support
fa35313f46 check_spelling.py: ignore ghz quantities
cb20d4a192 UDPCP: fix indentation
82f4fd84e0 .tools/check_tfs.py: Tighten up check for vals->common tfs
c251ec9989 wifi-nan: fix wrong offset for NAN availability
a3806fc69b Qt: Fix crash when changing dfilter macro
81c3ade8a3 Qt: Remove now unnecessary, crash-prone ByteViewTab tvb_memeql
670002cab6 pfcp: add media_type handle
0b27d3e584 MinGW+NSIS: Remove the Fedora hard-coded cross-build sysroot
5e0c35df51 CMake: Use USE_REPOSITORY with FindWSWinLibs.cmake
f8f85cb9ad CMake: Modernize Qt6 configuration
857c08ae26 RTPS: New RTPS elements introduced by Dynamic Certificate Renewal & Revocation
68526daf24 Add packet dedup support for live captures too
d2c9f1824a Add a preference for ignoring duplicate frames
620828b945 .mailmap: Update AUTHORS
9d81e79b92 JSON 3GPP: add TS 29.512 ch5.8 Feature negotiation support
aa8c656783 Add an ID3v2 dissector.
0757c09a01 Qt: Start adding "Event" support to I/O Graphs
12b5e4fdfc Falco bridge: Add a missing include
89e17c19ac Add missing #ifdef HAVE_LIBPCAP guard
aa8146d181 TLS: Export only actually used secrets
52289c74c8 haproxy protocol: fix TLV parsing
2b582068d3 haproxy protocol: add support for PP2_TYPE_UNIQUE_ID TLV
1744ce4a0f epan: Add ENC_BOM modifier for UTF-16, UCS-2, UCS-4
bda350d8fd Don't have every dissector include wtap.h
a82d5b56d1 WSDG: Amend some section titles (quick setup)
3586dcf61d WSDG: Update test documentation to reflect the latest changes
28c3b0dffa OCP.1: Make var initialization consistent
387eaec32d Docs: Adjust our Asciidoctor page number settings
eb76265355 Windows: Make use of SSIZE_T
ea76d7f290 Tests: Fix pytest output mangling on Windows
b9de34b7af Add macOS Quick Start to README.macos
fe15f69cf6 wiretap: Update introspection eums
acb7eb2929 Update email address
6d3560d100 RFC7468: Use STRING_CASE_INSENSITIVE instead of TRUE
53345e8a80 Release notes: Mention packet list sorting changes
5ad49ee697 HTTP2: fix a bug of streaming reassembly
4ca1f110dc Handle pcap_findalldevs_ex() on UN*X.
4c30c807b8 rpm-setup: Add Qt Image Formats as optional
2b2cfa8699 GitLab CI: Make sure AWS CLI is installed
85069dd985 GitLab CI: Fix a path
b49cbe2a87 CMake: Add EXE to wireshark-qt-manifest.nsh dependendencies
f20e4e0aa9 WSDG quick setup - fix typo
3f348f5cac CMake: Update some options
9cbc6377eb WSDG: Remove shell mark and improve formatting
5ebabc9211 WSDG: Add cross-compilation instructions
3c1ade9223 macos-setup: patch libssh to avoid compiler errors.
