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simtrace2 (0.5.2) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
simtrace2 (0.8.0) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Harald Welte ]
* adapt to host tools in autotools
* simtrace2_api: Remove dead code
* fix baudrate of 'make log'
* qmod DFU: Don't overwrite memory beyond end of usb_strings[]
* usb_strings.txt: s/SIMtrace Phone/SIMtrace Card Emulation/
* Patch actual board name into the USB iProduct string descriptor
* Build only 'reasonable' combinations of APP/MEMORY
* stdio: Add support for %p format string (pointer address)
* Fix format string related warnings (int vs. long)
* Add missing CR to achieve CRLF at end of log lines
* more comments in host_communication.c.
* usb_buf: count number of elements in queue
* usb_buf: Limit the maximum queue length to 3 elements
* qmod: Don't print EEPROM operations in help when not supported
* cosmetic: board_qmod: Annotate #endif with comments
* qmod: Document '!' and '@' commands on UART
* implement minimalistic talloc_report(); add 't' command on UART
* update copyright statement
* cardem: Fix memory leak on unsupported SIMTRACE_MSGT_DT_CEMU_CARDINSERT
* usb_buf: Actually limit queue to 3 elements, not 4
* USBD_HAL: Don't disable UDP peripheral clock on suspend
* usb_buf: Properly initialize buffered_endpoint->ep number
* pseudo_talloc: Increment number of buffers from 10 to 20
* card_emu: Factor out card_handle_reset() from card_emu_init()
* cardem: Move card_emu_io_statechg() calls out of interrupt context
* cardem: RST resets all state (including release of buffers)
* host_communication: Send zero-length-packet on wMaxPacketSize
* card_emu: Initialize PTSS state every time we start PTS
* card_emu: Avoid recursive calls to card_set_state()
* card_emu: Always print state names in string representation
* card_emu: Remove extraneous code
* card_emu: Remove extraneous initialization of ch->pts.state
* cardem: Make card_emu_report_status() optionally use IRQ endpoint
* cardem: Implement support for CEMU_FEAT_F_STATUS_IRQ
* simtrace2-sniff: Reformat value_string to pass our validation scripts
* firmware: Reformat value_string to pass our validation scripts
* jenkins.sh: Add verify_value_string_arrays_are_terminated.py
* [lib] apdu_dispatch: Use DLGLOBAL and don't printf() directly
* [lib] apdu_dispatch: Don't print APDU state to stdout
* OSMO_ASSERT() on double-free or invalid pointer
* Update .gitignore file for host
* migrate to libosmousb
* library: Add osmo_st2_compatible_dev_idsp[]
* firmware: move printing of welcome banner to common function print_banner()
* firmware: apps/cardem/main.c: Synchronize with apps/trace/main.c
* host: Add COPYING file for host software (GPLv2)
* host/lib/gsmtap.c: Add GPLv2 disclaimer
* increase ringbuffer size from 512 to 1024 bytes
* simtrace2_api: Add osmo_st2_cardem_request_config()
* Disable interrupts during EEFC_ReadUniqueID()
* cardem: Fix infinite loop + watchdog reset on long OUT message
* extend osmo_st2_cardem_inst with fields required by osmo-remsim
* cosmetic: Add missing CR to LF in dispatch_received_usb_msg()
* USBD.c: Don't reset EP0 on SetConfiguration(0)
* pio_it.c: Permit repeated calls to PIO_ConfigureIt()
* simtrace2_siff: getopt_long() returns int, not char
* Introduce support for asynchronous USB transmission
* firmware: fix builds with gcc stack smashing protection enabled
* dfu: Shrink code by 144 bytes (by not calling PIO_InitializeInterrupts)
* dfu: Save another 60 bytes by changing the way we print horizontal lines
* migrate from BSC_FD_* to OSMO_FD_*
* remove usb2udp
* rename simtrace2-remsim to simtrace2-cardem-pcsc
* Update README
* remove old pre-autoconf makefile
* simtrace2-cardem-pcsc: Make it work again
* Revert "add ISO 7816-3 library to remsim project"
* Revert "add library providing ISO 7816-3 utilities"
* card_emu: waiting_time is stored in etu, not clocks.
