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@ -11,11 +11,9 @@ The PCU is part of BSS, so it connects directly to SGSN.
* No unacknowledged mode operation
* No PCCCH/PBCCH support
* Only single slot assignment on uplink direction
* No half-duplex class support
* No two-phase access support
* No half-duplex class support (only semi-duplex)
* No handover support
* No measurement support
* No polling for control ack on assignment
* No TA loop
* No power loop
* No CS loop

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@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ Data structures of TBFs and PDCHs:
- an array of 8 PDCH structures, one for each assigned timeslot
- in case of uplink TBF: an array of 8 USFs, one for each assigned timeslot
Each PDCH structure also has:
Each TRX and all it's PDCH structures also have:
- an array of 32 uplink TBFs that are assigned to this PDCH
- an array of 32 downlink TBFs that are assigned to this PDCH