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Pau Espin 730a1f28d2 Bump version: → 1.12.0
Change-Id: I9b1272cacaeaf1213f9a372eda52aac560cfbde5
2023-09-12 14:48:51 +02:00
Pau Espin 8e8d59ff0e mgcp_client: Introduce mgcp_client_conf_alloc(), deprecate mgcp_client_conf_init()
So far, the users of the old non-pooled API were in charge of allocating
the struct mgcp_client_conf by themselves, then init them using
mgcp_client_conf_init(). This causes a major problem, since it makes it
difficult to extend the struct mgcp_client_conf structure to add new
features, which may happen frequently.

The MGW pool API doesn't have this problem, because the struct
mgcp_client_conf is allocated as parts/fields of private structs defined
in internal headers. Only pointers to it are used in public headers.
Since it still has to internally initialize the conf fields, we still
need the API to initialize it internally, and hence why is it marked as

While some programs already moved to the new MGW pool infrastructure,
they still use the old APIs to accomodate for old config files in order
to be back-compatible, hence most users of libosmo-mgcp-client are

Introduce an API to allocate the conf struct internally, which, while
still breaking the ABI, allows for a more relaxed update path where it's
possible to extend the struct mgcp_client_conf at the end.

Eventually the non pooled API should be gone and the struct
mgcp_client_conf can then be moved to a private header, but for now
let's add this small feature to avoid major ABI breakage.

Change-Id: Iba0853ed099a32cf1dde78c17e1b34343db41cfc
2023-06-14 10:59:50 +02:00
Pau Espin 342a9a9418 Bump version: → 1.11.0
Change-Id: I9f1dcbbf2fdc242e8d304ec6b2a8e1e60d010c32
2023-02-07 16:58:42 +01:00
Harald Welte 6ea8d7dac6 Add -Werror=implicit-int -Werror=int-conversion -Werror=old-style-definition
... if --enable-werror is used

Change-Id: Ib397f3ad748e17f20b6177ef706af65088571f70
2022-11-03 12:53:20 +01:00
Pau Espin cfef36837e Bump version: → 1.10.0
Change-Id: If6d23bd0628cebf6cfa8fca0ae8a91278264e2a3
2022-06-28 18:50:25 +02:00
Harald Welte c946605208 update git URLs (git -> https; gitea)
Change-Id: I122aa939df79663a4f226565b32524b2bfdf7c68
2022-06-18 12:18:10 +02:00
Pau Espin 58dc88bc31 Bump version: → 1.9.0
Change-Id: Icfc615c0d7d826269962b0d94fbe53c2f8adfdaf
2021-11-16 16:59:21 +01:00
Oliver Smith 172f5acfce Revert "Turn some compiler warnings into errors"
Do not turn some compiler warnings into errors by default. This patch
was added before --enable-werror was available.

We build with --enable-werror during development and in CI. If the code
is built with a different compiler that throws additional warnings, it
should not stop the build.

This reverts commit 34f012639d.

Related: OS#5289
Change-Id: I6042f917a5a891dd13cb96d9477a45a45a7b35fe
2021-11-04 10:52:40 +01:00
Eric Wild 55fdfc223e globally lock the portrange when trying to grab a port to prep for multithreading
Change-Id: I78ae737b829bb428372f34db7d5bc601b5088b78
2021-09-13 18:49:49 +02:00
Eric Wild 374ad788d8 fix maybe-uninitialized for clang
Clang and gcc have different names for this, but the check fails without
-Werror since clang only warns about unknown args.

The previous check led to a lot of "unknown arg" spam while compiling
with clang.

Change-Id: Iad6c16beed26d5fe8952d7d5a79a93845c391b48
2021-09-10 17:24:45 +02:00
Pau Espin 6ccdaa243f Bump version: → 1.8.0
Change-Id: I64ff22193ab2a95a9a7d66e9957a875d096e23de
2021-02-23 18:28:45 +01:00
Oliver Smith 9fec391d6e set -std=gnu11
Change-Id: Ic2a1f20be65810a86cdc36aaa459819146a0bfcc
2021-01-28 09:28:08 +00:00
Alexander Couzens 5322473d04 require libosmoabis + libosmotrau >= 1.0.0
Since osmo-mgw supports trau frames it requries a newer version.
The spec file already requires those newer version.

