Osmocom TETRA PHY/MAC implementation https://osmocom.org/projects/tetra
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This directory contains a series of patches against the TETRA codec reference
source code as published by the ETSI at in the file named

You can proceed two ways, a or b:

a) Using the download_and_patch.sh script

simply execute ./download_and_patch.sh which will download the
reference codec from the ETSI website and patch it accordingly.

b) Manually

Modified instructions as of 20141118 (differs from the osmocom description,
the ETSI site looks different now):

In order to obtain the codec, download it directly from
or use the following procedure:

* go to http://pda.etsi.org/
* enter "en 300 395-2" as search term
* execute the search, there should a result called "REN/TETRA-05059 "
* click on the 'Download icon' link (zip-vice symbol)
* you should now have a file called en_30039502v010301p0.zip

Please also see https://osmocom.org/projects/tetra/wiki/Speech_Codec

The en_30039502v010301p0.zip file has 361169 bytes, and has the md5sum:

Due to the use of uppercase file names in the zip file, you should use the "-L"
flag to the unzip program, which ensures all files are completely lower-case.

Please apply all of the patches found in this directory to the
resulting source code.