d324351b6c WSDG: Update quick setup
40d58a4b84 WSDG: Update test suite documentation
7f37ad27a3 mpeg-audio: Support media type
7db3c5264a Tests: Remove remaining legacy unittest code
742740b2bb Tests: Remove unittest dependency (asterix)
aa1b94055d Tests: Remove unittest dependency (netperfmeter)
9d8c17bcd1 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (dissection)
894a0d474e Tests: Remove unused file suite_external.py
61ae4ca762 OCP.1: Fix Request Lookup
0c1427037b Tests: Remove unittest dependency (decryption)
852015fa9c Tests: Remove unittest dependency (sharkd)
4aee80e579 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (unittests)
6e95d431a6 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (follow_dccp)
383d6cba02 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (text2pcap)
b71789f4e3 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (io)
d725af2a5b Tests: Remove unittest dependency (nameres)
0ba2fe2e5c Tests: Remove unittest dependency (follow)
69af5aa4ac Tests: Remove unittest depenency (extcaps)
08de6766aa Tests: Remove unittest dependency (wslua)
1b2ebd77bc Tests: Remove unitttest dependency (release)
73b6cb03e6 Tests: Fix --enable-release option
d8a9e09166 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (outputformats)
c710d8dd79 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (mergecap)
f5f6dfa2d4 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (fileformats)
e60651520f Tests: Remove unittest dependency (follow_multistream)
0713d78c22 Tests: Remove unittest dependency (clopts)
d04259560c GitLab CI: Sign our Windows packages explicitly
cec508ab26 CMake+GitLab CI: Generate a Visual Studio Code Analysis report
3d3e6acdff BT-Tracker: add support for BEP-41 (i.e. extensions)
fb3cb0cb80 Tests: Replace subprocesstest.LoggingPopen() (capture)
241dc49af2 Test: Remove @fixtures (capture)
d4ceb9c856 Tests: Replace self.startProcess( capture)
d871561ca4 Tests: Replace self.runProcess() (capture)
a7422a55bc Tests: Replace self.countOutput() (capture)
8cd9e3feaa Tests: Replace self.checkPacketCount() (capture)
8af8addb7e Tests: Remove two uses of self.id() (capture)
0924387dbb Tests: Remove obsolete cleanup_files calls (capture)
271747ea56 Tests: Replace simple assertions (capture)
b6a2b263d7 Tests: Remove a diagnostic message (capture)
5ea8c80b9c Gitlab CI: Remove redundant NSIS code signing step
6aa0490fdc CMake+NSIS: Allow building an unsigned installer
9195d63482 NSIS+MinGW: Add uninstaller
e4d187535d ieee80211: Update radiotap EHT and U-SIG fields
0309175407 tls: Enable additional TLS 1.3 Key Updates after the first
db8202900b blf: improve handing of errors.
bd777a7752 [Automatic update for 2023-06-04]
5d2988334c netscaler: clean up the way we read pages.
ebaee788b9 check_tfs.py: Try more sanity checks on true/false strings
119b49aa8c rtps: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
9f2569e520 tecmp: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
a60d0b53c5 5co-rap: fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
a18b43cd37 reassemble(epan): Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
3f51aa95e1 mbim: Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
85e4cf633e mpeg(wiretap): Fix Dead Store found by Clang Analyzer
e490911757 tools/check_static.py: add a couple of comments
1cdebcd80c randpkt: Support different capture formats, default to pcapng
f4723eeb7e wiretap: Generate IDBs from packets when necessary
9d6b2f5d8a Check more printf-style format against args in dissectors
150d3cee89 wiretap: Unify IDB generation into a common function
e78724c782 NAS 5GS: put route selection decriptors in a subtree
81f20645d0 tshark: Document -T fields escaping, allow it to be turned off
a6f4352ee4 TCP: Obvious Retransmissions are marked as Out-of-Order
4d33f48e6f Only subtract 4 bytes from payload before passing to RRC if maci_present
8a535b61c9 CQL: No global table spec if no metadata flag is set
6840d00309 Fix some filters not matching labels
c97a36a646 http2: Improve PUSH_PROMISE handling
9e197a5ff1 Fix some spelling errors
41b8f07c86 CMake+Windows: Try to fix NSIS installer with Ninja
ec06fe0636 tshark: Don't escape the aggregator character when printing -T fields
5e2a33901c Improve DCERPC SVCCTL interface support
e1834c635f GNSS: add dissector for SBAS L1 MT7
9d125d4a8b GNSS: add dissector for GPS L1 LNAV (as provided by UBX-RXM-SFRBX)
1bc15606e9 packet-dcerpc-netlogon: seal/sign algo add clear text
da5b21f5ec Save time-shifted time stamps when writing out a capture file
aee0278e08 TLS: Rename some incompatible SSLv2 handshake fields
236e6b00cb BMP: Update to final RFC (9069) and missing TLV (Peer Up/Route Mirroring)
f330087f08 NSIS: Add support for Arm64
507330fbc6 CMake+Qt: Only copy our translation files on Windows
0041ab5256 debian: add missing symbols
a114e7d331 http2: add request duration to responses
1720f3daef HTTP/2: Send compressed DATA frames to follow tap after decompression
d549c10d3b CMake: Fix build with Ninja + MSVC
42d7a9fa40 CMake: Remove duplicate npcap/usbpcap version vars
ec2ca05e15 CFM: overhaul dissector
48384dba68 Gitlab CI: Use ccache with Fedora MinGW job
026175bfd8 Windows: Another SpanDSP fix
95355bd165 NSIS: Deploy Qt DLLs when cross-compiling
6789e87106 E2AP: Notice when conversation has no RANfunction table set
1910d4fe95 Gitlab CI: Add Fedora MinGW-w64 job
b5f2542b06 RTPS: Dissection of the DDS Security New Algorithm PIDs adapted to the OMG spec.
