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doc: Add a simple DESIGN document

Describe objects and how they interact with each other.
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Some simple design notes to guide people
- MGCPGrammar can parse requests and replies
- MGCPCommand base class of commands
- asDatagram to create message
- MGCPTrunk a trunk with a destination and nr. endpoints
- MGCPVirtualTrunk for 1@mgw.. in hex
- MGCPE1Trunk for ds-1/... handling
- both hold MGCPEndpoints
- MGCPTransaction a command to create a transaction
- callback for completion (wth response)
- callback for a timeout
- created with an endpoint and the callagent
- MGCPCallAgent serves the Call-Agent port
- Generates the transaction id for a transaction
- Does the retransmission
- Handles timeout
- Recycles transaction after three minutes
(to block a transaction identifier)