ignore templates starting with 'common_'

It's useful to include common parts in numerous cfg files, using the
${include(path)} command. So far they were called common_* and stored outside
of the templates dir (e.g. for logging). So far all files in a templates dir
are seen as templates, so the common files had to be stored in a different dir,
which is a bit senseless.

Allow storing them in the same dir with the templates: ignore all files
starting with 'common_'.

Change-Id: I74446dc0a7f51d4f231e8758a691abb675e87483
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Neels Hofmeyr 2018-11-16 23:59:51 +01:00
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commit 4f0612251c
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@ -210,6 +210,10 @@ for tmpl_name in sorted(os.listdir(tmpl_dir)):
if tmpl_name.startswith('.'):
# omit files to be included by other files
if tmpl_name.startswith('common_'):
tmpl_src = os.path.join(tmpl_dir, tmpl_name)
dst = tmpl_name