7c77242808 NAS-5GS: typo corrections
127422eb7f HTTP2: Display (compressed) CONTINUATION fragment in bytes
f4f008770b More testing of check_dissector.py
dad5bc8c0d Windows: More SpanDSP fixes
d174722bae NSIS: Build our Qt manifest
b0c582a82f Qt: Start with a new QFont in setMonospaceFont
25e01c6732 tools/check_dissector.py
6e020f9ce7 ieee80211: Add dissector for 20/40 BSS Intolerant Channel Report element
3b9b652ace MySQL: fix might be clobbered by longjmp or vfork [-Werror=clobbered]
9237d3777d NSIS: Make Lua optional
28cc5a1a3e label-vs filter checking: Only report dissector appears to be written that way
2048810a8f Windows: Deploy MinGW DLLs with cross-compilation
4d39bdb942 NSIS: Make some components optional
0003d94086 NSIS: Skip Qt deployment and uninstaller when cross-compiling
07825e634e NSIS: Make command line portable across platforms
155da04d67 CMake: Remove SKIP_QT_TRANSLATIONS
c17c11eeb8 Label vs filter checking
2dbd2b44dc CMake: Use "arm64" instead of "win64arm"
d7189583c7 Windows: Update our iLBC, SBC, and SpanDSP packages
3da3e0ee43 [Automatic update for 2023-05-28]
07350c6b38 Qt: Scroll to selected packet after column move
0395bfce0f Add mingw-rpm-setup.sh script
ca0357d764 Cross-compilation: Remove PowerShell requirement
8134009b1d epan: Fix some indent TAB issues
4131824bee NAS 5GS: fix dissection of Operator-defined access category definitions
b673bc022a kafka: Don't use after free
91cbf179bf kafka: Allow reused correlation IDs on a connection
875e77d784 CMake: Fix a python variable
64af2eee2f http2: Add support for Export Objects
47167eda1b RSL: correct wrong value in rsl_data_rte_vals[]
04f15b9f07 wsutil: Remove defective sanity check
f653e52e0f CMake: Try to use FindPython3.cmake again
78efc8d7fa mc-nmf: Fix undefined shift
438667846a CMake: Download Npcap/USBPcap using CMake
f0e4c5262d Revert "CMake: Replace deprecated module FindPythonInterp"
69327113ef MySQL: Handle resultset rows in text format beginning with 0
601bf39e6b CMake: Remove module LocatePythonModule.cmake
d6380e7ae4 CMake: Replace deprecated module FindPythonInterp
b4f2980722 CMake: Fix a try_run() test when cross-compiling
c0a8ea9c9c CMake: Tweak MinGW options
67e8c877e1 E2AP: name lookup was missing new RANFunction "NI"
679ce68b13 add sm3 oid
2f948caf07 Fix missing config.h definitions
a3b3f84cfc Update Endace ERF Provenance
f409a1cf2c editcap: Use the interval start for new file names
4fb99bb462 wsutil: Fix unused function warning with Fedora MinGW cross
9f7f472f49 androiddump: Fix warning [-Wdiscarded-qualifier]
dde314f4b2 capture-wpcap: Rename a stub function
8dc5d2d348 Fedora: Fix cross-compilation with mingw-wpcap
16b99b0270 MySQL: Only check for 0xfb response code in specific states
620c33b6ff E2AP: Add NI v1.00
51accf1b90 Allow using host Lemon executable
0da67aee02 CMake: Reformat UseLemon.cmake
c05d11204d Windows: Update our libsmi packages
5051378b69 CMake: Add "pwsh" as a PowerShell name
2917eaaefc rpm: don't overwrite user changes to diameter/Custom.xml on package upgrades
c4f242e6ac Revert "Revert "GitLab CI: Update the GitLab macOS runner info""
783627a109 Docs: Move MSYS2 instructions to WSDG
d6d34fc60d GitLab CI: Check the ASN.1 dissectors consistency
edcfbb06d2 MySQL: Make random access dissection work
783eeb9a4c extcap: Remove duplicated bool value labels
3fceadef5d epan: Fix a comment
b1466bb989 multipart: media type table should be case insensitive
19c9393e43 ceph: Prevent malformed UTF-8 from truncation
1e0989b418 add dissector for SINEC AP1 protocol
3f5c9b7f9f wslua: Only register subtree array once
aca3eaed76 afs: Fix partition name UTF-8
