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@ -5,9 +5,6 @@ This is the repository for the next-generation SIMtrace devices,
providing abilities to trace the communication between (U)SIM card and
phone, remote (U)SIM card forward, (U)SIM man-in-the-middle, and more.
This is under heavy development, and right now it is not surprising if
things still break on a daily basis.
NOTE: Nothing in this repository applies to the SIMtrace v1.x hardware
or its associated firmware. SIMtrace v1.x is based on a different CPU /
microcontroller architecture and uses a completely different software
@ -16,12 +13,6 @@ stack and host software.
Supported Hardware
At this point, the primary development target is still the OWHW + sysmoQMOD
device, but we expect to add support for a SAM3 based SIMtrace hardware
board soon.
The goal is to support the following devices:
* Osmocom SIMtrace 1.x with SAM3 controller
** this is open hardware and schematics / PCB design is published
* sysmocom sysmoQMOD (with 4 Modems, 4 SIM slots and 2 SAM3)
@ -37,3 +28,11 @@ This repository contains several directory
* firmware - the firmware to run on the actual devices
* hardware - some information related to the hardware
* host - Programs to use on the USB host to interface with the hardware
The host software includes
* libosmo-simtrace2 - a shared library to talk to devices running the simtrace2 firmware
* simtrace2-list - list any USB-attached devices running simtrace2 firmware
* simtrace2-sniff - interface the 'trace' firmware to obtain card protocol traces
* simtrace2-cardem-pcsc - interface the 'cardem' fimrware to use a SIM in a PC/SC reader