gsmtap_makemsg_ex: NULL for unknown chan_type

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Oliver Smith 2020-05-19 09:44:49 +02:00 committed by osmith
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commit 12f93be607
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@ -169,7 +169,8 @@ void chantype_gsmtap2rsl(uint8_t gsmtap_chantype, uint8_t *rsl_chantype,
* \param[in] snr Signal/Noise Ratio (SNR)
* \param[in] data Pointer to data buffer
* \param[in] len Length of \ref data
* \return dynamically allocated message buffer containing data
* \return dynamically allocated message buffer containing data,
* or NULL for unknown chan_type
* This function will allocate a new msgb and fill it with a GSMTAP
* header containing the information
@ -182,6 +183,9 @@ struct msgb *gsmtap_makemsg_ex(uint8_t type, uint16_t arfcn, uint8_t ts, uint8_t
struct gsmtap_hdr *gh;
uint8_t *dst;
if (chan_type == GSMTAP_CHANNEL_UNKNOWN)
return NULL;
msg = msgb_alloc(sizeof(*gh) + len, "gsmtap_tx");
if (!msg)
return NULL;