Change-Id: If6c7ecdde09c6e09ded7e0959b7765a01a31d702
2020-08-21 18:37:42 +02:00
Pau Espin c59b5c533d Support setting rt-prio and cpu-affinity mask through VTY
Change-Id: Icfafea073a0cdac289a651d61632b4c6af39c6a9
Depends: libosmocore.git Change-Id If76a4bd2cc7b3c7adf5d84790a944d78be70e10a
Depends: osmo-gsm-masnuals.git Change-Id Icd75769ef630c3fa985fc5e2154d5521689cdd3c
Related: SYS#4986
2020-08-20 08:43:52 +00:00
Philipp Maier 889fe7f203 mgcp_e1: finish E1 support, add E1 support from libosmoabis
Currently only the endpoint handling for E1 exists, but there is no
actual code behind it that handles the E1 traffic.

Change-Id: I6b93809b5ac7d01af55888347dd787b0bc997ae1
Related: OS#2659
2020-08-10 22:56:59 +02:00
Oliver Smith 6500d72aaf contrib: integrate RPM spec
Remove OpenSUSE bug report link, set version to @VERSION@, make it build
with CentOS 8 etc.

Related: OS#4550
Change-Id: I1d03ac87a7d0c3c600d187f3e485cb2dab8838bb
2020-05-19 15:33:19 +02:00
Eric Wild eebbf2b1fc fix libtool issue with clang and sanitizer
As pointed out at
libtool does not play nice with clang sanitizer builds at all.
For those builds LD shoud be set to clang too (and LDFLAGS needs the
sanitizer flags as well), because the clang compiler driver knows how
linking to the sanitizer libs works, but then at a later stage libtool
fails to actually produce the shared libraries and the build fails. This
is fixed by this patch.

Addtionally LD_LIBRARY_PATH has no effect on conftest runs during
configure time, so the rpath needs to be set to the asan library path to
ensure the configure run does not fail due to a missing asan library,

SANS='-fsanitize=memory -fsanitize-recover=all -shared-libsan'
export CC=clang-10
ASANPATH=$(dirname `$CC`)

Change-Id: I2314ef45e6f588e88d5aab8213cc7b5cdef11325
2020-04-11 18:33:04 +00:00
Eric Wild e885bc5c24 tests: dlopen does not imply availability of dlsym..
Check for both.

Change-Id: I1a1e82882ad28dd53e634f10f9cebb4bc74cac1e
2020-04-11 00:57:13 +02:00
Harald Welte 9852e22101 Add CTRL interface to osmo-mgw
OsmoMGW has a lot of nice built-in statistics (rate_ctr,...) but it
seems the only way to look at them is via the VTY. While libosmocore
contains automatic exposure of all rate counters via CTRL, the CTRL
interface simply is not used by osmo-mgw so far.

Closes: OS#4441
Change-Id: I7ed6bdb9f4749c24ca11a5905a620546cfe42952
2020-03-08 13:23:46 +01:00
Pau Espin ec45068972 Bump version: → 1.7.0
libosmocore required version increased due to include used from
libosmo-netif including an include from libosmocore which in previous
versions misses including an include from a symbol used.

Change-Id: I1d5f14b1ad36b2ed94343fca71fdc622424403d3
2020-01-03 13:35:10 +01:00
Pau Espin a2d10216ea Require libosmo-netif 0.6.0
Current code uses APIs like osmux_xfrm_output_init2() and osmo_amr_*(),
that are only available in libosmo-netif 0.6.0 onwards. Let's update accordingly.

Change-Id: I3bc0196bb6b5c5e5cf96935422fd56c4582ed7f5
2019-08-07 16:42:28 +02:00
Hoernchen 199c5e965e turn -Werror=null-dereference into a warning
There is unfortunately no way to suppres this witha pragma,
and gcc 9 uncovers quite a few new instaces with enabled LTO that can't/won't be fixed

Related: OS#4123
Change-Id: Ib157bd2e110b271dbe5ac928c98251e016477f56
2019-07-22 19:56:59 +00:00
Vadim Yanitskiy 6c1cd63a57 drop useless check for -fvisibility=hidden
We don't use this attribute in OsmoMGW anyway.

