Vadim Yanitskiy 27b3801bed library/GSM_RR_Types: add minimalistic AssignmentCommand
Unfortunately, the existing implementation [1] is somewhat
incomplete and unfriendly to build templates on:

  - some fields holding integer numbers defined as BITx,
    so we would have to do bit2int() / int2bit();

  - some bit-map fields defined as octetstrings;

  - some fields are not decoded at all (raw octetstrings).

Let's work this around by defining a minimalistic implementation
of (RR) Assignment Command with all mandatory and some optional
fields.  Reuse some IEs directly from MobileL3_RRM_Types.

[1] titan.ProtocolModules.MobileL3_v13.4.0

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Related: SYS#4868, OS#4545
2020-09-01 14:43:33 +07:00
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