pcu: usse alive-type for NS and BSSGP created components

Internal BVC components in BSSGP are now created as alive. We have to
create also BSSGP one as alive in order to avoid having the BVC
component sending stuff to the BSSGP when it has already been killed:

BSSGP_Emulation.ttcnpp:1133 Dynamic test case error: Sending data on the connection of port BVC to 486:BVC failed. (Broken pipe)

Change-Id: I369a5e2246204416c2f29a114bde6bc21f7eaf4f
Pau Espin 1 year ago committed by pespin
parent ee57d1cd68
commit 3bb9edf95d

@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ function f_init_bssgp() runs on bssgp_CT {
g_initialized := true;
/* create a new NS component */
ns_component := NS_CT.create;
bssgp_component := BSSGP_CT.create;
ns_component := NS_CT.create alive;
bssgp_component := BSSGP_CT.create alive;
/* connect lower-end of BSSGP with BSSGP_CODEC_PORT (maps to NS_PT*/
connect(bssgp_component:BSCP, ns_component:NS_SP);
connect(self:PROC, bssgp_component:PROC);