Change-Id: I61d08adbaaf938310f9474a1ea449e016a611ca3
2019-05-10 23:34:21 +07:00
Harald Welte e81c1176aa Bump version: → 1.5.0
Change-Id: I8f7c7b75f38ebd1ee48605596424af48cc1ad53d
2019-01-20 15:02:19 +01:00
Oliver Smith 7c0b70a94e build manuals moved here from osmo-gsm-manuals.git
Moved to doc/manuals/, with full commit history, in preceding merge commit.
Now incorporate in the build system.

Build with:

$ autoreconf -fi
$ ./configure --enable-manuals
$ make

Shared files from osmo-gsm-manuals.git are found automatically if
- the repository is checked out in ../osmo-gsm-manuals; or
- if it osmo-gsm-manuals was installed with "make install"; or

Related: OS#3385
Change-Id: I504f05a49721f2dfe105b6c5fd1995c4e7a0be9c
2018-11-27 18:07:37 +01:00
Pau Espin e686675f7d Install systemd services with autotools
Change-Id: I7e4dae6b8c1685e8a673c58a843c41fa0af1b35c
2018-09-12 14:14:55 +02:00
Pau Espin 31b4729f27 Remove libosmo-legacy-mgcp and osmo-bsc-mgcp
They are only used by openbsc.git programs and belong there.

Change-Id: Id31bef052d3f9b8aada1824d6f7f995ebd39bbfd
2018-09-06 20:39:53 +00:00
Pau Espin e547bdd1ce configure: Find correct libgsm's gsm.h header
Some distributions (archlinux) or versions of libgsm install gsm.h in

Since libgsm doesn't come with a pkfconfig, let's first check if gsm.h
and take the correct path in the build setup.

Change-Id: I07d3c03903e0d4bb80e843c7ed917a27b791ea53
2018-07-28 02:48:04 +02:00
Pau Espin 304b3eb328 Bump version: → 1.4.0
Change-Id: Ice736ca8016be5ed000c30014b955f4e0f77cb4e
2018-07-27 19:05:23 +02:00
Pau Espin d761d355f9 Bump version: → 1.3.0
Change-Id: I524222f5a056111325087cfb44d83d02571b475f
2018-05-03 17:40:35 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 4f7613eeb1 configure: add --enable-werror
Provide a sane means of adding the -Werror compiler flag.

Currently, some of our add -Werror by passing 'CFLAGS="-Werror"',
but that actually *overwrites* all the other CFLAGS we might want to have set.

Maintain these exceptions from -Werror:
a) deprecation (allow upstream to mark deprecation without breaking builds);
b) "#warning" pragmas (allow to remind ourselves of errors without breaking

As a last configure step before generating the output files, print the complete

Change-Id: Ia66aa48e957f4dcbdf8a7df3010b84f472c33f76
2018-03-05 20:43:27 +01:00
Harald Welte 19d640e806 Turn libosmo-mgcp into local, non-installed library
This is an internal library simmilar to 'libmsc' in osmo-msc, which
we don't expect to be used by other programs except osmo-mgw.  Hence,
there's no need to install it as a shared library, which introduces
requirements about ABI/API stability and the like.

osmo-bsc_nat uses libosmo-legacy-mgcp, and once we should rewrite
osmo-bsc_nat, we might need some of the libosmo-mgcp related functions,
but at this point it's unclear what exactly would be needed and if
current libosmo-mgcp can provide that.  As needed, we can introduce
a related shared library at that point.

Change-Id: Iba0a2c9c694e360356ac2ca584e97795281c6198
2018-02-05 22:41:32 +00:00
Philipp Maier ffd75e420c libosmo-mgcp: Connection Identifiers are allocated by MGW, not CA
The MGCP connection identifier is allocated by the MGW while processing
the CRCX, see RFC3435 Including/Accepting a connection
identifier in CRCX is "forbidden" as per RFC3435 Section 3.2.2.

