python libraires and command line tools for SIM/UICC/USIM/ISIM card analysis and programming.
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# coding=utf-8
"""Utilities / Functions related to sysmocom SJA2 cards
(C) 2021 by Harald Welte <>
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
from pytlv.TLV import *
from struct import pack, unpack
from pySim.utils import *
from pySim.filesystem import *
from pySim.ts_102_221 import CardProfileUICC
from pySim.construct import *
from construct import *
import pySim
key_type2str = {
0: 'kic',
1: 'kid',
2: 'kik',
3: 'any',
key_algo2str = {
0: 'des',
1: 'aes'
mac_length = {
0: 8,
1: 4
class EF_PIN(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid, name):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='%s PIN file' % name)
def _decode_bin(self, raw_bin_data):
u = unpack('!BBB8s', raw_bin_data[:11])
res = {'enabled': (True, False)[u[0] & 0x01],
'initialized': (True, False)[u[0] & 0x02],
'disable_able': (False, True)[u[0] & 0x10],
'unblock_able': (False, True)[u[0] & 0x20],
'change_able': (False, True)[u[0] & 0x40],
'valid': (False, True)[u[0] & 0x80],
'attempts_remaining': u[1],
'maximum_attempts': u[2],
'pin': u[3].hex(),
if len(raw_bin_data) == 21:
u2 = unpack('!BB8s', raw_bin_data[11:10])
res['attempts_remaining_puk'] = u2[0]
res['maximum_attempts_puk'] = u2[1]
res['puk'] = u2[2].hex()
return res
class EF_MILENAGE_CFG(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f21', name='EF.MILENAGE_CFG', desc='Milenage connfiguration'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc=desc)
def _decode_bin(self, raw_bin_data):
u = unpack('!BBBBB16s16s16s16s16s', raw_bin_data)
return {'r1': u[0], 'r2': u[1], 'r3': u[2], 'r4': u[3], 'r5': u[4],
'c1': u[5].hex(),
'c2': u[6].hex(),
'c3': u[7].hex(),
'c4': u[8].hex(),
'c5': u[9].hex(),
class EF_0348_KEY(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f22', name='EF.0348_KEY', desc='TS 03.48 OTA Keys'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc=desc, rec_len=(27, 35))
def _decode_record_bin(self, raw_bin_data, **kwargs):
u = unpack('!BBB', raw_bin_data[0:3])
key_algo = (u[2] >> 6) & 1
key_length = ((u[2] >> 3) & 3) * 8
return {'sec_domain': u[0],
'key_set_version': u[1],
'key_type': key_type2str[u[2] & 3],
'key_length': key_length,
'algorithm': key_algo2str[key_algo],
'mac_length': mac_length[(u[2] >> 7)],
'key': raw_bin_data[3:key_length].hex()
class EF_0348_COUNT(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f23', name='EF.0348_COUNT', desc='TS 03.48 OTA Counters'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc=desc, rec_len=(7, 7))
def _decode_record_bin(self, raw_bin_data, **kwargs):
u = unpack('!BB5s', raw_bin_data)
return {'sec_domain': u[0], 'key_set_version': u[1], 'counter': u[2]}
class EF_SIM_AUTH_COUNTER(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af24', name='EF.SIM_AUTH_COUNTER'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='Number of remaining RUN GSM ALGORITHM executions')
self._construct = Struct('num_run_gsm_algo_remain'/Int32ub)
class EF_GP_COUNT(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f26', name='EF.GP_COUNT', desc='GP SCP02 Counters'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc=desc, rec_len=(5, 5))
def _decode_record_bin(self, raw_bin_data, **kwargs):
u = unpack('!BBHB', raw_bin_data)
return {'sec_domain': u[0], 'key_set_version': u[1], 'counter': u[2], 'rfu': u[3]}
class EF_GP_DIV_DATA(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f27', name='EF.GP_DIV_DATA', desc='GP SCP02 key diversification data'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc=desc, rec_len=(12, 12))