3d104c7ab9 Add missing docbook-xsl rpm-setup.sh package
00271e0ecb 9p: Fix a string length
989e9f65e4 Fix a missing include without libpcap
5928506896 add SM2 and SM2-with-SM3 OID
e5ee6c058e CoAP: Block size is named "SZ" instead of "SZX"
ce87eac032 XRA: Fix an infinite loop
2e502cbf70 GitLab CI+Docbook: More win64 → x64 updates
6e7d199582 QUIC: Don't include data from other streams in Follow tap
5f51c4bb33 Decode As: Enable disabling a default dissector
cef49cd887 CIGI: Consolidate indentical true_false_strings
4e70ea33af Fix build on case-sensitive filesystems
c845aa15fe GitLab CI: Update our Windows package names
bc5718b0f0 Add python cache to gitignore
ad39e3ff36 CMake+MSYS2: Disable AirPcap by default
fb1b022922 Packaging: Change our Windows installer filename format
d923c2ac94 Adding support for time relative to capture start
caeedef803 Qt: Stop using flags to represent languages
fdd1863a01 PER: Fix leaks in bit string, octet string
285a4cb39e Reassembly: Attach a replaced tvb to a new one in reassembled tables
512557a328 RTPS: Added extra flags at the SECURE_PREFIX_FLAGS.
bde79e1992 XMPP: Cleanup xmpp element even if there's an exception
06c9e2f23a SNMP: Fix multiple PDU over TCP handling
15e583afbd TLS: Handle cleartext handshakes after CCS
daecf5df0e SAPHDB: Add header length check
545c48200f bthci_evt: Additional dissection of HCI events (from v5.4 spec)
de593771de batadv: Initialize a variable before using it
10b93c1acc Add support for UDP Tracker Protocol for BitTorrent
ac56bdc70a per: Fix leak in dissect_per_open_type_internal
cd02e73fcf DOF: Fix leak in packet data
1db595d1bd Decode As: Keep current handle and description consistent
7b2db3d661 usb-hid: fix typo for 0x33 (Rx), 0x40 (Vx), or 0x43 (Vbrx)
572f104638 check_tfs.py: allow more chars in RE, and fix issues seen
883a4bc58d add subdissector s7comm-bsend for s7comm bsend data
35f29e0d17 Bluetooth SDP: fix protocol descriptor list parsing
aa6b8368b7 MSYS2: Add support for building a stand-alone NSIS installer
83cebf9563 NSIS: Remove our copy of x64.nsh
624cdacd4e Windows: Update our libssh packages and add Lua for Arm64
a4df6e1eb1 More tools/check_typed_item_calls.py fussing
5eab2f8b63 [Automatic update for 2023-05-21]
1ed4d8fd25 rdp_drdynvc: fix reuse of dynamic channel ids
364eadbd7a MySQL/MariaDB: last stmt id is per frame data
62b427c611 Initialize some variables [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
ab82e54dfa MSYS2: Update README
c4f37d77b2 synphasor: Use val_to_str_const
de347765f5 Decode As: Don't crash on a (none) configuration entry
5bd4bb8b27 TCP: Conversation Completeness wrong value for some protocols
8101d02c5e TCP: don't mark Ports Reused when it is only a Retransmission
7ade1e36cb Qt: Only have a getter for the default dissector
3a3abaec59 Qt: Decode As: Add values from all the layers as suggestions
46dd9c31bb Windows: Update our GnuTLS packages
53f4f1b13d pgsql: Implement GSS-API session encryption
2155b387a8 gssapi: Remove dependency on dcerpc header
32e1750343 epan: Reference count fd_heads in reassembled_table
cb190d6839 netscaler: add more checks to make sure the record is within the page.
2eb71f3e6e GNSS: make sbas_crc24q() static
cc2fe84bd0 TCP: Don't reassemble out of order if the segments list doesn't exist
035f9531f3 Windows: Update our libgcrypt packages
fb5e69e0be Diameter: Fix dissection of SM-RP-UI AVP
28fdce547c RTPS: Fixup our g_strlcpy dest_sizes
8c834f528a Fix some more item lengths vs calls
a4d6a12093 mysql: Use frame data current state
6f888c18a9 FiveCo Legacy: Fix leak
472fdc1645 blf: don't ws_debug the value of *data_offset on an error.
