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Oliver Smith 594b4ffa2c pcap-client: set VTY port to 4227
Adjust the VTY port to the new default, 4227, in case somebody uses the
configs from this repository instead of the ones from
docker-playground.git (where it is also adjusted).

Depends: docker-playground I6d45340429925fe5e98cc4e597a01ef51e8322ae
Change-Id: I50af5d0c0930b9bc906a8b909910bc38f025648e
2021-08-09 09:03:01 +02:00
Harald Welte c4ac9e0fe3 Initial test suite for osmo-pcap-client
Change-Id: If4a1072e75cb64f785d660e4c828c0f521d84b16
2021-04-24 12:43:48 +02:00