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This is runs a complete core network with a virtual 2G BTS and two virtual 2G phones.
- build osmocom-bb
git clone https://gerrit.osmocom.org/osmocom-bb
cd osmocom-bb/src
make nofirmware
cd ../..
Put programs virtphy and mobile in $PATH, e.g.
ln -s $PWD/osmocom-bb/src/host/virt_phy/src/virtphy ~/bin/
ln -s $PWD/osmocom-bb/src/host/layer23/src/mobile/mobile ~/bin/
- also have these programs available in $PATH:
- osmo-hlr
- osmo-msc
- osmo-mgw
- osmo-stp
- osmo-bsc
- osmo-bts-virtual (from osmo-bts)
- did i miss one?
- prepare HLR db; call this while no other osmo-hlr is running:
- use run.sh to launch N terminals with one component each:
when you hit enter in this terminal, the entire network is torn down. (so continue in another terminal)
- of course you can instead launch the ten-odd components manually...
- Two virtual phones should subscribe to the network as soon as the two 'mobile' are launched.
Watch for 'bssap': "Location Updating Accept" with wireshark tracing 'lo'
- Launch (the signalling of) a voice call:
There will be no voice RTP stream, but the MGWs will be set up for it and the call will remain open.
- ...