9eee508103 blf: plug another leak-on-error.
e6a2976af6 blf: plug some leaks on read errors.
f10a66999b blf: fix a case where an error wasn't being reported.
8780332817 blf: don't assume that app text is null-terminated in the file.
1c45a899f8 MS-MMS: Use format_text_string()
c76ec1eeeb GitLab CI: Fix our pre-commit check
a7106f6e96 UI: Allow Arm64 updates on Windows
563307ff6b dumpcap: Don't write fake IDBs for pcapng interfaces
db5135826d vms: fix the search for the packet length field.
6653a0e6ef Revert "GitLab CI: Update the GitLab macOS runner info"
da01f878e1 Windows: Upgrade WinSparkle to 0.8.0
0a28e4e8aa Fix some check_typed_item_calls.py length warnings.
7c971034c3 SIP: Fix values for sip.msg_hdr and sip.msg_body
9ef9fbeddf dumpcap(1): update some old "pcap as default format" text.
ef0b1fe80a dumpcap: Update optional log to file
2fd5e8724a TDS: Handle clients that send null version in prelogin packets
e484b51779 PTPv2: Expanded IEEE 1588 clockAccuracy values
908af7f538 GitLab CI: Remove remaining 'when:always'es
05e404e8cb epan: Add STRING_CASE_[IN]SENSITIVE for dissector tables
cd9f8da44b blf: Include errno.h
72e5bf7f74 check_typed_item_calls: check length against item for all calls
4e57e6f72e GitLab CI: Start removing when:always
9a37a12a67 GitLab CI: Update the GitLab macOS runner info
7e9a0810ad SIP: Don't double count removed bindings
6fe5896174 UDS: fix some data identifier items length
8b3d214f41 epan: Update a comment
c899be35a9 blf: add some sanity checks.
8cab0daed1 Qt: Redissect packets when applying a time shift
27550c4d6a GNSS: add dissectors for SBAS L1 navigation messages
0181fafb21 candump: check for a too-long frame length.
e972aebae0 5CO-RAP: try to address coverity defects
0694144dd5 GitLab CI: Try to keep the Documentation job from blocking
60c46b74aa 5CO-RAP: Comment on or address some minor issues
c002bbb818 Compact view of multi-line packet comments
69766b0c57 DRDA: Fix a value_string conflict (COMMIT WORK)
eea848bf5e sshdump: Trying to get closer to setting intended rem. capture filter
7ec4329cab TLS: Handle dissection of KeyExchange in 2nd pass when cipher changes
5468611d57 Use `register_dissector()` for more protocols
40fdd67664 View bytes as decimal or octal
a5f5be477f 5CoRAP: New FiveCo Register Access Protocol dissector
5d1bbae14f TCP: Enhance Unseen Ack detection
2be5b24d03 bthci_iso: Fix incorrect Bluetooth ISO SDU length in Rx direction
9d11b2dac3 TDS: Improve version detection
92c0fd70e3 TDS: Support SPNEGO
dddae82883 GitLab CI: Tweak our documentation rules
b4ba0f4782 Qt: Free rtpstream ids after done with them
66e3ea9519 Qt: Ensure AudioRoutingFilter is freed
3a0b4a8d10 Qt: Ensure the AudioSilenceGenerator is freed
78e1b6b680 fix: argument in function should not shadow global function
6a85da6823 lua: Add lua traceback to proto_tree
8c9b84b7b5 DNS: leverage build in address family registry
6eefc7c052 GNSS: fix TOW display of UBX-NAV-TIMEGPS
fd795326e6 RTP: Have dynamic payload type show up as new Decode As item
ba5024ad28 bgp: split labeled ipv6 vpn into different items
14c3ee468b Qt: Stop after creating a Decode As item
c5521fb7e9 Release notes: Mention AMR codec support
ec9736456e GitLab CI: Allow the docs to be built manually
d1750a989c file-pcapng: make dissect_custom_options() static
f0819d9552 CMake: Fix our Asciidoctor build dir
7f916a8419 [Automatic update for 2023-05-14]
f2618f0154 Qt: Decode As: Update the default dissector string
118815ca7c GDSDB: Make sure our offset advances.
