RSPRO_Server: Ignore any ID RESP messages from the client for now

More recent clients start to send ID RESP, which was not the case at the
time the TTCN3 test suite was written.

As we don't really want to test the IPA CCM behavior, but we want to
test the actual remsim functionality, we can simply ignore any such

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Harald Welte 2020-10-21 00:06:29 +02:00 committed by laforge
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commit 06f0949316
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@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ private altstep as_rspro_srv_Tguard() runs on rspro_server_CT {
altstep as_ignore_id_ack(integer i) runs on rspro_server_CT {
[] RSPRO_SRV[i].receive(tr_ASP_IPA_EV(ASP_IPA_EVENT_ID_ACK)) { repeat; }
[] RSPRO_SRV[i].receive(tr_ASP_IPA_EV(ASP_IPA_EVENT_ID_RESP)) { repeat; }