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James Tavares ea9a91f5ce gitignore: add missing entries binaries
Add missing entries for simtrace2-tool, crctool, and host/tests

Change-Id: I23f4b387f220146bccf7d723cc773a72d8e17a65
2022-01-11 17:09:38 +00:00
Oliver Smith 199cd431f3 gitignore: add firmware/apps/*/usb_strings.txt.patched
Change-Id: Ic99a5ae69ed755e6f74a1392678dcf71ab69e0d8
2021-03-05 15:04:06 +01:00
Harald Welte b1a56e0f77 rename simtrace2-remsim to simtrace2-cardem-pcsc
This renaming is to avoid any confusion with the osmo-remsim
project, living in its separate git repository.

The simtrace2-cardem-pcsc doesn't feature any 'remote' part.  Rather,
it emulates the SIM card interface towards the device/phone/modem,
and forwards it to a local PC/SC card reader.

Change-Id: Ic15f0a89964a72fe3ab7a5145a073720f6207e24
2020-10-27 15:48:37 +01:00
Harald Welte 80b8877a23 remove usb2udp
The UDP based forwarding really only ever was a quick hack to
demonstrate the capabilities.

Meanwhile, we've had the proper osmo-remsim project implemented,
which provides a much more reliable and comprehensive way of
managing SIM card emulation devices (SIMtrace2, sysmoQMOD, ...)
and collection of card readers (sysmoOCTSIM or any other PC/SC
supported readers).

Hence, remove the "UDP forwarding part.

Change-Id: Ia4b9447b95872b6e0dda6dca644f1ed4a87355a0
2020-10-27 15:48:35 +01:00
Oliver Smith 4e73aaeba8 contrib: integrate RPM spec
Remove OpenSUSE bug report link, set version to 0.0.0, make it build with CentOS 8 etc.

Related: OS#4550
Change-Id: I8595642bc07bf3044720942a0f1802448920cb50
2020-05-19 15:59:01 +02:00
Kevin Redon 8cbede7067 minor: ignore usbstring binary
Change-Id: I18fc3179f8b7f3f1272d26853007876156fc1e03
2019-12-02 19:30:37 +01:00
Harald Welte 96065cacd7 add simtrace2-list to .gitignore 2017-03-06 21:05:44 +01:00
Harald Welte 2363fa0327 Generate USB Strings from apps/*/usb_strings.txt files at compile time
This way we can skip the manually-crafted USB string definitions in the
dfu_desc.c and usb.c files.
2017-03-05 10:16:25 +01:00
Harald Welte d8a003dfd7 Structure build system to build for multiple boards/apps/environments 2017-02-27 22:18:45 +01:00
Harald Welte 02d5096b31 add host .o and executables to .gitignore 2016-03-19 21:38:59 +01:00
Harald Welte 9d3e38242c initial commit of more code towards card emulation
I couldn't help but to spend my sunday on working towards card
emulation, including
* various state machines in the target about ISO7816 states
* tc_etu timer import from simtrace1
* req_ctx import from simtrace1 (needs renaming and simplifiation)
* USB protocol description as cardemu_prot.h
* some host-based testing code to test the state machines

The code seems to work fine throughout card reset, sending ATR and
receiving the TPDU header of the first APDU, up to the point where it
marks the TPDU header as to-be-transmitted over th bulk-in endpoint.

Sending the ATR must be done inside the firmware for timing

From that point onwards, the host needs to respond at the very least
with a procedure byte, and some indication whether or not the card
emulator should continue to transmit data (card->reader), or receive
data (reader->card).

The code is intentionally not hooked up yet with the USB logic nor with
the UART.  I want host-based testing completed before doing that.
2015-11-09 00:50:54 +01:00
Christina Quast abcf3038d2 gitignore: Ignore ctags file 2015-04-09 19:47:45 +02:00
Christina Quast 2279b75c26 gitignore: stop ignoring main.c 2015-04-07 19:38:44 +02:00
Christina Quast a1d49e74d0 Ignore python venv folder 2015-04-05 16:26:09 +02:00
Christina Quast 2a823a4ad0 Unignore unused files 2015-03-13 12:31:06 +01:00
Christina Quast 40544cacca ignore zwizwa example code and Baselibc symlink 2015-03-10 16:04:44 +01:00
Christina Quast d89f4ee948 Ignore python bytecode files (pyc) 2015-03-09 16:44:11 +01:00
Christina Quast 60dce5d5fc Ignore .E, pycache, atmel_softpack lib files 2015-03-05 15:49:17 +01:00
Christina Quast 297f1a4d55 moved gitignore to root dir 2015-03-05 15:46:47 +01:00