cardem: reset the uC in case of USB disconnect

This fixes the firmware USB interface somehow getting stuck
after a USB disconnect/reconnect without power cycle.

Right now there are a number of things we only execute the first time we
reach USBD_STATE_CONFIGURED, but not at any subsequent such event.

It's also rather clear that this doesn't really show in simtrace2 as it
is bus-powered. And it doesn't show on OWHW as we don't have any USB
unplug situations of the USB between the on-board traces of USB host and
SAM3S.  So this really only is relevant to QMOD.

A cheap and dirty work-around is to simply reset the entire uC every
time a USB unplug happens.

Change-Id: I6678bb2192c1419ed388b46c4ae7aa1ce18dc7ee
Related: OS#5578
Harald Welte 4 months ago
parent fdfb02418f
commit a5d537973d
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@ -206,6 +206,10 @@ extern int main(void)
if (isUsbConnected) {
isUsbConnected = 0;
/* HACK: we don't really deal with USB disconnect yet,
* so let's just reset the entire uC if this happens */
TRACE_INFO("Resetting uC on USB disconnect\n\r");
} else if (isUsbConnected == 0) {
TRACE_INFO("USB is now configured\n\r");