So the MGW side must *reject* a CRCX message with 'I' parameter, and
allocate a connection identifier which is subsequently returned in the

Closes: OS#2648
Change-Id: Iab6a6038e7610c62f34e642cd49c93d11151252c
2017-12-01 11:58:24 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 7c20c9de5a add --enable-sanitize config option
Change-Id: I2693238c5c8d914cf3ff7721511e7b4b56e413d2
2017-11-18 10:17:39 +00:00
Harald Welte 1e940d615a Depend on latest tagged/released libosmo-* versions
This is the safe choice, as in absence of automatic testing we don't
know if we actually still build against the [sometimes] ancient

Change-Id: I8118defcd270bb487d9fd674fe30a74d379fda18
2017-10-28 11:51:07 +02:00
Philipp Maier 87bd9be0b0 Initially implement the new osmo-mgw and libosmo-mgcp
Leave the old osmo-bsc_mgcp and libosmo-legacy-mgcp as it is; on a copy thereof
(added by a previous commit), apply changes to initially implement the new

Adjust build system and debian packaging to accomodate the new libosmo-mgcp and

The main differences:

*) use a list to manage rtp connections.

Aggregate all rtp related information inside a single struct.

Use a linked list to manage the both connections (net and bts).
The idea behind using a list is that we might support conference
calls at some later point.

Store the linked list in struct mgcp_endpoint, have a private linked
list for each endpoint. The list contains connection items which are
implemented in struct mgcp_conn. A connection is allocated and freed
using the functions in mgcp_conn.c. A connection is allocated on the
reception of a CRCX command and freed with the reception of a DLCX

*) remove external transcoder feature

Fortunatelly the external transcoder feature is not needed
anymore. This patch removes the related code.

*) vty: get rid of CONN_BTS and CONN_NET

Since the new connection model does not make a difference
between BTS and NET connections the VTY should not use
the fixed CONN_BTS and CONN_NET constants.

- Handle the conns list inside the endpoint directly
- introduce function to dump basic rtp connection info
- introduce human readable names for connections

Parts of the code adjusted to use generalized connections instead of explicit
BTS/NET ones:

- teach mgcp_send_dummy() to send dummy packets to any RTP connection
- network: generalize mgcp_bind_net/bts_rtp_port()
- network: generalize mgcp_send()
- tap: generalize call tapping feature
- stat: generalize statistics
- Replace rtp_data_net() and rtp_data_bts() with generalized rtp_data_rx()

*) mgcp_protocol.c fixes:

- check ci string before it is converted:
  In case of missing ci, a nullpointer is delivered to strtoul().
  Add a function that takes ci, checks it and converts it to an
  uint32_t. Use the return code to react on missing ci.
- output error message on missing CI.
- when parsing the mode, print log message when mode is missing.
- use mode_orig when mode is missing.
- fix ptime formatstring to use %u rather than %d.
- cosmetic: log when connection is deleted on DLCX.
- change loglevels of CRCX, MDCX, DLCX events from DEBUG to NOTICE.

*) mgcp_test

- apply rename of strline_r() to mgcp_strline().
- MGCP command macros:
  - Add 'I: 1' parameters.
  - Use proper port numbers:
    from m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 126
    to   m=audio 16002 RTP/AVP 128
  - Change ptime to 'a=ptime:40' because this is what the MGW currently
    returns.  CRCX generally feed a ptime:40 and this is expected to be
- struct mgcp_test: Use only one ptype, there are no explicit BTS and NET
  endpoints anymore.
  Hence remove one column from tests[].
- test_messages():
  - Enable: remove '#if 0'
  - Remove concept of BTS and NET endpoints: test only one conn, as they are
    now interchangeable anyway.
  - remove endpoint init, now done internally.
  - add false asserts in error cases.
- test_retransmission():
  - remove endpoint init, now done internally.
  - add false asserts in error cases.
- test_packet_error_detection():
  - Remove concept of BTS and NET endpoints: test only one conn, as they are
    now interchangeable anyway. Use arbitrary conn ids (e.g. 4711).
  - remove endpoint init, now done internally.
  - add false assert in error case.
  - Assert that a conn really vanishes on DLCX, previously the conn would
    remain and just be unused, now it is actually discarded.
- test_no_cycle()
  - Remove concept of BTS and NET endpoints: test only one conn, as they are
    now interchangeable anyway. Use arbitrary conn ids (e.g. 4711).
- test_no_name()
  - Enable: remove '#if 0'.
  - remove endpoint init, now done internally.
  - add false assert in error case.
- mgcp_test.ok: adjust expected results to status quo:
  - We now see two dummy packets instead of one, now sent to both sides because
    we don't know of BTS or NET side. (maybe drop dummy packets later...)
  - packet duration, conn mode: now sane defaults show instead of unset.
- various whitespace and formatting changes from lindent.

