stp: Fix sporadic failure in TC_ipa_to_m3ua_ni

It was spotted that from time to time the test set NI international
instead of national. This is presumable due to a race condition between
VTY and messages being received and forwarded.
Let's delay resetting the VTY config after the message is recieved, to
avoid the race conditions between them.

Change-Id: I3ef08447d2e36b6948d3db4ec9d1459beebc9384
Pau Espin 11 months ago committed by pespin
parent 52562c9ca1
commit 74d5dadc8a

@ -144,14 +144,13 @@ testcase TC_ipa_to_m3ua_ni() runs on IPA_M3UA_CT {
var octetstring sccp_enc := enc_PDU_SCCP(sccp);
f_vty_config2(VTY, {"cs7 instance 0"}, "network-indicator national");
f_IPA_send(3, sccp_enc);
f_vty_config2(VTY, {"cs7 instance 0"}, "network-indicator international");
/* expect to receive it via M3UA */
var template (present) M3UA_Protocol_Data rx_pd;
rx_pd := tr_M3UA_protocol_data(pc_sender, pc_receiver, c_M3UA_SI_SCCP, c_M3UA_NI_NATIONAL,
'00'O, '00'O, sccp_enc);
f_M3UA_exp(0, tr_M3UA_DATA(rctx_receiver, rx_pd));
f_vty_config2(VTY, {"cs7 instance 0"}, "network-indicator international");