pcu: Introduce test TC_pcuif_suspend_active_tbf

Related: OS#4761
Change-Id: I9538fbdc806eb26e93a0421b520c8d34de61f91f
Pau Espin 2 years ago
parent 491af2a33e
commit 9e04d5e039
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@ -338,6 +338,80 @@ testcase TC_pcuif_suspend() runs on RAW_PCU_Test_CT {
f_shutdown(__BFILE__, __LINE__, final := true);
/* Make sure TBF is released and no data is sent for in after reciving a Suspend Request from that MS. See OS#4761 */
testcase TC_pcuif_suspend_active_tbf() runs on RAW_PCU_Test_CT {
var octetstring ra_id := enc_RoutingAreaIdentification(mp_gb_cfg.bvc[0].cell_id.ra_id);
var RlcmacDlBlock dl_block;
var octetstring data := f_rnd_octstring(10);
var uint32_t sched_fn;
var uint32_t dl_fn;
var GprsMS ms;
timer T;
/* Initialize NS/BSSGP side */
/* Initialize GPRS MS side */
ms := g_ms[0]; /* We only use first MS in this test */
/* Initialize the PCU interface abstraction */
f_init_raw(testcasename(), ts_PCUIF_INFO_default(c_PCUIF_Flags_noMCS));
/* Establish BSSGP connection to the PCU */
f_bssgp_client_llgmm_assign(TLLI_UNUSED, ms.tlli);
/* Establish an Uplink TBF */
/* Send one UL block (with TLLI since we are in One-Phase Access
contention resoultion) and make sure it is ACKED fine */
f_ms_tx_ul_data_block_multi(ms, 1, with_tlli := true);
f_rx_rlcmac_dl_block_exp_ack_nack(dl_block, sched_fn);
/* DL ACK/NACK sets poll+rrbp requesting PACKET CONTROL ACK */
f_ms_tx_ul_block(ms, ts_RLCMAC_CTRL_ACK(ms.tlli), sched_fn);
/* UL block should be received in SGSN */
BSSGP[0].receive(tr_BSSGP_UL_UD(ms.tlli, mp_gb_cfg.bvc[0].cell_id));
/* Now SGSN sends some DL data, PCU will page on CCCH (PCH) */
BSSGP[0].send(ts_BSSGP_DL_UD(ms.tlli, data));
f_ms_exp_dl_tbf_ass_ccch(ms, PCU_IF_SAPI_PCH);
/* Wait timer X2002 and DL block is available after CCCH IMM ASS: */
f_rx_rlcmac_dl_block_exp_data(dl_block, dl_fn, data, 0);
/* MS has moved to CS, it sent SUSP REQ to BTS and PCU gets it, TBF is freed: */
BTS.send(ts_PCUIF_SUSP_REQ(0, ms.tlli, ra_id, 0));
alt {
[] BSSGP_GLOBAL[0].receive(tr_BSSGP_SUSPEND(ms.tlli, mp_gb_cfg.bvc[0].cell_id.ra_id)) {
[] T.timeout {
setverdict(fail, "Timeout waiting for BSSGP SUSPEND");
f_shutdown(__BFILE__, __LINE__);
/* Make sure we don't receive data for that TBF since it was released
* before. Also check our TBF is not polled for UL. */
if (dl_block.ctrl.mac_hdr.usf != USF_UNUSED) {
setverdict(fail, "Unexpected USF ", dl_block.ctrl.mac_hdr.usf);
f_shutdown(__BFILE__, __LINE__);
/* New data arrives, PCU should page the MS since no TBF active exists: */
/* Send some more data, it will never reach the MS */
BSSGP[0].send(ts_BSSGP_DL_UD(ms.tlli, data));
f_ms_exp_dl_tbf_ass_ccch(ms, PCU_IF_SAPI_PCH);
f_shutdown(__BFILE__, __LINE__, final := true);
/* Test of correct Timing Advance at the time of TBF establishment
* (derived from timing offset of the Access Burst). */
testcase TC_ta_rach_imm_ass() runs on RAW_PCU_Test_CT {
@ -3494,6 +3568,7 @@ testcase TC_paging_cs_multi_ms_imsi_tmsi() runs on RAW_PCU_Test_CT {
control {
execute( TC_pcuif_suspend() );
execute( TC_pcuif_suspend_active_tbf() );
execute( TC_ta_ptcch_idle() );
execute( TC_ta_rach_imm_ass() );
execute( TC_ta_idle_dl_tbf_ass() );