TTCN-3 language support for vim (forked from
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Folds: If the variable "g:ttcn_fold" is defined (e.g. by ":let g:ttcn_fold = 1" in your .vimrc file), folds will automatically be defined for each {...} block.

Highlight: If the variable "g:ttcn_hl_naming_convention" (e.g. by ":let g:ttcn_hl_naming_convention = 1" in your .vimrc file), Language elements following generic naming conventions will be highlighted.
This is not standardized but noted on


You should put settings that are specific to TTCN in this file.

Keyword completion for TTCN-3.
In insert mode you hit ctrl-x ctrl-k to get suggestions of keywords that could complete the currently typed word.
Note: ctrl-x ctrl-k is the Vim built-in method for dictionary completion; check out vimtip #91 and vimtip #102 for cool stuff and adjustments you can make!

For information about TTCN-3, see