Change-Id: Ie008599136c7ed8a0dfbb0cf803188975a499fc5
2017-10-05 01:40:43 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 97df691307 separate libosmo-mgcp-client from mgcp server code
When osmo-mgw is built --with-mgcp-transcoding, linking the mgcp library
also requires linking libgsm, even though e.g. osmo-msc never use it.
Separate the MGCP client code from the MGCP server code to avoid this dep.

The mgcp client code does use some definitions from mgcp.h and mgcp_common.c.
For simplicity, link mgcp_common.c in both libosmo-legacy-mgcp as well as
libosmo-mgcp-client. That means it is not possible to link both
libosmo-legacy-mgcp and libosmo-mgcp-client in the same binary because of
duplicate symbols, but currently that is sufficient. (An alternative would be
code dup or yet another libosmo-mgcp-common library.)

Add libosmo-mgcp-client to debian packaging.

Related: OS#2488
Change-Id: I8e0b2d2a399b77086a36606f5e427271c6242df1
2017-09-05 20:56:27 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr e9920f24b1 split off osmo-mgw: remove files, apply build, rename
Add vty and logging previously used from libcommon

Rename libmgcp to libosmo-legacy-mgcp and install.


Slim down the public mgcpgw_client API, move all elements not actually used by
current callers to private headers / static c.

Depends: libosmocore I09c587e2d59472cbde852d467d457254746d9e67
Change-Id: I71a0a16ebaaef881c34235849601fc40aa12cfd7
2017-08-30 15:04:52 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 28295b939c move libiu to osmo-iuh/libosmo-ranap
Remove libiu here, use the functions from libosmo-ranap instead, by applying
the ranap_ / RANAP_ prefix.

Corresponding change-id in osmo-iuh.git is I6a3f7ad15be03fb94689b4af6ccfa828c25f45c0

To be able to run the msc_vlr tests for RAN_UTRAN_IU without Iu client headers
available, add iu_dummy.h, containing mere function signatures that match
iu_dummy.c and a mostly empty struct ranap_ue_conn_ctx.

Make sure we can build with and without --enable-iu: include osmo-iuh headers
only with --enable-iu.

Change-Id: Ib8c4fcdb4766c5e575618b95ce16dce51063206b
2017-08-30 14:20:17 +02:00
Philipp Maier 4b60d0782c Implement AoIP, port to M3UA SIGTRAN (large addition and refactoring)
This was originally a long series of commits converging to the final result
seen in this patch. It does not make much sense to review the smaller steps'
trial and error, we need to review this entire change as a whole.

Implement AoIP in osmo-msc and osmo-bsc.

Change over to the new libosmo-sigtran API with support for proper
SCCP/M3UA/SCTP stacking, as mandated by 3GPP specifications for the IuCS and
IuPS interfaces.

From here on, a separate osmo-stp process is required for SCCP routing between
OsmoBSC / OsmoHNBGW <-> OsmoMSC / OsmoSGSN build from libosmo-sccp and osmo-iuh master branches now for new

Patch-by: pmaier, nhofmeyr, laforge
Change-Id: I5ae4e05ee7c57cad341ea5e86af37c1f6b0ffa77
2017-08-30 14:20:17 +02:00
Max 58cfd25c2f Use release helper from libosmocore
for details.

