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Harald Welte 263e3094ba requirements.txt: Switch to osmocom fork of asn1tools
This is sadly required as the Interoperable Profile format must process
elements of an ASN.1 sequence in order, which doesn't work if the parser
puts the elements in a python dict.

The osmocom fork of asn1tools hence uses OrderedDict to work around
this problem.

Change-Id: Id28fcf060f491bb3d76aa6d8026aa76058edb675
2024-01-29 09:21:57 +01:00
Harald Welte 5bbb144a31 Initial proof-of-concept SM-DP+ for GSMA consumer eSIM RSP
This commit introduces

* the program implementing the main procedures and the
  HTTP/REST based ES9+
* python modules for ES8+ and non-volatile RSP Session State storage
* the ASN.1 source files required to parse/encode RSP
* 3GPP test certificates from SGP.26
* an unsigned profile package (UPP) of a SAIP v2.3 TS48 test profile

As I couldn't get the 'Klein' tls support to work, the SM-DP+ code
currently does not support HTTPS/TLS but plan HTTP, so you either have
to modify your LPA to use HTTP instead of HTTPS, or put a TLS proxy in

I have successfully installed an eSIM profile on a test eUICC that
contains certificate/key data within the test CI defined in GSMA SGP.26

Change-Id: I6232847432dc6920cd2bd08c84d7099c29ca1c11
2024-01-09 21:37:12 +00:00
Harald Welte 242197b53d Add pySim.esim.bsp module implementing BSP (BPP Protection Protocol)
This is the protocol used for the ES8+ interface between SM-DP+ and the
eUICC in the GSMA eSIM system.

Change-Id: Ic461936f2e68e1e6f7faab33d06acf3063e261e7
2024-01-07 10:22:04 +01:00
Harald Welte 0b32725f80 Add support for encoding/decoding SMS in TPDU and SMPP format
This is important when talking OTA with a SIM.

Change-Id: I0d95e62c1e7183a7851d1fe38df0f5133830cb1f
2023-06-18 10:46:23 +02:00
Harald Welte d75fa3f7c9 Switch from pycryptodome to pycryptodomex
So for some weird historical reasons, the same python module is
available as pycryptodome (Crypto.* namespace) and pycryptodomex
(Cryptodome.* namespace).  See the following information on the project

To make things extra-weird, Debian choose to package pycryptodomex as

So in order to support both Debian-packaged and differently-installed
packages, let's switch to pycryotodomex on all platforms/installers.

Change-Id: I04daed01f51f9702595ef9f9e0d7fcdf1e4adb62
2023-06-05 20:58:11 +02:00
Philipp Maier f8a3d2b3db requirements.txt: allow cmd2 versions greater than 1.5
Since we now have fixed the compatibility issues with recent cmd2
versions, we may allow also versions greater than 1.5 in the

Change-Id: I87702c5250a3660c84458939167bffdca9c06059
2023-05-17 17:30:49 +02:00
Harald Welte 93aac3abe6 pySim-shell: fix compatibility problem with cmd2 >= 2.0.0 (Settable)
In cmd2 relase 2.0.0 the constructor of Settable adds a settable_object
parameter, which apparantly was optional at first, but then became
mandatory. Older versions must not have the settable_object parameter
but versions from 2.0.0 on require it. Let's add a version check so that
we stay compatible to cmd2 versions below and above 2.0.0.

See also:

Commit 486734e85988d0d0160147b0b44a37759c833e8a
Author: Eric Lin <>
Date:   2020-08-19 20:01:50


Commit 8f981f37eddcccc919329245b85fd44d5975a6a7
Author: Eric Lin <>
Date: 2021-03-16 17:25:34

This commit is based on pySim gerrit change:

Change-Id: I38efe4702277ee092a5542d7d659df08cb0adeff
2023-05-17 17:30:49 +02:00
Harald Welte 75a58d1a87 Add new pySim.ota library, implement SIM OTA crypto
This introduces a hierarchy of classes implementing

* ETS TS 102 225 (general command structure)
* 3GPP TS 31.115 (dialects for SMS-PP)

In this initial patch only the SMS "dialect" is supported,
but it is foreseen that USSD/SMSCB/HTTPS dialects can be
added at a later point.

