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Harald Welte c87abfcb60 Remove M3UA/MTP3/SCCP code from this repo, use upstream repos
Originally, this code was not yet in an official upstream git repo.
However, it has been for many months, so let's remove our local copy
and use upstream git repositories like for all the other modules.

Change-Id: I2c616fb865df32cfec323d42e5d0d06de40c497b
2018-03-18 12:52:20 +01:00
Max 70feb59917 Fix
Exclude directories with symlinks which are under version control from
link cleanup script.

Change-Id: I9b93b3918f6d277a21cd30e7dcf91cf4adcc69f2
2017-12-13 14:15:08 +01:00
Harald Welte 3f2ff30ab6 add missing ' script
Change-Id: I0f87b2c9755881ea7ba019faa74cb1bfaca88546
2017-12-13 00:43:39 +01:00