ttcn3-sgsn: Drop unneeded .cfg change for latest

Latest libosmo-sccp release 1.2.0 already uses same id as master.

Change-Id: Ib7473de84521c37d6408ac1235244250284bd59a
Pau Espin 2020-01-03 20:26:57 +01:00 committed by laforge
parent f6df33122a
commit 3d14860d4e
1 changed files with 0 additions and 6 deletions

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@ -16,12 +16,6 @@ cp SGSN_Tests.cfg $VOL_BASE_DIR/sgsn-tester/
mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/sgsn
cp osmo-sgsn.cfg $VOL_BASE_DIR/sgsn/
# Latest release of osmo-sgsn (1.5.0) uses harcoded default ss7 id 1 from
# libosmo-sccp (1.1.0). when new osmo-sgsn release is available, these lines
# below can be dropped:
if [ "$IMAGE_SUFFIX" = "latest" ]; then
sed "s/cs7 instance 0/cs7 instance 1/g" -i $VOL_BASE_DIR/sgsn/osmo-sgsn.cfg
mkdir $VOL_BASE_DIR/stp
cp osmo-stp.cfg $VOL_BASE_DIR/stp/