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== Configuring OsmoGbProxy
TBD. Unfortunately this chapter of the manual still needs to be written.
Osmocom has very limited funding and support resources; Feel free to help
us completing this documentation by contributing with code, documentation
or by supporting the developers financially.
OsmoGbProxy requires very little configuration, most of it being the
configuration of the NS links.
Most config options specific to OsmoGbProxy are related to SGSN pooling and
telling the proxy which NSE(s) it should use to talk to the SGSN(s).
=== Configure the Network Service (NS)
A detailed description of the NS configuration can be found in <<libosmogb>>.
The following config snippets assume the SGSN(s) (NSEI 101 and 102) are using
IP-SNS and listen on and respectively.
This would be the NS config for the SGSN(s):
.Example: NS configuration example (SGSN)
bind udp local
listen 23000 <1>
nse 101 <2>
ip-sns 23000 <3>
nse 102
ip-sns 23000
<1> Define the local IP/port from which to connect
<2> Define an NSE with NSEI
<3> Use IP-SNS to connect to the SGSN
=== Configure an SGSN
Configuration of a single (non-pooling) SGSN is rather simple.
.Example: SGSN configuration example
sgsn 101 <1>
name Main SGSN <2>
<1> Each SGSN is identified by its NSEI (same as in the NS configuration)
<2> An SGSN can optionally have a name. If none is set a default name will be used.
=== SGSN pool support