Osmocom test suites in TTCN-3 (Eclipse Titan) https://osmocom.org/projects/core-testing-infra
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Alexander Couzens 7d8c0e3b35 update expected-results.xml 2 years ago
MGCP_Test.cfg MGCP_Test: fix config file include path 5 years ago
MGCP_Test.default mgw: Rename IP address module parameter specifying IP version 2 years ago
MGCP_Test.ttcn mgw: Introduce test TC_crcx_osmo_ign 2 years ago
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RTP_Endpoint.ttcn Stop tests after failures 5 years ago
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regen_makefile.sh Add Osmux support and tests for MGW 4 years ago



  • external interfaces
    • MGCP (emulates call agent)
    • RTP (stream source/sink)
    • Osmux (stream source/sink)
    • VTY

{% dot mgw_tests.svg digraph G { rankdir=LR; MGW [label="IUT\nosmo-mgw",shape="box"]; ATS [label="ATS\nMGCP_Test.ttcn"];

ATS -> MGW [label="RTP", dir="both"]; ATS -> MGW [label="Osmux", dir="both"]; ATS -> MGW [label="MGCP"]; ATS -> MGW [label="VTY"]; } %}