Fix message type of UPLINK SEIZED COMMAND

The UPLINK SEIZED COMMAND, as defines in "type record
PDU_BSSMAP_UplinkSeizedCommand" has wrong message type. It is '4E'O,
but it must be '4D'O. I verified it against the TS 48.008. 4E'O is
used for CHANGE CIRCUIT message.
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Andreas Eversberg 2023-07-31 13:19:05 +02:00
parent c6a8040c63
commit 37dd92ab78
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -2595,12 +2595,12 @@ type record PDU_BSSMAP_UplinkReleaseCommand
// UPLINK SEIZED COMMAND- 48.008 subclause
type record PDU_BSSMAP_UplinkSeizedCommand
OCT1 messageType, // H'4E
OCT1 messageType, // H'4D
BSSMAP_IE_Cause cause,
BSSMAP_IE_TalkerPriority talkerPriority optional,
BSSMAP_IE_EmergencySetIndication emergencySetIndication optional,
BSSMAP_IE_TalkerIdentity talkerIdentity optional
} with { variant "PRESENCE (messageType = '4E'O)" }
} with { variant "PRESENCE (messageType = '4D'O)" }