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Pau Espin fed5feafd3 Drop unneeded ax_check_compile_flag.m4
The macro is no longer used since

Change-Id: I2daa73b960a9f3ae7babb8b44dc343aaaf3b57aa
2022-01-11 17:46:41 +00:00
Neels Hofmeyr 85929a7be7 move openbsc/* to repos root
This is the first step in creating this repository from the legacy openbsc.git.

Like all other Osmocom repositories, keep the autoconf and automake files in
the repository root. openbsc.git has been the sole exception, which ends now.

Change-Id: I9c6f2a448d9cb1cc088cf1cf6918b69d7e69b4e7
2017-08-27 17:44:55 +02:00