* card_emu: Rename fi to Fi and di to Di
* card_emu: Clarify and differentiate F/Fi/F_index/Fi_index
* iso7816_fidi: Add iso7816_3_ prefix to symbols; fix terminology
* card_emu: improve reset detection conditions
* card_emu: explicitly initialize PTS and TPDU states
* card_emu: Use USART timeout for waiting time
* card_emu: Fix USART timer, particularly in re-start situations
* card_emu: Fix computation of waiting time
* contrib/jenkins.sh: Switch from rita -> ftp.osmocom.org
* st2-cardem-pcsc: Fix goto-in-while mess
* st2-cardem-pcsc: Use ATR of real card by default
* simtrace board.h: Enable HAVE_CARDEM if we build the cardem firmware
* jenkins.sh: build 'cardem' firmware also for simtrace board
* Revert "cardem: disable upload for simtrace2"
* simtrace2-cardem-pcsc: Decode STATUS flags to strings
* simtrace2-cardem-pcsc: Reset the real card if reader resets cardem
* assert: Use printf_sync() to ensure printing of assert / panic
* Add usb product ID of sysmoOCTSIMTEST
* octsimtest: remove lots of unused #defines
* octsimtest: most code for support of this new board
* octsimtest: Switch direction of I/O level shifter depending on uart tx / rx
* cardem-pcsc: initialize libosmocore logging
* octsimtest: Adjust VCC voltage thresholds (resistive VCC divider)
* contrib/jenkins.sh: Build 'cardem' app for 'octsimtest' board
* firmware: octsimtest: Fix IO_DIR pin definition
* firmware: octsimtest: Make slot mux configurable via USB
* firmware: octsimtest: mcp23017 initializaiton
* firmware: cardem: re-factor CARDINSERT command processing
* firmware: octsimtest: Support SIMTRACE_MSGT_DT_CEMU_CARDINSERT
* firmware: octsimtest: use TRACE_* macros instead of direct printf
* firmware: octsimtest: Fix disabling the card_insert signal
* firmware: octsimtest: Add i/I command for setting card-insert via I2C GPIO
* firmware: octsimtest: ensure all card_insert GPIO are 0 after reset
* don't printf() directly from library code, go via libosmocore logging
* simtrace2-list: Use osmo_st2_compatible_dev_ids[]
* board_gpio.gnumeric: Add ngff-cardem pin-out
* 99-simtrace2.rules: Add OCTSIMTEST
* contrib/flash.py: Add OCTSIMTEST support
* Introduce simtrace2-tool
* introduce support for new ngff_cardem board
* simtrace2.spec: Add simtrace2-tool binary to package
* contrib/jenkins.sh: Build APP=cardem for BOARD=ngff_cardem
* jenkins.sh: Build 'trace' firmware for ngff_cardem
* Use osmo_libusb_{init,exit}() instead of libusb_{init,exit}()
* simtrace2-cardem-pcsc: Remove double libusb initialization
* simtrace2-tool: Initialize logging to avoid error on first log output
* cardem-pcsc: Fix return of uninitialized variable
* host: Upgrade libosmocore dependency to 1.4.0
-- Harald Welte <lafore@gnumonks.org> Thu, 28 Nov 2019 00:44:57 +0100
[ Kévin Redon ]
* minor: fix spacing
* minor: updated copyright years
* dfu: minor: make debug output only verbose in info level
* minor: move USB debug output from info to debug level
* minor: improve debug output
* minor : fix typo in comment
* better detect VCC and nRST changes on simtrace2 board
* minor: ignore usbstring binary
* simtrace2-remsim: Use simplest ATR
* cardem: use simplest ATR as default ATR
* minor: fix typo
* DFU: increase USB reset duration to 50 ms
* DFU: restart bootloader when USB conf failed
* Makefile: add linker option showing memory usage
* improve shared bootloader/application memory
* minor: improve trace output
* DFU: add DFU application
* add script to flash latest firmware
* minor: use same LED pattern for cardem as other applications
