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Some simple notes on SIP
- SIPGrammar parses and Request/Response
- SIPRequest is base to requests
- SIPResponse is the response class
- SIPDialog holds state of a dialogue
- to/from/to tag/from tag...
- call id...
- SIPTransport is base class for the transport
- SIPUdpTransport sends and listens on UDP
- SIPUserAgent
- Holds a SIPTransport
- Generates various ids and fills requests
- Will dispatch response to the transaction
- Will dispatch SIPRequests to a dialog.
- SIPTransactionBase is the base for transactions
- Transactions work on a Dialog (e.g. for INVITE on a non
confirmed dialog), the callbacks will pass the dialog of
of the response, e.g. for INVITE a confirmed dialog with
a to tag.
- SIPInviteTransaction is to create a session
- SIPByeTransaction is to release a session/dialog
- SIPCall handles high level call handling
- Cancel/Hangup in form of terminate
- Refusing to deal with multiple dialogs
- This is handled by the SIPTransaction base using
the generic timer framework.
- Multiple Via's are not supported, no routing information
is gathered, e.g. one can not have multiple transports