Harald Welte 67881aef23 Avoid generating zero-length packets
I used the construct like f_rnd_octstring(f_rnd_int(100)) in a number
of places to generate random-length packets with randomized length.

The problem I didn't realize is that f_rnd_int() of course can also
return '0', which would generate zero-length packets.  This may be
permitted in some protocols, but it leads to problems e.g. when trying
to send a UDP packet of zero length (which the kernel will not do).

So let's introduce
* f_rnd_int_nonzero() for returning non-zero randomized integers
* f_rnd_octstring_rnd_len() for returning a random-length random payload
  octet string
* replace all f_rnd_octstring(f_rnd_int()) call sites with the new

Change-Id: I818a113ff8d2a2f7cab2ec7d9c8661607c6331d6
Closes: OS#5528
2022-04-12 22:52:47 +02:00
FR_Tests.cfg FR/FRNET: add Frame Relay emulation 2020-10-16 04:06:39 +02:00
FR_Tests.default fr: Use dumpcap instead lf tcpdump to capture hdlc net-devices 2021-02-04 15:57:33 +01:00
FR_Tests.ttcn Avoid generating zero-length packets 2022-04-12 22:52:47 +02:00
gen_links.sh RAW_NS/NS_Provider_IPL4: allow to use the new NSVC interface 2021-06-15 20:20:44 +00:00
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