Osmocom test suites in TTCN-3 (Eclipse Titan) https://osmocom.org/projects/core-testing-infra
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  • external interfaces
    • A: BSSAP/SCCP/M3UA (emulates BSC-side)
    • IuCS: RANAP/SCCP/M3UA (emulates HNBGW-side)
    • MNCC: MNCC/unix-domain (emulates ext. MNCC side)
    • MGW: MGCP (emulates MGW side)
    • GSUP (emulates HLR side)
    • SMPP (emulates ESME side)
    • VTY
    • CTRL

{% dot msc_tests.svg digraph G { rankdir=LR; MSC [label="IUT\nosmo-msc",shape="box"]; ATS [label="ATS\nMSC_Tests.ttcn"]; STP [label="STP\nosmo-stp"];

ATS -> MSC [label="MNCC"]; ATS -> MSC [label="SMPP",style="dashed"]; ATS -> MSC [label="CTRL"]; ATS -> MSC [label="VTY"]; MSC -> ATS [label="GSUP"]; MSC -> ATS [label="MGCP"]; ATS -> STP [label="A BSSAP\nSCCP/M3UA"]; MSC -> STP [label="A BSSAP\nSCCP/M3UA"]; ATS -> STP [label="IuCS RANAP\nSCCP/M3UA"]; MSC -> STP [label="IuCS RANAP\nSCCP/M3UA"]; } %}