Osmocom test suites in TTCN-3 (Eclipse Titan) https://osmocom.org/projects/core-testing-infra
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log gsmtap
logging level set-all debug
log stderr
logging filter all 1
logging print level 1
logging print category 1
logging print category-hex 0
logging print file basename last
logging print extended-timestamp 1
logging level set-all debug
stats interval 0
stats reporter statsd
prefix TTCN3
level subscriber
remote-port 8125
flush-period 1
mtu 1024
line vty
no login
timer tns-block 3
timer tns-block-retries 3
timer tns-reset 3
timer tns-reset-retries 3
timer tns-test 12
timer tns-alive 3
timer tns-alive-retries 3
timer tsns-prov 3
timer tsns-size-retries 3
timer tsns-config-retries 3
bind fr hdlcnet1
fr hdlcnet1 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet2
fr hdlcnet2 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet3
fr hdlcnet3 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet4
fr hdlcnet4 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet5
fr hdlcnet5 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet6
fr hdlcnet6 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet7
fr hdlcnet7 frnet
bind fr hdlcnet8
fr hdlcnet8 frnet
nse 2001
nsvc fr hdlcnet1 dlci 16 nsvci 1
nsvc fr hdlcnet2 dlci 17 nsvci 2
nsvc fr hdlcnet3 dlci 18 nsvci 3
nsvc fr hdlcnet4 dlci 19 nsvci 4
nse 2002
nsvc fr hdlcnet5 dlci 20 nsvci 5
nsvc fr hdlcnet6 dlci 21 nsvci 6
nse 2003
nsvc fr hdlcnet7 dlci 22 nsvci 7
nsvc fr hdlcnet8 dlci 23 nsvci 8