library/RSL_Types: account lengthof params in ts_RSL_MultirateCfg

In TTCN-3 it's not possible to store templates in records, so in
f_assignment_codec() we match received RSL_IE_MR_CONFIG against the
value (not template!) stored in g_pars.expect_mr_conf_ie.

Because of that, the length field is not being calculated by TITAN
for us, so we need to calculate it in ts_RSL_MultirateCfg ourselves.
Automatic length calculation only works during encoding/decoding
and when matching against a receive template.

Change-Id: I595be86d69913ba25e965a5a5c6977e00c342e60
Vadim Yanitskiy 3 months ago
parent bacb74f241
commit 9e0139ba6d
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@ -832,7 +832,7 @@ module RSL_Types {
template (value) RSL_IE_MultirateCfg ts_RSL_MultirateCfg(boolean icmi := true, uint2_t start_mode := 0,
BIT8 codec_modes := '00000100'B /* 5,90k */,
octetstring params := ''O) := {
len := 2,
len := 2 + lengthof(params),
mr_speech_ver := 1,
nscb := false,
icmi := icmi,