Change-Id: I193ff4712c8503279c017b4b1324f0c3d38b9f84
2022-09-08 15:45:55 +02:00
Vadim Yanitskiy b5eaf14991,requirements.txt: add missing construct version info
Change-Id: I90da0df431f0d7dbfa4aa428366fbf0e35db388f
Related: OS#5666
2022-09-05 23:15:10 +07:00
Harald Welte 21caf32e3d Introduce APDU/TPDU trace decoder
This introduces a new pySim.apdu module hierarchy, which contains
classes that represent TPDU/APDUs as exchanged between

It contains instruction level decoders for SELECT, READ BINARY and
friends, and then uses the pySim.filesystem.Runtime{Lchan,State} classes
to keep track of the currently selected EF/DF/ADF for each logical
channel, and uses the file-specific decoder classes of pySim to decode
the actual file content that is being read or written.

This provides a much more meaningful decode of protocol traces than
wireshark will ever be able to give us.

Furthermore, there's the new pySim.apdu_source set of classes which
provides "input plugins" for obtaining APDU traces in a variety of
formats.  So far, GSMTAP UDP live capture and pyshark based RSPRO
live and pcap file reading are imlpemented.

Change-Id: I862d93163d495a294364168f7818641e47b18c0a
Closes: OS#5126
2022-07-23 12:18:57 +02:00
Harald Welte f03894aa65 update pyyaml dependency to >= 5.1
5.1 was the version introducing pyyaml.FullLoader which we're using,

Change-Id: I0f2fa08ceeac2759218e85ad5bdce3ef951d0b74
2022-02-09 15:06:43 +01:00
Julian Lemmerich 3e33cc7157 Add pyyaml to requirements.txt
Change-Id: I3430c32aea59af97360b9e766bfe95a146f09fe0
2022-01-13 16:36:14 +01:00
johannes.richter e903a40530 fix invalid dependency
* serial is according to pypi: "A framework for serializing/deserializing
 JSON/YAML/XML into python class instances and vice versa"

Change-Id: I154276fbadd70f6be94ba7d99e61f7e9eedbeb33
2021-11-25 16:57:54 +01:00
Harald Welte 1a4e9fd163 cmd2: Constrain version to >= 1.3.0 but < 2.0.0
2.0.0 introduces several incompatible changes, see
as well as

As we want to be able to use what distributions ship, let's stay
with 1.x for now.  If piip is used, use 1.5

Change-Id: Iecc953269d5ae9ed9f31b829743c63bdfd29fa61
2021-06-11 23:47:26 +02:00
Robert Falkenberg b07a3e9c87 Add codecs for EF_SPN and GSM strings via construct
This will replace the hand-crafted codec for EF_SPN
by a struct definition using the construct library.
Old encoders are updated and kept for API compatibility
but are not used internally anymore.

New data structures:
* Rpad(Adapter): Right-padded bytestring (0xff, adjustable)
* GsmStringAdapter(Adapter): Codec for "SMS default 7-bit
	coded alphabet as defined int TS 23.038" using
	the gsm0338 library.
* GsmString(n): Convenient wrapper of both above

* utils: update+deprecate old dec_spn(), enc_spn()
* remove refs to deprecated functions

Change-Id: Ia1d3a3835933bac0002b7c52511481dd8094b994
2021-05-10 06:15:39 +02:00
Harald Welte 4ae228afc7 Implement EF.ARR (Access Rule Reference) decoding
The Access Mode (AM) and Security Condition (SC) DOs are incredibly
convoluted, so we need a lot of code to properly decode them.

Change-Id: If4f0725a849d41fd93de327ed00996d8179f2b0e
2021-05-04 13:24:07 +02:00
Harald Welte e0f9ef1606 integrate 'construct' python library
'construct' is a declarative symmetric encoder/decoder for user
specified binary formats.  It should come in extremely handy in
tools like pySim.

We start the integration by adding transport methods for transceiving
APDUs with built-in encoding of the command data and decoding of the
response data.

Change-Id: Ibf457aa8b9480a8db5979defcfafd67674303f6c
2021-04-11 12:20:29 +02:00
Harald Welte 0d4e98a2ac pySim-shell: JSONpath support for updating files/records
Change-Id: Iad09b3d878b8b58ad34cb549c80f8a6eb3149faa
2021-04-07 16:45:12 +00:00
Vadim Yanitskiy b0f24337b7 Check in requirements.txt to simplify installing dependencies
Change-Id: I88db5e8a661fb3ddc72b7d423a878c0143353d3e
2021-03-12 15:45:44 +01:00