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import abc
import logging
from typing import Union
from pySim.apdu import Apdu, Tpdu, CardReset, TpduFilter
PacketType = Union[Apdu, Tpdu, CardReset]
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ApduSource(abc.ABC):
def __init__(self):
self.apdu_filter = TpduFilter(None)
def read_packet(self) -> PacketType:
"""Read one packet from the source."""
def read(self) -> Union[Apdu, CardReset]:
"""Main function to call by the user: Blocking read, returns Apdu or CardReset."""
apdu = None
# loop until we actually have an APDU to return
while not apdu:
r = self.read_packet()
if not r:
if isinstance(r, Tpdu):
apdu = self.apdu_filter.input_tpdu(r)
elif isinstance(r, Apdu):
apdu = r
elif isinstance(r, CardReset):
apdu = r
ValueError('Unknown read_packet() return %s' % r)
return apdu