Change-Id: I869395d5c9ab5ec1a487aff15418d1517f47e831
Related: OS#1861
2017-08-30 14:20:17 +02:00
Harald Welte 52bdd62eb3 increase libsmpp34 version requirement to 1.12
Only 1.12 contains some of the #defines that we're using with recent

Change-Id: I3743b10a1a5d2f1d42a61204273c1d00dc22b600
2017-08-27 17:44:58 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr a1756f320a Implement IuCS (large refactoring and addition)
osmo-nitb becomes osmo-msc
add DIUCS debug log constant
add iucs.[hc]
add msc vty, remove nitb vty
add libiudummy, to avoid linking Iu deps in tests
Use new msc_tx_dtap() instead of gsm0808_submit_dtap()
libmgcp: add mgcpgw client API
bridge calls via mgcpgw

Enable MSC specific CTRL commands, bsc_base_ctrl_cmds_install() still needs to
be split up.

Change-Id: I5b5b6a9678b458affa86800afb1ec726e66eed88
2017-08-27 17:44:56 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr b6cd7934de cosmetic: make osmo-python-tests dependency more accurate
Change-Id: I4f84a13b7fa6ec4173bdc155e6114d4d7328b619
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr f817814c68 Add msc_vlr test suite for MSC+VLR end-to-end tests
Change-Id: If0e7cf20b9d1eac12126955b2f5f02bd8f1192cd
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00
Harald Welte 7b423edb56 Use libvlr in libmsc (large refactoring)
Original libvlr code is by Harald Welte <>,
polished and tweaked by Neels Hofmeyr <>.

This is a long series of trial-and-error development collapsed in one patch.
This may be split in smaller commits if reviewers prefer that. If we can keep
it as one, we have saved ourselves the additional separation work.


The SQL based lookup of SMS for attached subscribers no longer works since the
SQL database no longer has the subscriber data. Replace with a round-robin on
the SMS recipient MSISDNs paired with a VLR subscriber RAM lookup whether the
subscriber is currently attached.

If there are many SMS for not-attached subscribers in the SMS database, this
will become inefficient: a DB hit returns a pending SMS, the RAM lookup will
reveal that the subscriber is not attached, after which the DB is hit for the
next SMS. It would become more efficient e.g. by having an MSISDN based hash
list for the VLR subscribers and by marking non-attached SMS recipients in the
SMS database so that they can be excluded with the SQL query already.

There is a sanity limit to do at most 100 db hits per attempt to find a pending
SMS. So if there are more than 100 stored SMS waiting for their recipients to
actually attach to the MSC, it may take more than one SMS queue trigger to
deliver SMS for subscribers that are actually attached.

This is not very beautiful, but is merely intended to carry us over to a time
when we have a proper separate SMSC entity.

Introduce gsm_subscriber_connection ref-counting in libmsc.

Remove/Disable VTY and CTRL commands to create subscribers, which is now a task
of the OsmoHLR. Adjust the python tests accordingly.

Remove VTY cmd subscriber-keep-in-ram.

Use OSMO_GSUP_PORT = 4222 instead of 2222. See

So far use the LAC from conn->bts, will be replaced by conn->lac in

Related: OS#1592 OS#1974
Change-Id: I639544a6cdda77a3aafc4e3446a55393f60e4050
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00
Harald Welte a183a6ed20 Add libvlr implementation
Original libvlr code is by Harald Welte <>,
polished and tweaked by Neels Hofmeyr <>.

This is a long series of trial-and-error development collapsed in one patch.
This may be split in smaller commits if reviewers prefer that. If we can keep
it as one, we have saved ourselves the additional separation work.

Related: OS#1592
Change-Id: Ie303c98f8c18e40c87c1b68474b35de332033622
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr ffebe6e938 fix make distcheck with python tests
- bscs.config needed by the vty tests was not picked up as a dist file, because
  its suffix is not 'cfg'. Rename to *.cfg. Apply this rename in and osmo-bsc_nat.cfg.
- Remove restart counters after external tests, otherwise distcheck complains
  about uncleaned files.
- Add contrib/ to EXTRA_DIST, hence add a to contrib/.
  Otherwise the python tests cannot find that dependency.

Change-Id: I42b55cb1125099afc3a8e3f87c0e398426b2e2a9
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00
Neels Hofmeyr 85929a7be7 move openbsc/* to repos root
This is the first step in creating this repository from the legacy openbsc.git.

Like all other Osmocom repositories, keep the autoconf and automake files in
the repository root. openbsc.git has been the sole exception, which ends now.

Change-Id: I9c6f2a448d9cb1cc088cf1cf6918b69d7e69b4e7
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00