pcu: Start PCUIF related components as alive-type

This should prevent following race conditions at shutdown:
131 - Terminating component type PCUIF_Components.RAW_PCU_BTS_CT.
PCUIF_Components.ttcn:642 Dynamic test case error: Sending data on the connection of port BTS to 131:PCUIF failed. (Broken pipe)

Change-Id: I17b2cfed2edbea7427e608380059bb1b422ca600
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Pau Espin 2022-02-22 17:04:06 +01:00 committed by pespin
parent 494e8b3e55
commit 835fd300f8
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -279,12 +279,12 @@ runs on RAW_PCU_Test_CT {
/* Init PCU interface component */
vc_PCUIF := RAW_PCUIF_CT.create("PCUIF");
vc_PCUIF := RAW_PCUIF_CT.create("PCUIF") alive;
connect(vc_PCUIF:MTC, self:PCUIF);
map(vc_PCUIF:PCU, system:PCU);
/* Create one BTS component (we may want more some day) */
vc_BTS := RAW_PCU_BTS_CT.create("BTS");
vc_BTS := RAW_PCU_BTS_CT.create("BTS") alive;
connect(vc_BTS:PCUIF, vc_PCUIF:BTS);
connect(vc_BTS:TC, self:BTS);