ebbd943c85 Qt: Simplify Decode As handling
51e02923a4 MSYS2: Install user guide with mingw package
a88af3a866 CMake: Use components to install doc guides
fb43a57db2 CMake: Remove stale NSIS file
16b1a13993 tools: Add missing dependency to msys2-setup.sh
0f1581bf58 WSDG: Fix a link
78978d5673 Windows: Upgrade krb5 to 1.20.1
2d2d5048a5 Test: Fix a test on macOS
e36225aea5 CMake: Remove CTest
12f7755b66 WBXML: Ensure the time zone character is valid UTF-8
df804f25af Tests+MSVC: Fix capture test suite using Npcap 1.75
f8f9112f9a Qt: Fix leaks VOIP Calls Dialog
aa52529225 SIP: Dissect MCC and MNC in P-Access-Network-Info
f660af095a Gitlab CI: Fix a python path
dfd9e1d518 media_type: Register dissector table as case-insensitive
ba1084daac Bluetooth: fix crash in epan/dissectors/packet-btl2cap.c:2929:26
1b243050c3 MSYS2: Use pytest in PKGBUILD
33efc751e9 Gitlab CI: Call pytest directly
8059a33b3b rpm-setup: Add opencore-amr-devel as an optional package
a80b80c3bd H264: Fix which tree is passed to data partitions B and C
59b7136065 Qt: Connect the Expert Info dialog filter checkbox signal manually
da5af61092 tools/check_spelling.py: Add another lookahead when matching //
eb342b925c Release notes: Add pytest requirement
4c6b2e3cdd Qt: Plug leaks in RTP Analysis from Main Window
926019add7 Qt: Free RTP stream tapinfo when destroying RtpStreamDialog
062dae3e2e MySQL: Defragment decompressed PDUs inside compressed PDUs
e6e8cf3f16 802.11be draft2.0: Correct common info len field and EML Capabilities subfield
edfb89301c tools/delete_includes.py: rework
7decbda522 Don't build radiotap-gen if we didn't find libpcap.
3eddc1386f Qt: Add progress bar to RTP and VOIP dialogs
554baf6294 Fix no-libpcap compilation.
893080fe40 GNSS: fix UBX-RXM-SFRBX byte swapping
e0f60069cf E2AP: Add e2ap to sctp.ppi table
3128269aa0 Tests: Require pytest support and remove compatibility layer
99f059c48b SMPP: Store the UDHI in data_sm and submit_multi cmds
37dd1d007b Qt: Avoid unnecessary retaps when creating RTP and VOIP dialogs
3d6f4cdb9f tools: Add missing pytest dependency to setup scripts
12a711401d PROFINET: Add CIMSNMPAdjust dissection.
4ce383d6d6 Finish removing RIPEMD160 support
dd2ca75184 wmem: Allow integer lookups with a null tree
799fb72e1e MySQL: Handle compressed state better
abdf61cb1d tshark: Check if -j/-J describes a valid field
20f4ce1721 Tests+Linux: Add convenience target to enable capturing on build dir
92ffa6a87b rpm-setup: Add pytest dependency
73ea8297c4 NR-RRC : Fix NR-RRC RSRQ upper boundary value to 20dB
a93eb2be85 Use `register_dissector()` in ASN.1 dissectors
0a651f7cc1 Bluetooth HCI: Core specification v5.4 update
f030ecdbcc Parse EATT data using ATT parser
b4d581c771 Bluetooth L2CAP: dissect L2CAP Credit Based Connection Request/Response
47759ca658 bsd-setup: don't use Bash as the interpreter for the script.
fc97299f33 epan: Show our ftype integer sizes in bits
a5f8d54915 epan: Check lengths on FT_UINT_BYTES
48656ba262 CI: Remove obsolete CMake option ENABLE_CARES
1db73dad24 Add WTAP bindings for silabs debug channel, DLT 298.
0b74edbb2b proto: Add an assertion
1062e54fd5 prefs: Remove type of GUI preference
fb504bc76c MySQL: Correct scope for tvb_get_string_enc
10be3f8fe6 Qt: Make the debounce timer an advanced preference
3b721ba7b9 Doc: Replace GitLab legacy URLs and reorganize a bit
1eae9555a6 [Automatic update for 2023-05-07]
fe3649a8e9 USB: fix usbip dissector for fragmented non-iso packets
046f1762b2 GNSS: add dissector for the u-blox UBX protocol
96d8aa6397 Update OEM/ESTA codes
f69e0ca6bc dfilter+taps: Load field references for taps
ab21f2a31e Resources: Deprecate some old icons.
