TTCN-3 test port for testing USB devices from Eclipse TITAN
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This implements a TTCN-3 USB test port for Eclipse TITAN. Running on a (Linux) USB host computer, it allows you to write TTCN-3 tests for USB device. This means that the USB host (including the Linux kernel USB stack, libusb-1.0 and titan.TestPorts.USB form the tester, and the USB device with its built-in firmware forms the IUT(Implementation under Test).

The idea of this module is to be able to write abstract test suites in TTCN-3 which verify the functionality, and or interoperability of the interface/protocol they expose. The first such implementation for which this TestPort is going to be used is the osmo-ccid program, a USB device side implementation of the USB CCID (Chipcard Interface Device) class.

GIT repository

You can clone from the official titan.TestPorts.USB repository using

git clone

There's a cgit interface at


This is still very much a Work-In-Progress, and hence there's no documentation yet, sorry.