def _decode_record_bin(self, raw_bin_data, **kwargs):
u = unpack('!BB8s', raw_bin_data)
return {'sec_domain': u[0], 'key_set_version': u[1], 'key_div_data': u[2].hex()}
class EF_SIM_AUTH_KEY(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='6f20', name='EF.SIM_AUTH_KEY'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='USIM authentication key')
CfgByte = BitStruct(Padding(2),
'algorithm'/Enum(Nibble, milenage=4, comp128v1=1, comp128v2=2, comp128v3=3))
self._construct = Struct('cfg'/CfgByte,
'op_opc' /HexAdapter(Bytes(16)))
class DF_SYSTEM(CardDF):
def __init__(self):
super().__init__(fid='a515', name='DF.SYSTEM', desc='CardOS specifics')
files = [
EF_PIN('6f01', 'EF.CHV1'),
EF_PIN('6f81', 'EF.CHV2'),
EF_PIN('6f0a', 'EF.ADM1'),
EF_PIN('6f0b', 'EF.ADM2'),
EF_PIN('6f0c', 'EF.ADM3'),
EF_PIN('6f0d', 'EF.ADM4'),
def decode_select_response(self, resp_hex):
return pySim.ts_102_221.CardProfileUICC.decode_select_response(resp_hex)
class EF_USIM_SQN(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af30', name='EF.USIM_SQN'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='SQN parameters for AKA')
Flag1 = BitStruct('skip_next_sqn_check'/Bit, 'delta_max_check'/Bit,
'age_limit_check'/Bit, 'sqn_check'/Bit,
Flag2 = BitStruct('rfu'/BitsRFU(5), 'dont_clear_amf_for_macs'/Bit,
'aus_concealed'/Bit, 'autn_concealed'/Bit)
self._construct = Struct('flag1'/Flag1, 'flag2'/Flag2,
'delta_max' /
BytesInteger(6), 'age_limit'/BytesInteger(6),
class EF_USIM_AUTH_KEY(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af20', name='EF.USIM_AUTH_KEY'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='USIM authentication key')
CfgByte = BitStruct(Padding(1), 'only_4bytes_res_in_3g'/Bit,
'algorithm'/Enum(Nibble, milenage=4, sha1_aka=5, xor=15))
self._construct = Struct('cfg'/CfgByte,
'op_opc' /HexAdapter(Bytes(16)))
class EF_USIM_AUTH_KEY_2G(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af22', name='EF.USIM_AUTH_KEY_2G'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='USIM authentication key in 2G context')
CfgByte = BitStruct(Padding(1), 'only_4bytes_res_in_3g'/Bit,
'algorithm'/Enum(Nibble, milenage=4, comp128v1=1, comp128v2=2, comp128v3=3))
self._construct = Struct('cfg'/CfgByte,
'op_opc' /HexAdapter(Bytes(16)))
class EF_GBA_SK(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af31', name='EF.GBA_SK'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='Secret key for GBA key derivation')
self._construct = GreedyBytes
class EF_GBA_REC_LIST(TransparentEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af32', name='EF.GBA_REC_LIST'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name, desc='Secret key for GBA key derivation')
# integers representing record numbers in EF-GBANL
self._construct = GreedyRange(Int8ub)
class EF_GBA_INT_KEY(LinFixedEF):
def __init__(self, fid='af33', name='EF.GBA_INT_KEY'):
super().__init__(fid, name=name,
desc='Secret key for GBA key derivation', rec_len=(32, 32))
self._construct = GreedyBytes
class SysmocomSJA2(CardModel):
_atrs = ["3B 9F 96 80 1F 87 80 31 E0 73 FE 21 1B 67 4A 4C 75 30 34 05 4B A9",
"3B 9F 96 80 1F 87 80 31 E0 73 FE 21 1B 67 4A 4C 75 31 33 02 51 B2",
"3B 9F 96 80 1F 87 80 31 E0 73 FE 21 1B 67 4A 4C 52 75 31 04 51 D5"]
def add_files(cls, rs: RuntimeState):
"""Add sysmocom SJA2 specific files to given RuntimeState."""
# optional USIM application
if 'a0000000871002' in
usim_adf =['a0000000871002']
files_adf_usim = [
# optional ISIM application
if 'a0000000871004' in
isim_adf =['a0000000871004']
files_adf_isim = [