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Lev Walkin 2005-02-18 17:18:48 +00:00
parent c8092cb260
commit 6ab8896515
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@ -14,14 +14,13 @@ check(char *tag, char *name, xer_check_tag_e value) {
static void
check_next(char *xerbuf, int expected_chunk_size, pxer_chunk_type_e expected_chunk_type) {
int stateContext = 0;
int xerbuf_len = strlen(xerbuf);
pxer_chunk_type_e ch_type;
ssize_t ch_size;
if(expected_chunk_size == -1)
expected_chunk_size = xerbuf_len;
ch_size = xer_next_token(&stateContext, xerbuf, xerbuf_len, &ch_type);
ch_size = xer_next_token(xerbuf, xerbuf_len, &ch_type);
printf("[%s]:%d\n", xerbuf, xerbuf_len);
printf("chunk sizes: %d vs %d, chunk types: %d vs %d\n",
@ -50,8 +49,8 @@ main() {
check("</>", "", XCT_CLOSING);
check("", "a", XCT_BROKEN);
check("<>", "a", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("</>", "a", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("<>", "a", XCT_UNKNOWN_OP);
check("</>", "a", XCT_UNKNOWN_CL);
check("a", "a", XCT_BROKEN);
check("<a>", "a", XCT_OPENING);
@ -64,18 +63,17 @@ main() {
check("</a/>", "a", XCT_BROKEN);
check("<a/>", "a", XCT_BOTH);
check("<tag>", "a", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("<tag>", "a", XCT_UNKNOWN_OP);
check("<tag>", "tag", XCT_OPENING);
check("</tag>", "tag", XCT_CLOSING);
check("</tag/>", "tag", XCT_BROKEN);
check("<tag/>", "tag", XCT_BOTH);
check("<tag>", "ta", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("<tag>", "ta", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("</tag>", "ta", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("<tag>", "ta", XCT_UNKNOWN_OP);
check("</tag>", "ta", XCT_UNKNOWN_CL);
check("</tag/>", "ta", XCT_BROKEN);
check("<tag/>", "ta", XCT_UNEXPECTED);
check("<tag/>", "ta", XCT_UNKNOWN_BO);
check("<tag attribute=\"value\"/>", "tag", XCT_BOTH);