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wbokslag 615146270f More robust bounds checking on llc pdu parsing 2 months ago
wbokslag 372b1b272c Reformatting to prevent linter warnings 2 months ago
wbokslag 8a4542a77f added support for advanced link defragmentation 2 months ago
wbokslag 1056d5986b Added support for BL-ACK, work on advanced link, small improvements 2 months ago
wbokslag 6108c35f74 only compute filter when opt_afc is enabled 2 months ago
wbokslag 79560cbf86 Support parsing of multiple mac resources in the same timeslot 2 months ago
wbokslag 1f48ec8627 added support for fill bits and basic link defragmentation (also thanks to SQ5BPF) 2 months ago
wbokslag 1b7ebde55d Keep timeslot number in range 1-4 instead of 0-3 in parsing of SYNC frame 3 months ago
wbokslag 16713cab01 when traffic dump directory is specified, now prints error message and exits instead of crashing when traffic file cannot be written 4 months ago
sq5bpf f258b1d7d7 Added basic AFC as implemented by SQ5BPF into float_to_bits.c 4 months ago
wbokslag d5bfc8e74a keep track of which block of a downlink burst is being processed 4 months ago
wbokslag 3fba49ead4 Added basic link FCS validation in LLC 4 months ago
wbokslag a5bc24792b Improved parsing in macpdu_decode_resource 4 months ago
wbokslag 6dfb41681c moved variable declaration to prevent compiler warnings 4 months ago
wbokslag 1feba505bb fixed out of bounds write to pdu_sync buffer 4 months ago
wbokslag f0c5f795af added missing switch statements to suppress compiler warnings 5 months ago
wbokslag 22b190ef5f Added missing return value 5 months ago
wbokslag 627959b4ba added brackets; fprintf was erroneously not guarded by if statement 5 months ago
wbokslag 8ab1283296 Created tuntap.h to allow for proper use of tun_alloc in tetra_llc.c 5 months ago
wbokslag bdc9b28693 ensure zero termination of tun device name 5 months ago
Harald Welte 472260475b update git URLs (git -> https; gitea) 6 months ago
Harald Welte b94f26929f fix memory leak in tetra_gsmtap_sendmsg() 1 year ago
Martin Hauke d71027873e Fix typos 3 years ago
Jan Hrach 73e9e0e871 add traffic dumping patch, use getopt to parse arguments 4 years ago
Jan Hrach 22bb16dfa4 phy/tetra_burst.c: use bitwise operations to speed up synchronization 4 years ago
Jan Hrach 013ef6e8a1 update scrambling only if we have good CRC 4 years ago
Jenda 05fa2d54bb Makefile: -O3 and debug build 4 years ago
Jenda 9514389ef5 add script for testing performance and number of correctly decoded frames 4 years ago
Jan Hrach 2c19f9856a Make viterbi decoder deterministic in case of bit errors / too few symbols 4 years ago
Neels Hofmeyr f51afec8fa jenkins: use common and 5 years ago
André Boddenberg cb4bd6d45f Introduce contrib/ to align with other projects 5 years ago
Harald Welte 4f3adac31f Add general information about the project 6 years ago
Harald Welte fcbb5b7692 reformat README file as markdown 6 years ago
Harald Welte 0ca867eda2 remove old gnuradio <= 3.6 demodulator code 6 years ago
Harald Welte 409d2985cb demod: Import the new GR 3.7 code 6 years ago
Antonio Eugenio Burriel 359ef6ba24 Fix ETSI reference codec's patch for building on 64 bit architectures. 6 years ago
sq5bpf 043cc0e506 Add patches for codec static linking and logging to stderr 6 years ago
sq5bpf 44956fef8d Update the Codec Download instructions and include a shell script 6 years ago
sq5bpf 871782e445 Add, a simple demodulator without GUI 6 years ago
Dieter Spaar 158270f489 normalize_fn(): Fix computation of frame numbers 6 years ago
Petr Baudis a562b0e9a2 Merged useful extra features 7 years ago
Petr Baudis 7d6f7287d7 More verbose fine-tuning messages 7 years ago
Jiří Pinkava 89f01f3501 fix debug build 7 years ago
Jiří Pinkava c065f9214c speed up float_to_bits 7 years ago
luckyhacky 6f78d76052 removed hard coded values - exchanged it with enum for better readability 7 years ago
luckyhacky 83140af8d0 extended sysinfo as described in section 7 years ago
luckyhacky 732d06d531 align for better readability 7 years ago
luckyhacky 165bf705a2 fixed typo 7 years ago
luckyhacky 6dcdb89454 set hyperframe number in struct tdma_time 7 years ago
luckyhacky 59e06e22ee added basic hyperframe support for output 7 years ago