013a675c06 tshark: Print personal extcap path
5bc94bc02a Qt: Avoid an unnecessary retap when creating Conversations dialog
f5c4dcbbf9 Qt: Fixup Conversations and Endpoints dialog leak fix
98a19a85a5 CMake+tools: Add Visual C++ Arm64 support
6938e93170 prefs: Describe converted pref names properly
cfb4627ef1 MySQL: Correct case when zlib and zstd flags are both set
4056799e83 Call check_val_to_str.py in 'Clang + Code Checks' pipeline
aaa4816eda DCERPC MAPI: Handle IP address and MAC Address
15fd2ddc8c columns: Migrate two-field columns to custom columns
c224f16ac6 fix: Memory leak when cookie is invalid hex
0d38b359c1 feat(ssh2): Add support for reading shared secret from keylog file
749a39cf07 ntlmssp: remove redundant words ("NT" and "password")
ec3b10d52b ntlmssp: fix/add comments, rename constants, add spec links, fix typos
12945533b5 Update PIDL README
277b7f6346 Qt: Restore -z io,stat command line option
1844904bc2 check_val_to_str.py: Check ASN1 template files
c66d5e52ea NTLMSSP & SPNEGO: Fix build on arm64-windows
c9d0483def tshark: Fix leak in printing selecting fields with multiple occurences
417a10799b Fix more 'type_item_calls' warnings
6d466cab13 ntlmssp: fix decrypt error by decrypting verifier after payload
55db118c0f Use `register_dissector()` in plugins
e76437d13f BGP: add support of BGP roles and OTC attribute [RFC9234]
a07120b454 UDS: Fixing typos (ARS) and improve parsing (CDTCS)
27d5ad3e10 Qt: Fix leak in Conversations and Endpoints dialogs
f14e267ddd ORAN FH CUS: Add LAA dissection, and fix pre-commit warnings
c0d363bd20 Fix issues seen while running pre-commit scripts over all dissectors
2354e352f9 pcapng: Add basic support for custom options
1eaef13ca3 pcapng: Add basic support for custom block
82d6fd449b [Automatic update for 2023-04-30]
c10a6eb9af Fix some spelling errors.
f61061468d E2AP: use VAL_PTR in shortName decoding
a2af96aa17 Qt: Fix leak in status bar
f18a3ddd52 PER, asn2wrs: Handle VAL_PTR for known multiplier string types
b1b27a8bcb ldap: add couple OIDs coming from Active Directory specs
91e516c5d5 epan: move deprecated column check to column file
254c4de283 Remove unit string dB-Hz from packet-lpp-template.c
6572678153 tcpros: tighten heuristics; fix COL_INFO timestamp
6cc81bbbd3 GEONW: add possibility to call dissector w/o basic header
94af5ee99e BMP, BGP: Add a "one PDU" BGP dissector, and have BMP use it
de697261d8 FTDI MPSSE: Recognize two undocumented command alternatives
75e2c66b9b Add further unit strings for lengths, velocities, and C/N0
7ce5ce33b0 DRDA: Implement SQLDARD
c99f17aa38 Fix dissection of DNS Service Discovery SRV answers
d8df82b03b Windows: upgrade Npcap to 1.75
ac5ca0d6df Resources: Add Hero Icons to the list
8788ba774e DNS: use pinfo->pool instead of wmem_packet_scope where possible
e65bfb974f fix(ssh2): Fix bn_cookie_ht dup'ed too early
5f08477bba etwdump: Try to fix the build
bdac10e25e add ProcessorNumber to packet comments
2b1922cbcf pgsql: Move state transitions to a tree
9a94b47729 sFlow: Fix parsing of TCP flags and IPv4 ToS for sampled IP
c6dc3405e6 BMP: Fix expert info
9ea2b3db5e epan: Implement EBCDIC CP 500, for DRDA
d6f2ecc8e0 fix(ssh2): Bind hash table entries to hash table lifetime
872285a643 Doc: complete list of field types
02582737dc ui: Fix leak
2267a863e7 tshark: Fix leak in ek output
571f2961cf tools/check_val_to_str.py: Scan plugin dissectors too
1e37396fa5 Reduce number of warnings seen by tools/check_typed_item_calls.py
5aed22f55a HTTP: content info for heuristic subdissectors
3ce3bd7d60 Bug 19015: Fix Community ID generation logic