* cardem: currently simtrace does not support cardem
* add library providing ISO 7816-3 utilities
* add ISO 7816-3 library to remsim project
* minor add comments
* make sim switch board specific
[ Eric Wild ]
* remsim: allow selecting pcsc reader number
* cardem: disable upload for simtrace2
* firmware: do not allow undefined symbols
* firmware: allow verbose builds
* cardem: choose a more reasonable default ATR
* contrib: add a basic simtrace lua dissector for wireshark
* cardem: free the buf
* cardemu: support 1v8 for the tester
* firmware: data sections
* firmware: proper makefile deps
* firmware: make the ngff beakout blink
* simtrace2-cardem: use local sim on exit
* contrib: more cardem dissection
* firmware: trace for ngff
* cardem: fix spurious NULL bytes during transfers
* contrib/jenkins.sh: build ngff_Cardem dfu bootloader
* contrib: allow manually forcing bulk simtrace dissection
* contrib/jenkins.sh: lower trace to make bl fit
* Revert "firmware: data sections"
* add the ngff cardem to default build targets
* drop unused exidx sections when linking
* clang build support
* fix bootloader led config crash
* firmware: add bootloader update "app"
* firmware: remove usb pullup that dates back to simtrace1
* firmware: increase reset delay before usb reattach
* firmware: drop cref printing
* add our default clang-format file
* firmware: add missing usb strings to blupdate that prevented building it
* jenkins: build bootloader updater
* firmware: remove dfu-dfu default target
[ Oliver Smith ]
* contrib: import RPM spec
* contrib: integrate RPM spec
* d/source/format: new file
* firmware/Makefile: fix UNKNOWN in OBS packages
* host: use git-version-gen/tarball-v. from topdir
* gitignore: add firmware/apps/*/usb_strings.txt.patched
* firmware: create duplicate files for upload only
* contrib/prepare_upload.sh: fix cd problems
* firmware: qmod-dfu: disable stack protector
* firmware: disable stack protector by default
* gitreview: new file
[ Leonard Hübner ]
* remsim: adding cli argument to set the atr
[ Eric ]
* dfu: let the device reset itself
-- Harald Welte <laforge@osmocom.org> Thu, 09 Dec 2021 08:12:56 +0100
simtrace2 (0.5.1) unstable; urgency=medium

debian/control vendored
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@ -33,11 +33,11 @@ Package: simtrace2-utils
Section: devel
Architecture: any
Multi-Arch: same
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, libosmo-simtrace2-0
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, libosmo-simtrace2-1
Recommends: simtrace2-firmware
Description: Host utilities to communicate with SIMtrace2 USB Devices.
Package: libosmo-simtrace2-0
Package: libosmo-simtrace2-1
Section: libs
Architecture: any
Multi-Arch: same
@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ Package: libosmo-simtrace2-dev
Section: libdevel
Architecture: any
Multi-Arch: same
Depends: libosmo-simtrace2-0, ${misc:Depends}
Depends: libosmo-simtrace2-1, ${misc:Depends}
Description: Development headers for Osmocom SIMtrace2 library
This library contains core "driver" functionality to interface with the
Osmocom SIMtrace2 (and compatible) USB device firmware. It enables

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@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# This is _NOT_ the library release version, it's an API version.
# Please read chapter "Library interface versions" of the libtool documentation
# before making any modifications: https://www.gnu.org/software/libtool/manual/html_node/Versioning.html
AM_CPPFLAGS = $(all_includes) -I$(top_srcdir)/include -I$(top_builddir)