Osmocom test suites in TTCN-3 (Eclipse Titan) https://osmocom.org/projects/core-testing-infra
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Vadim Yanitskiy 64eb8ad759 bts/osmo-{bsc,bts}.cfg: tune logging configuration 12 months ago
BTS_Tests.cfg bts: Test forwarding PCUIF<->IPA/OSMO/PCU 1 year ago
BTS_Tests.default BTS_Tests: re-organize configuration of TRX/TS params 2 years ago
BTS_Tests.ttcn BTS_Tests: make TC_pcu_interf_ind more stable 1 year ago
BTS_Tests_LAPDm.ttcn BTS_Tests: make TRX number configurable for ConnHdlr 1 year ago
BTS_Tests_OML.ttcn pcu: Support Neighbor Address Resolution over PCUIF 1 year ago
BTS_Tests_SMSCB.ttcn BTS_Tests_SMSCB: ensure f_shutdown() is called in all test cases 1 year ago
BTS_Tests_VAMOS.ttcn [VAMOS] BTS: call f_shutdown() in f_TC_vamos_exec_async() 1 year ago
BTS_Tests_perf.ttcn bts/BTS_Tests: add frequency hopping parameters 3 years ago
README.md Update README.md of several TTCN3 test suites 3 years ago
expected-results.xml bts: add first a5/4 tests 2 years ago
gen_links.sh BTS: equip ConnHdlr with the RTP emulation component 1 year ago
osmo-bsc.cfg bts/osmo-{bsc,bts}.cfg: tune logging configuration 12 months ago
osmo-bts.cfg bts/osmo-{bsc,bts}.cfg: tune logging configuration 12 months ago
regen_makefile.sh regen_makefile.sh: set executable name explicitly 1 year ago



  • external interfaces
    • A-bis side: RSL (emulates BSC-side server)
    • Um side: L1CTL to control MS
    • PCU side: pcu_socket
    • VTY
    • CTRL

{% dot bts_tests.svg digraph G { rankdir=LR; { rank=same; BTS, BSC}; BTS [label="IUT\nosmo-bts-trx",shape="box"]; ATS [label="ATS\nBTS_Tests.ttcn"]; BSC [label="osmo-bsc\nOML only"]; BTS -> fake_trx [label="bursts"]; fake_trx -> trxcon [label="bursts"]; trxcon -> ATS [label="GSM MAC blocks"];

BTS -> BSC [label="A-bis OML"]; BTS -> ATS [label="A-bis RSL"];

ATS -> BTS [label="pcu_sock"]; ATS -> BSC [label="VTY"]; ATS -> BTS [label="CTRL"]; } %}