Osmo-CC: Option to remove remote peer, if given by application

Andreas Eversberg 5 months ago
parent 334ead6908
commit 5335a77e48
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@ -1110,6 +1110,8 @@ static void osmo_cc_help_address(void)
printf("local [<IPv6 address>]:<port>\n");
printf("remote <IPv4 address>:<port>\n");
printf("remote [<IPv6 address>]:<port>\n\n");
printf("remote auto\n\n");
printf("remote none\n\n");
printf("These options can be used to define local and remote IP and port for the socket\n");
printf("interface. Note that IPv6 addresses must be enclosed by '[' and ']'.\n\n");
@ -1120,6 +1122,9 @@ static void osmo_cc_help_address(void)
printf("If no remote address is given, the local IP is used. If the local port is %d,\n", OSMO_CC_DEFAULT_PORT);
printf("the remote port will be %d. If not, the remote port will be %d. This way it is\n", OSMO_CC_DEFAULT_PORT + 1, OSMO_CC_DEFAULT_PORT);
printf("possible to link two interfaces without any IP configuration required.\n\n");
printf("Use 'remote auto' to enable and 'remote none' to disable. This can be useful to\n");
printf("override application default.\n\n");
static int osmo_cc_set_address(osmo_cc_endpoint_t *ep, const char *text)
@ -1154,6 +1159,11 @@ static int osmo_cc_set_address(osmo_cc_endpoint_t *ep, const char *text)
ep->remote_auto = 1;
return 0;
if (!strcasecmp(text, "none")) {
PDEBUG(DCC, DEBUG_DEBUG, "disable automatic remote peer selection\n");
ep->remote_auto = 0;
return 0;
ep->remote_auto = 0;
address_p = &ep->remote_address;
host_p = &ep->remote_host;