mgcp_client_vty: add OSMO_ASSERT on pool parameter

When the function mgcp_client_pool_vty_init is called with pool = NULL,
then it segfaults. Lets put an OSMO_ASSERT() on pool to make clear that
a pool must be present before initalizing the VTY on it.

Change-Id: I36893bf5341d4ad21161e92d2d25d284647f7d18
Philipp Maier 2021-08-19 14:24:14 +02:00
parent 29e671f257
commit da3a5759e1
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@ -517,6 +517,9 @@ DEFUN(mgw_show, mgw_snow_cmd, "show mgw-pool", SHOW_STR "Display information abo
* \param[in] pool user provided memory to store the configured MGCP client (MGW) pool. */
void mgcp_client_pool_vty_init(int parent_node, int mgw_node, const char *indent, struct mgcp_client_pool *pool)
/* A pool must be allocated before this function can be called */
/* Never allow this function to be called twice on the same pool */