running.adoc: add section about MGCP configuration

The manual seems to lack a section about how the MGW is set up. In the
osmo-bsc manual we have a "Configure MGCP to connect to an MGW" section
under the "Configure primary links" section. We should have the same
thing in the osmo-msc manual as well.

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! default port is 4222, optionally configurable by:
remote-port 1234
==== Configure MGCP to connect to an MGW
OsmoMSC uses a media gateway (typically OsmoMGW) to direct RTP streams. By
default, an MGW is expected to receive MGCP requests on the IANA-registered
default port for MGCP (2427) on local host (
Here is an example configuration for a remote MGW:
mgw remote-ip
mgw remote-port 2427
mgw reset-endpoint rtpbridge/* <1>
<1> The 'reset-endpoint' setting instructs the OsmoMGW to send a wildcarded
DLCX to the media gateway. This helps to clear lingering calls from the
media gateway when the OsmoMSC is restarted.