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Vadim Yanitskiy 04b5d9d7ab Py2 -> Py3: do not inherit classes from object

Change-Id: I15003ba591510d68f3235f71526ad5d8a456088e
2022-07-07 03:05:30 +07:00
Harald Welte c91085e744 cosmetic: Switch to consistent four-spaces indent; run autopep8
We had a mixture of tab and 4space based indenting, which is a bad
idea.  4space is the standard in python, so convert all our code to
that.  The result unfortuantely still shoed even more inconsistencies,
so I've decided to run autopep8 on the entire code base.

Change-Id: I4a4b1b444a2f43fab05fc5d2c8a7dd6ddecb5f07
2022-02-11 13:32:58 +01:00
Philipp Maier 9e42e7ffce profile: decode_select_response use object instead 'Any'
the return type of decode_select_response is 'Any', lets be more
specific and use 'object'

Change-Id: Ic5c7ace234bc94ab1381d87e091369ade8011cab
2021-11-19 13:21:32 +01:00
Philipp Maier 5998a3a8b3 profile: decode_select_response can be a static method
The method decode_select_response does not access any property of the
object. This means the method can be static.

Change-Id: Idd7aaebcf1ab0099cd40a88b8938604e84d8a88b
2021-11-19 13:21:32 +01:00
Philipp Maier a028c7d7aa pySim-shell: add method to match card profile to card
UICC and old SIM cards can be difficult to tell apart without prior
knowledge of the card. The ATR won't tell if the card is UICC or not.
The only remaining option is to try out if the card is able to handle
UICC APDUs. The same is true for 2G SIM cards. It is not guranteed that
every UICC card will have 2G functionality.

Lets add functionality to match a profile to the currently plugged card
by actively probing it.

Lets also add another profile to distinguish between UICC-only cards and
UICC cards that include SIM functionality.

Change-Id: If090d32551145f75c644657b90085a3ef5bfa691
Related: OS#5274
2021-11-19 13:21:32 +01:00