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Eric Wild a7e306f745 firmware: add bootloader update "app"
This bl updater can be flashed as app and will update the bootloader and
delete itself before resetting the sam3, so the device will end up in
the newly
updated dfu bootloader afterwards, without having to press the
bootloader button
or requring any other manual interaction, ready to receive a new
application image.

Building the blupdater requires a previously built dfu-flash bootloader
bin file that
will then be embedded into the app during building.

Related: OS#1704
Related: SYS5061
Change-Id: I53dea57bba790a2ab3245d9483e0ff1c8d19d5e3
2021-11-01 12:03:38 +00:00
Eric Wild 90784220a5 add the ngff cardem to default build targets
Change-Id: Icec4966fe419eee9f7ace67e46e3d88738812b38
2021-10-20 20:03:06 +02:00
Oliver Smith 71cfc2b90d Fix topdir Makefile and debian packaging
Make building the debian packages work again. I've verified that it
works in my own OBS namespace.

This patch also adds missing pkgconf variables in host/, so
libosmo-simtrace2.pc installs properly.

Related: OS#4283
Fixes: 964cda309d ("host: use autotools and split shared code to libosmo-simtrace2")
Change-Id: I2377de1e8b149520922217a1ab16f6e22fe6462a
2019-11-28 11:53:09 +01:00
Harald Welte 888f196595 add master Makefile to build firmware and host tools
Change-Id: I715d3fdaff9d80673bb2208ea9d56637f4e459af
2018-08-26 10:20:02 +02:00